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1. Is there a way to obtain names of method parameters in Java?

I'm writing small and very DRY framework, which heavily relies on metadata. I'd like to know if there is a way to obtain method parameter names, i.e. given ...

2. What name do you use for the parameter in a static variable setter method?

When I write setters for instance methods, I use this to disambiguate between the instance variable and the parameter:

public void setValue(int value) {
  this.value = value;
So, what do I do ...

3. Can I obtain method parameter name using Java reflection?

If I have a class like this:

public class Whatever
  public void aMethod(int aParam);
is there any way to know that aMethod uses a parameter named aParam, that is of type int? ...

4. how to get method parameters name from java class?

only parse java source file ? or has other solutions?

5. Get the method name and it's contained parameters by parsing the exception

When I received an exception such as IOException or RunTimeException, I can only know the line number the the class. First of my question. Is it possible to retrieve the method name ...

6. Why doesn't Java allow omitting formal parameter names in a function declaration?

I'm looking to understand why Java designers chose to implement function declarations this way. I've often heard it said that the designers of Java wanted to avoid poor design choices made ...

7. When your method needs a new parameter, but only in certain circumstance ...?

I have a method

myMethod(int a, String b)
that has been working fine. However, now I need it to perform some additional work when parameter a is of a certain value. In this ...

8. How to use names to access variables in Java?

I am trying to write a method in a class which could be invoked several times, each time modifying one of the class' fields. However, I need to new the object ...

9. How to get method parameter names

I know (at lease till java 5.0) compiler doesnt store method parameter names in class file and we cant retrieve it using reflection. But I want to get method parameter names can any one tell me any way to do it..or point to any utility (open source) to do the same may be by parsing java file. what I want is ...

11. Getting method parameter names

ok, I am trying to develop a properties window for classes. Something like what NetBeans have. So, if you need to supply the parameters for a method or a constructor, you display the names of the parameters on the left side and let the user provide their values on the right side.  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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