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1. recursion

Hi guys..hope someone can hellp. Been stuck on this for the last 2 days! Write a program to compute a simple 3x3 spreadsheet containing both integers and strings. Firstly, there would be input from the user (in rows - see example below), then perform calculations on the user input as outlined below ...and finally, output the computed spreadsheet as a matrix. ...

2. Questions with recursion....

I was just curious because when ever I looked up info on the web all the examples were using two methods thats all. For example one method called powers that would have one parameter and within that method another powers method would be called with 2 different parameters. So i dint know exactly if recursion could be completed with only one ...

3. recursion question- hope i am in the right place...

hello all! first of all - i'm not looking for an answer to my homework- i'm lazy. but not that lazy...:) since thinking recursively isn't natural to me i am going about it the only way i know- solving as many problems i can. i have been searching for a database of questions but the only ones i find are either ...

4. Recursion Question

It's likely the assignment is supposed to teach you these things in addition to what recursion "is": 1) Letting each recursed method be self-sufficient 2) Letting the recursion unwinding be your "back-tracking" Doing these things manually is possible but probably not the point of the assignment. If your recursed methods have to call out to a shared data structure that holds ...

5. recursion

6. stats project and recursion

7. Small recursive error

8. Repeated Character - Recursion

If it has to be recursive (like for an assignment or something) then, if I'm understanding your problem right, these would be my steps: String clean (recursive): 1. If length of string is less than 2, return string 2. Let X be the first character. 3. Find largest rPos such that each character between 0 and rPos = X 4. Return ...

9. Stck-overflow(recursion)

10. error correction w/ recursion

boolean replaceBadBytes(int[] badByteIndices, int indexCntr, int[][] possReplacements) { if (indexCntr == badByteIndices.length) { // we're all done - let's see whether this substitution is ok return verifyChecksumMatch(); } // get the "real" index of the int to replace int currReplacementIndex = badByteIndices[indexCntr]; // go through the possible replacements belonging to this bad index and // recurse for (int currReplacement : possReplacements[indexCntr]) ...

11. Problem With Recursion

Hi, Can anyone give me advice on the following problem: I have a large 2d array and starting at the right hand bottom corner I am recursively "digging" into it. However sometimes (depending on the dimentions of the array - which depend on two strings that can be of equal or unequal length) my recursion just stalls. I do not get ...

12. recursion and matrices

The point of recursion is to avoid if(N == 1), if(N == 2), else...thats not recursion (it won't work...well it might but you missed the point of recursion). What would happen if I passed your method a multi-dimensional array with a size of 1000? Are you gonna have that many if statements? a 1000! no. google recursion to figure out the ...

13. java recursion help

i am having alot of difficulty in understanding recursion and for a review question i am having difficult doing it. The problem is having a person input how many chicken nuggets they want and have the program say if it can be sold evenly using 6,9,20 packs of nuggets Edited by: mike_eriksen on Feb 22, 2008 10:03 AM

14. Common recursion

15. Is recursion needed? if so, then how?

Recursion isn't some way to avoid infinite loops. You can have non-terminating recursive functions just as you can have non-terminating loops. (Well, except that you're likely to hit some kind of limit, like running out of stack space, a lot faster if you're using recursion. But crashing sooner isn't necessarily an advantage.) Your loop is buggy. Add some debugging code to ...

16. can u find squar using recursion

17. Recursion questions...

18. Use Recursion

Sorry for all our "subtleties", bharathi1. This was probably bad experience with the forum for you (4 posts): - Adding one hint without getting any feedback - Posting a question and repeating the problem in a first attempt. - Not getting a solution but being the source of subtle (?) jokes. Anything smelling like "DO MY HOMEWORK" risks similar responses, but ...

19. recursive compilation in java

20. recursion question

21. String generation with recursion

Hi Prometheuzz, Those combinations are correct, but the number of sets is not known when the program will be executed, and that is why I wanted a recursive solution. if you solution can handle a dynamic number of sets, then please post it. Thanks. Prometheuzz wrote: ============================ et One = {A10, A11, A12} Set Two = {A20, A21} Set Three = ...

22. recursion problem help

I need help making a recursion method called triple. It takes an integer array as a parameter and triples each integer in the array. The body must look like this: public static void triple (int[] array) { } please help. i dont know how to do this without an integer parameter. I am allowed to use a helper method.

