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1. Integrating static analysis tools with each other?

How are folks integrating various static analysis tools such as PMD, Checkstyle, and FindBugs so that they are used together in some uniform way? In particular, I'm interested in generating a ...

2. What is stopping you from using static analysis tools?

I'm trying to understand why some Java projects do not use static analysis tools like PMD, FindBugs, and Checkstyle.

  • Lack of support from the powers-that-be in your organization?
  • Perceived lack of value in ...

3. A static analysis project/product with rules for enforcing Effective Java advice?

Does there exist a project or product that implements static analysis rules specifically designed to enforce the advice given in "Effective Java," 2nd ed., Bloch? Many people agree that "Effective ...

4. Static Analysis tool recommendation for Java?

Being vaguely familiar with the Java world I was googling for a static analysis tool that would also was intelligent enough to fix the issues it finds. I ran at CodePro ...

5. Is static metaprogramming possible in Java?

I am a fan of static metaprogramming in C++. I know Java now has generics. Does this mean that static metaprogramming (i.e., compile-time program execution) is possible in ...

6. Coverity for Java static analysis

I'd like to get comments from people who have used or evaluated Coverity for statically analysing Java-code. I know it's popular in C/C++ world, but is it worth spending the money ...

7. How do commercial Java static analysis tools compare with the free ones?

I'm familiar with a handful of the free static analysis tools available for Java, such as FindBugs and PMD. What I'd like to know is how the commercial products such ...

8. static concepts

class Trial 
{   static int i; 
    int getI() 
    {       return i;} 

9. Introduction to Static Analysis

I'm a self taught programmer with almost non CS background. I'm currently learning about parsing techniques/algorithms/tools, and have a desire to build programs to analyze Java code. What kind of mathematical/theoretical CS ...

10. easiest static model format to load with java?

What's the easiest static (non-animating) 3d model format to load with Java? I used .obj in C++, but that's a pain to do in java. Is there anything better?

11. Elegant way of holding large static typesafe dictionary in java - or avoiding code too large

Basically I would like to have some dictionary that is an abstaction over legacy #define directives. I have an old header file that contains 6000+ defines, that are used as flag ...

12. What is "static"?

I'm beginning to program in Java.

public static void main(String[]args)
A book said that I should use static in this case, but doesn't clearly say why I should or what it means. Could you ...

13. Static Analysis tool to detect Internationalization issues

Are there any tools (free/commercial) that can audit an application for internationalization? (or localization-readiness, if you prefer) Primarily interested in: Mulitlingual Implementation tests


14. Why is the order of declarations important for static initializers?

I have this code

private static Set<String> myField;

static {
    myField = new HashSet<String>();
and it works. But when I flip the order, I get an illegal ...

15. How can I define static properties for Rhino's ScriptableObject?

Rhino provides Scriptable interface and ScriptableObject helper class to implement a javascript object backed by a java object. When ScriptableObject is constructed, its methods with names starting with jsFunction___, jsStaticFunction___, jsGet___, ...

16. On the longevity of static strings vs seemingly local strings in Java

Given the following snippet A

private static final String SQL = "SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE ID = ?";
and snippet B
public List<MyObject> getData(final Long id){
    return (List<MyObject>)template.query("SELECT * FROM ...

17. Overuse of static in my Java Game project?

I am currently developing a little platform in Java and I wrote my own game engine for it called Bonsai. Now I'm asking myself the question "Did I overuse ...

18. Java newbie question: static{}?

Can someone explain me what the following is?

public class Stuff


19. Java static analyzer custom templating/specification

We have a Java project that uses TeamCity to do static analysis of our Java classes each night to find low hanging bugs in our code. We would like to ...

20. Problem with static attributes

My problem is that I'm working on a project that requires me to run multiple instances of someone elses code which has many static attributes/variables, which causes all the instances to ...

21. difference between 'static int' and 'int' in java

in java where and when do we use 'static int' and how does it differ from 'int'

22. controlling if exceptions are swallowed by a static boolean

So we are a few guys developing this product that is communicating with a really unstable server. It often returns very strange and corrupt data. During testing we want the resulting ...

23. How to create a static enum with a value that has a hyphen symbol in Java?

how to create the static enum like below

static enum Test{
As of now, I am getting errors.

24. Java: Cipher package (encrypt and decrypt). invalid key error

i am doing a class with static methods to encrypt and decrypt a message using javax.crypto. I have 2 static methods that use ecipher and dcipher in order to do what ...

25. What static analyzers do you make a point of running on Java code, and why?

I have experimented with several different static analyzers for Java, notably Findbugs and PMD. I am looking for examples of other static analyzers that may be worth running on Java code.

26. Java static source analysis/parsing (possibly with antlr), what is a good tool to do this?

I need to perform static source analysis on Java code. Ideally, I want the system to work out of the box without much modification from me. For example, I have ...

27. Problem with the List - Java

I am trying to create a new instance of Couple with the given name and gender and add to the collections of couples, in the addCouple method. I have another class ...

28. Can someone explain how to setText from a static using my example?

First I would like to say that I have only worked with java for 1 month now. This is probly a pretty simple question. I searched and the classic ...

29. Java Static confusion

I'm working with Java; I have worked with C++ before. I am thinking about static usage in Java. If I create static methods and variables in the class, Why can I ...

30. Why do these two code samples produce different outputs?

Sample 1:

 class Animal {
     public static void saySomething() { System.out.print(" Gurrr!"); 
 class Cow extends Animal {
    public static ...

31. java jasper params static

My .jrxml file contains 2 text and one param alt text Following is my java code for jasper report, When i run the code it creates pdf file but it is ...

32. How do I share data between custom Ant tasks?

I wrote two different custom Ant tasks. They are trying to share data through a static member in a base class. This is not working for me. I assume I ...

33. What is the best way to include long static text in JasperReport/iReport?

My report contains 3 parts – 2 parts are quite straightforward table reports, and one part is contract agreement on about 10 pages, 10 pages of static formatted(bold headings) text. This ...

34. Best Practices: How to deal with static text across multiple Java web-apps in an enterprise-environment

I realize the question I'm about to ask is fairly subjective -- I'm looking for (hopefully) an answer that a majority of voters find agreeable, and that has an explanation that ...

35. Where to define a static application-wide logger?

I have a number of packages in my Java web application. In some of them I use this construct:

public class Foo {
  private static Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger("com.XXX");
  public ...

36. Which Java static code analyzer is recommendable for creating reports?

I need a static code analyzer for Java that produces an output file about the: relationships of the classes (also inheritance relationships), fields of the classes, method signatures, and method ...

37. What does this 'static' mean and why is it like that

public class tt {
    System.out.println("class tt");
It the first time ive come across it and im wondering what it is and what it's used for ...

38. Is it ok to manipulate static attributes on runtime?

I am providing Settings of my JAVA project in a class with static attributes and static methods. But the token for OAuth2 needs to be assigned on runtime. Is this ...

39. portals contain many static pages, how can they generate these pages?

I want to know what's the name of this kind of technology and if someone can give me references, will be appreciated. Actually the website is developed with Java/C#, but not a ...

40. Beginner Java - Static Error

Good day! I am a beginner in Java. I cannot compile the following code:

public class Test {
 public static void main (String [] args ){
  int a = calcArea(7, 12);

41. what are the APIs available in java for drawing animations or static digrams?

Is Java 2D API is the only available for drawing in Java? What are other options available? What are the advantages or disadvantages of using an external drawing tool like dotty. ...

42. In Java is there a static version of 'this'

I know this is quite minor, but at the top of every class I end up copying and pasting and then changing the following line of code.

private static final String TAG ...

43. Static analysis of Java call graph

What I'd like to do is scan a set of Java classes, and trace all method calls from a specific method of an Abstract Class, and within that context, build a ...

44. What is the best way to do a static dispatch, bytecode generated proxy in java nowadays?

I have ued cglib in th epast, but frankly I have to believe there is a more convenient way than the callback array and callback filter approach in cglib. I know ...