24. Recursive String matching

I understand how to see if an individual string is contained within another string through conventional methods- like if I tested one string containing "max" against another containing "amillion max" I would get a true value. However, how in the heck would I do such a thing recursively? It just seems illogical to me when there are easier easier ways. To ...

25. I need help with recursion

Hi, I wonder if u guys can help me, i've written a program, but i need to have it in recursion the following is the code - Thanks public class CW2 { public static int bintodec(String b) { int dec=0; int k; int power=1; for(k=b.length()-1; k>=0; k--) { if (b.charAt(k) ==1) dec = dec + power; } return dec; } public ...

26. Help with recursion and return syntax.

27. Break out of recursion

28. Recursion problem

29. Little help with recursive insertion

30. output of recursion

rec(6, 7) is invoked. x == 6, and y == 7 here; since y is not equal to -1, it returns rec(6, 6) * 6. This invokes the method again. rec(6, 6) returns rec(6, 5) * 6 rec(6, 5) returns rec(6, 4) * 6 rec(6, 4) returns rec(6, 3) * 6 ... etcetera rec(6, 1) returns 1 instead of recursively invoking ...

31. recursion error


hi all, i am coding FOR DAYS (and nights...) and may be i am to dump to get this working, but i REALLY need an solution...NOW...sorry.... the old game...recursions.... i have the following string: element1, element1.1, element1.1.1, leaf0 looks like: element1 -->element1.1 ------>element1.1.1 ------------> leaf (child) so PLEASE who can helb me to build an vector with this structure? something like ...

33. help on recursion ??

please can any one expailn what does this mean ? Determine what values will be returned by the function calls ff(3,4) and ff(4,2) when the recursive function ff is defined as follows. Include a short explanation why the returned values are exactly those you have determined. int ff (int x, int y) { if (x >= y) return x; return ff(y,x); ...

34. Multiply Recursion

Hey, I need help converting the recursive case into a recursive method. For example the recursive case for addtion of two integers is x+(y-1)+1 Therefore we get this function: public int add(int x, int y) { if (x==0) return y; else return add(x,y-1)+1; } My problem is with multiplication. We find that the recursive case is (x-1)*y+y so what would be ...

35. Help change from recursive to non-recursive

36. recursion problems

37. Help with Recursion

38. Need help on recursion

Please help, I've been stuck on this for many days. I'm supposed to make a java program that displays the following fractal: The first level is displayed upon startup. The level increases everytime the recursive method is called. The variables I have are: type Plus north, south, east, west, parent; The recursive method should create new Plus(int x, int y, ...

40. recursive constructor.

41. iReport subreports recursive problem

42. Recursion Problem

Hey everyone! First time poster here. Have a problem understanding recursion, specifically with the following problem: The game of Jump It consists of a board with n positive integers in a row except for the first column, which always contains zero. These numbers represent the cost to enter each column. Here is a sample game board where n is 6: [0, ...

43. Recursive

class RecTest { int values[]; RecTest(int i) { values = new int; } // display arrary -- recursively void printArray(int i) { if(i==0) return; else printArray(i-1); System.out.println("[" + (i-1) + "] " + values[i-1]); } } class Recursion2 { public static void main(String args[]) { RecTest ob = new RecTest(10); int i; for(i=0; i<10; i++) ob.values = i;

44. help regarding recursion

45. recursive

Try tracing through the program yourself with a piece of paper. I get you started. Lets consider the list has only one item and a reference to this item is passed to the parameter first. Your program intialises the sum variable to zero. Then it hits the if statement. If you have got the IntNode class correct then next will be ...

46. recursive program help


Yes you will need to use substring. If you want to reverse "hello" then it is: reverse ello print h reverse llo print e reverse lo print l reverse o print l print o or print o reverse hell print l reverse hel print l reverse he print e reverse h print h

48. recursive backtracking problem

Cool, now it is getting array out of bounds exception 10, when it runs into the second free textarea, but it is putting 1 in the first, I assume that means it is not backtracking properly, Cheers for the tip tho, at least its moving!! skipping 0 0 skipping 0 1 skipping 0 2 Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 10

49. Recursive aspect of the Tower of Hanoi problem.

Right now I am a CS student in high school. I am going ahead of the class and my teacher recommended that I learn recrusion for Java. Can somebody provide a trace or a link to a trace for this. I have been spending the last two days trying to understand the recursion aspect of this problem and I am stuck. ...