45. What is the meaning of "static synthetic"?

I am looking at some disassembled code obtained from Java bytecode. I see some declaration as follows:

.method static synthetic access$0()Lcom/package/Sample;
I am not able to figure out what the synthetic or access$0 ...

46. Does making a Reentrant Lock static and make it a mutex?

In Brian Goetz's book, Java Concurrency in Practice, his example of a Reentrant lock is programmed like this:

Lock lock = new ReentrantLock();
However, I am curious to know if changing the above ...

47. Need to find a static rule check for covariant return types

I am on an ATG/Java project and I am hunted for a static code analyser tool that is able to detect the presence of covariant return types. In ATG, this is ...

48. A static animation system

I am trying to make an static animation system, for my game, just a basic system that switches pictures after an amount of miliseconds. I want my character to do some ...

49. Is it a good idea to use static type?

I know the difference between static type and other types but I am not sure which is to used where. Now I am using static types in all places to avoid ...

50. Java static error

I'm trying to compile this program in Netbeans: And I get this error... non-static variable this cannot be referenced from a static context return new Program(new BF().doParse(str)); I've tried everything!

51. encrypting with a static key using AES

I want to encrypt and decrypt a file containing usernames and passwords. Since this file will be accessed to check if the username and password entered is correct, I'm sure that ...

52. Static Circular Dependency in Java

for the following code:

class A
    public static int X;
    static { X = B.Y + 1;}
public class B
    public static int Y ...

53. JodaTime Chronology caching

I have successfully written a new Chronology that represents my company's fiscal calendar, based off of JodaTime. I referred to the JodaTime source code quite a bit, to figure out ...

54. using a static varibles in java

I tried to print the stack elements of the Linked List Implementation. But to print in the order of stack itself I need a static variable in java.

public void display()
<STATIC> <here I ...

55. A static call problem in Java

I have a problem calling a static method from a class. Let me explain myself. I have an interface Foo and his implementation FooImpl which defines the method getFoo(); :

public interface ...

56. Java Question about Static

I came across this bug in our code today and it took a while to figure. I found it interesting so I decided to share it. Here is a simplified version ...

57. How to set static width to view in SWT

how can be configured static width of view in perspective? I'd like have on left side TreeViewer with static width and second view (ViewPart) want to expand horizontaly. I have this, witch ...

58. why does Float static compare not require an epsilon value?

Upon checking,f2) I found that it compares f1f2
and returns -1,0,1. Then it returns -1,0,1 if the values are -0.0, 0.0 or NAN.
What does that mean -0.0? I would ...

59. List of useful environment settings in Java

I've been wondering a long time if there was a comprehensive list of (probably static) methods/fields that store runtime information for the JVM. An incomplete list of examples:

  • System.out /
  • System.currentTimeMillis()
  • System.getProperty()
  • System.getConsole()
  • Runtime.freeMemory()
  • Etc
Does anyone ...

60. Using JUNG for static images

I'm using JUNG to generate graphs, but I'm not looking to make an interactive InfoVis app in Swing. Rather, I'm taking snapshots of the generated graph and outputting that image a ...

61. Netty + ProtoBuffer: A few communication messages for one connection

During reading of Netty tutorial I've found simple description how to integrate Netty and Google Protocol Buffers. So, I've start to investigate example (because in docs there ...

62. What are the tradeoffs of performing static analysis on source code, byte code, machine code, etc?

What are the various tradeoffs for performing static analysis on various levels of code? For instance for Java, why would someone perform static analysis on Java source code vs.

63. Static for loop? Performing calculations before

I'm feeling lost as to how to do this. I am trying to perform a calculation with a value that needs to be a global variable. but to be global it ...

64. What does Static {} mean in the Java Syntax?

I came across this Java code:

static {
    String aux = "value";
    try {
        // some code here

65. What does static int ConvertArg do? How do i evaluate this code?

Dorothy, Unless you mean the very simple statement, I don't see any code. That statement is a default access declaration of a global integer value which lives within the containing class. ...

66. What is the meaning of "static" in Java

@manu_verma, The meaning of "static" depends on the context it is used in. Have you tried reviewing how it is used from your Java books? They'll give you a good explanation. ...

67. Static Data

You'll get a copy of static variables per Class instance. That's at least one per JVM, and more if the same class is loaded by multiple ClassLoaders. In short, they are not shared across servers in a cluster. If you have a need for such sharing, google for "java distributed cache" and see other people working on the problem.

68. is there any way to make this without static ?(this time i give up again)

Hello expert people, i am wondering if there is a way to make the class into non-static : i mean this "public static class CronTask implements org.quartz.Job" into "public class CronTask implements org.quartz.Job". If i try without static identifier then an exception will be thrown, "org.quartz.SchedulerException : Problem instantiating class 'backup_pro$CronTask'". I dont want to use static because if i use ...

69. appropriate use of static?

i have written a class that contains calculation routines only, and maintains no state (ie no member variables at all) in order to save the (small) overhead of creating and destroying an object i wrote all the methods as static. however during a recent code review this technique was questioned by a senior developer - he didnt exactly say why, but ...

70. static initialiser query

Hi, I have a Thread class(implements Runnable) which requires to read some values from the application config file and use them in the run() method. Now these values are for all purposes constants. So I am thinking of reading these in a static block in the tread class so that these get initialised during class loading. Is this idea correct..when is ...

71. static {}

I'm wondering if there's a way to find out if a class has a static {} method, without having the static {} method being invoked ? Ex: public class A { static { // do some code. } } if from another class you use reflection, Class.forName("A"), the code in the static method will be invoked, although you haven't created any ...

72. Problems with Static Mehtods

73. static

The following snippet is executed well... static { i=10; } static int i; But, this code errors saying "illegal forward referencing"..,Why...? static { i=10; System.out.println(x); } static int i; When an instance variable in the first snippet is referenced(used) well,.. Why cannot it use the same when printing in the second snippet?

74. Static Problem

Hi All, I have a problem that Id appreciate your help in. Ill do my best to explain I have a MessageRetriever class that is used throughout the application to get messages. It is an abstract class that contains just static methods, and one static string defining where the file is held containing the messages. In one of these methods, the ...

75. Transient and Static

76. Static

Dear Friends, I came across a situation where in a class B i would collect JTable data depending on a mouseclick event on the row.I need this data to append to a JTable which is in Class A. What i did is i declared a static method in class A.used this method with the class A name in class B to ...

77. What is "Respectively Static"?

78. Static

79. Static

80. problem with static counter

Hi, Doubt regarding the use of keyword static. I have made 3 classes Static1, StaticEg and StaticTesting. Static1 has a static counter count which is incremeted each time it is accessed. This count is incremented by 2 classes StaticEg and StaticTesting. My question is why does the counter gets reseted everytime. The code is given below: first class package staticdemo; class ...

81. action Handlers: Do they have to be static??

I just got finished with a project for school. It is all finished so don't worry about helping to much... Ok so I have a JButton and I add an action handler to it. This is ok I think: theButton.addActionListener(new java.awt.event.ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) { TestProgram.oG_ButtonActionPerformed(); } }); This is inside a constructor that makes this button and a ...

82. About static

When you call non-static method, which method is really called depends on contents of object you call it on. If object is an instance of one derived class, method defined for that class will be called. If you call it on instance of another class - another class will be called. Class of object isn't always known at call site, so ...

83. A protected static question

if you keep ur constructor protected ,only the classses which extend your class (inside the same packgae and also outside the package which extends the class )can create an instance otherwise you need to use only static methods inside that class ,I think it can be used in singleton. if you dont want others to create an object then we can ...

84. Help on Static property

HI all, I have a small doubt regarding statics in JAVA. Consider the following code. public Class A { int x=10; void printX() { System.out.println ("x is :" + x); } public static void main() { printX(); } } This results in a Compiler error, since the compiler detects that the non-static ( uses instance variables) method printX() is used in ...

85. Does the usage of static prevents us from OO

What do you expect to happen with these classes? public class StaticSuper { public static void beep() { System.out.println("beep"); } public static void honk() { System.out.println("honk"); } } public class StaticSub extends StaticSuper { public static void honk() { System.out.println("I prefer Hoot"); } } public class StaticTest { public static void main(String[] args) { StaticTest test = new StaticTest(); test.testInherit(); test.testOverride(); ...