51. Recursion Help!

public static void drawPascal (int n) { int k = 0; // This loop is to start from 0 and go up to n in the triangle while (k <= n) { int r = 0; while (r <= k) { System.out.print(((factorial(r)) / ((factorial(k)) * (factorial(r - k)))) + " "); r = r + 1; } System.out.println(); k = k ...

52. Possible Recursion??

53. Help with recursion please

What do you want it to do? You don't express this clearly. It looks like you have some sort of a data structure and you want to go through the elements in it, is that it? What kind of a data structure is it---a tree, a graph, what? Asking "I'm trying to use recursion. How do I do it?" is like ...

54. Help on Recursion

55. Recursive import of packages?

Is there any way to recursively import all the members of all the packages under a package tree? For example, can I import all of java.awt, java.awt.color, java.awt.font, etc. without having to type out each package name separately? I assume no since java treats each of them as completely different packages even though they share the same prefixed "super package," but ...

56. Recursion & Backtracking

57. Recursive Message Driven Bean

Hii Javaties Sorry for postng this question at this forum I have deployed a Message driven Bean(MDB) on weblogic server ,and tht MDB is working fine. But i am getting some problem with JMS , i.e messages that are in message queue are not getting removed even when the messsage is getting consumed., and the result is tht my MDB code ...

58. Recursion

Hey, I have a program to write and have no clue what to start with. I was asked to write a Recursion program (program that calls itself) about palindromes. What it needs to do is to ask the user for an input of a string, then take that string and check for all possible palindromes inside of it. For example: Able ...

59. recursion problem

60. Need help with the recursive definition

can someone give me a recursive definition about this problem? how many tree we can have for a given number of nodes? for example, we can have 1 tree for 1 node, 2 trees for 2 nodes, 5 trees for 3 nodes, 14 trees for 4 nodes.. Message was edited by: seiya

61. Recursion

1.) I'm pretty sure you get the error message when you run the program, not when you compile it. 2.) Please look at the complete stack trace (and post it here), it will tell you where exactly you've got your problem. 3.) The reason is probably the line that says "int N = Integer.parseInt(args[0]);". You are parsing the first argument passed ...

62. One implementation about recursion

63. Recursion

Could you give me an example of how to go through an array of numbers using recursion? I have to go through the array and return the highest of all the odd numbers and the highest of all the even numbers. Is it possible to return 2 different numbers? edit: I'm trying to use your 2nd option, but im not sure ...

64. Recursion help needed...

I would note two things: 1. Each number of asterisks needs to be printed exactly twice and in a specific order. The first printed must be the last printed. What does that tell you about where your recursive call might be located relative to the two print expressions? 2. The first thing printed should be the minimum number of asterisks. The ...

65. Recursion

Hi, I'm a second semester cs student and I am having difficulty finishing my recursion program. The problem is to: write a recursive method that takes as a parameter a non-negative integer and generatesthe following pattern of stars. If the non-negative integer is 4, then the pattern generated is: **** *** ** * * ** *** **** Seems simple and after ...

66. Try Catch recursion

EJP wrote: This is a poor solution to a simple problem. There is bo reason to use recursion here. Iteration is perfectly adequate in this case. In general recursion without parameter passing or a return value is pointless. Yeah, you're right; it seemed like an odd way to do things when I looked at it. I was referring more to jschell's ...

67. Make can't recursively call Make when run from Runtime.exec (for some user)

I've gotten some suggestions that it might be due to the "cd" command acting wonky. I've gotten other suggestions that it may be some strange setup with the env variables (My Mac developer is implementing a fix/workaround for 'environ', which is apparently posix standard, but Mac (Mr. Posix Compliance...) doesn't implement it. When he finishes that, I'll know whether it worked ...

68. Backtracking recursion question

When I was step-executing I tried N = 4 in order to look at simpler case. I understood that the author is using q[] to know what the position of the Queen is. But how is it done and most of all how the backtracking recursion is implemented is what I don't understand. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. ...

69. Recursion question

I understand it. But as soon as I change something ( because I want to make sure that I really understand the topic ) I got confused again. I apologize for being so persistent. My questions might look stupid for some of you, guys but I want to understand what / why is going on when I have "double" ( or ...

70. Another recursive question

71. Recursion question

Can someone, please help me understand why the above code calculates a*b ? I tried with pen and paper - don't get it, tried with debugger - same result. Tried with System.out.println(mystery(a,b)); just before every return statement in effort to enlighten the case and I got StackOverflowError. Thanks in advance. Edit: I got it why the stack overflows when I recursively ...

72. Another recursion question

73. return problem in recursion.

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