86. Static Problem

Hi All, I have a problem that Id appreciate your help in. Ill do my best to explain I have a MessageRetriever class that is used throughout the application to get messages. It is an abstract class that contains just static methods, and one static string defining where the file is held containing the messages. In one of these methods, the ...

87. static initializations

Hello, Is this ? static int[] a = new int[4]; the same as ? static int[] a; static { a = new int[4]; } I know that in the second case "a = new int[4];" will execute only once (when the class is loaded) but in the first case. Does not happen the same? Thank you.

88. The Great Static

In the code "k" is a static variable of Super class. It should not be visible in the Sub class. Atleast not when I write "this.k" And even when I write "m.print()" , i should get a compiler error... But i do not get any error... Why so?? Please give me a good example saying that it is not inherited. Waiting ...

89. Acces to static data

My program frequently needs acces to static data, namely tables with numbers. A test version of the program uses comma separated text files that look like this: 22270.300;4.000;8.875;10.584;77232.100;22.542;2.075 22864.200;4.100;8.786;10.539;77460.400;22.096;2.126 23458.800;4.200;8.695;10.494;77684.400;21.675;2.178 24053.900;4.300;8.602;10.448;77904.200;21.275;2.229 24649.600;4.400;8.507;10.402;78119.300;20.897;2.281 At start-up each row is loaded into a Record object with an instance variable for each column. These Record objects are then stored in an ArrayList of Record objects ...

90. Confused about Static lifetime

I understand that a class with a static method/field is associated with the class, not the instance. So regardless of the number of class instances, any static variables manipulated would be the same for all instances. What I'm a little confused about is that if I call a static method like this: SomeClass.someStaticMethod(setName("Fred")): that the (static) field name will be available ...

91. Static

92. set Vs get?? static vs. void??

Hi Mindy, as Susan says, 'String' and 'void' in this context are return types. You use that when declareing your methods to indicate whether your method should return something as a result, and in case, what kind of result. (what datatype kind) If you want your method to return something (as in your 'getTopping()' method), you must specify what datatype the ...

93. When is the Static code initialized?

I thought the static code in a class gets initialized when we call Class.forName("") method. In the code below, "Initializing static of Sample" is not printed when I run TestSample as I expected. ----------- public class Sample { static { System.out.println( "Initializing static of Sample" ); } } --------------- public class TestStatic { public static void main( String args[] ...

94. Understanding Static

static data belongs to the class, not an individual object of the class. There is exactly one instance of static data, regardless of how many instances of the class there are. static methods (aka class methods) do class-wide operations and do not apply to an individual object. You can call a static method by prefixing it with the name of an ...

95. Static

Hi there, First, you are mixing up data types with modifiers. The keyword 'static' means that the variable you are declaring is 'class-wide'. The variable (or method) doesn't belong to any one instance of a class, but to *all* instances of that class. The int data type is just one of many, such as long, boolean, double, float. Each of these ...

96. Confuse abt. Static??

Static variables belong to the class and not to any method. If you declare them in a method (even a static one as main()) then it's block scope would be only inside that method. And since they belong to the class, it makes no sense to declare them inside a method where the class cannot access them. Static methods (such as ...

97. Static

A static field or member is maintained once in memory and used by all instances of that class. One way to imagine using this is to think of an instance counter. You could increment it every time an object gets made, and each object would then "know" how many total instances had been created. A static method can be invoked without ...

98. Static initializers

First off, you dont have a static initializer in your code anywhere. The initializers (static or instance) would only be redundant if your typed them twice - once in the constructor and once in the initializer. On the other hand that is the main purpose of having them in the first place is to be able to reuce typeing and initialize ...

99. static,super&this

100. static, super & this

Well, static is a little different from super and this, but I'll try to explain them all. First of all, let's talk about static. The keyword static is generally used to refer to something that is "class specific" rather than "object specific." For example, if you define a member to be static, that member belongs to the class, rather than to ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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