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1.abstract class
2.Base class
3.class hierarchy
4.class name
5.class version
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15.extend Class
19.inner class
21.main class
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1. Static definition!

2. when static things get executed?

3. Enum == static ?

Hi I'm learning Enum... And I have a question: each component of an Enum is static ? For example, in: enum State { INIT, ACTIVE; State() {} } State.INIT and State.ACTIVE can be considered as: static final State INIT = new State(); and static final State ACTIVE = new State(); In this case, a state machine pattern in a StateFullObject can ...

4. regading static

hello all, can we call Static method or variable by using reference variable.....( i know that it is available to all calsses before we run the program..) but in some books writen that we can... and its an programming tricks... i didn't understand this can any one pleas explain how it be ... with a example... please

5. Coordinate Planes? Static Sizes? Oh dear.

Greetings, fellow programmers. I come to you today beseeching your help. Most of my attempts to obtain aid from my instructor or colleagues have culminated in a great "RTFM", but the Javadocs only confuse me further. I have no prior experience with GUIs, and so I am left in the dust for this assignment. Basically, my personal assignment in our classwide ...

6. static

Hey here is a great help A static variable is intilized when the class is loded. Which means that the static variable will have the same value regardless of the number of objects we create from that class. And the value of that static variable is the same in all objects of that class. Example let say there is a static ...

7. Globlab static variale

Thanks for Imediate repy Here i my class wher i declare static variableJPanel p ,p1; JInternalFrame internalFrame; JavaFileView jfv; // A User Defined class for file choosing static Object getfilename="C: Program Files Microsoft Visual Studio\\VB98 BIBLIO.mdb"; public DataBase() { super("Internal Frame Demo"); try { UIManager.setLookAndFeel(""); SwingUtilities.updateComponentTreeUI(this); } catch (Exception ex1) { System.err.println("Unsupported LookAndFeel: " ); } jfv=new JavaFileView(); test =new AccessJDBCTest(); ...

8. Static polymorfism

9. difference between static int and int

10. static?

11. problem with static veriable declearation

12. Getting static value

hi all... how do i get static value from a jsp...i.e) if a file say one.jsp has the variable and its value is ex....) value = "Welcome"; in another jsp say can i get the value of that the sense i've to print it in two.jsp ...could anyone help me

13. "this" in static?

Good point sabre but is the this keyword really within a static context. You could argue that it is not because you are creating an anonymous 'inner' - nested really I suppose - class. Once that code executes, an independent object will be created - an instance - when it does make sense to use the 'this' keyowrd. Arguably, by using ...

14. static

15. Assign static value to Name and Value pair

Hi i want to static value to Name and Value pair variable. my code is: NVPair[] headerData = genericHttpRequest.getHeaderData(); * i want to assign Static "content-type", "UTF-8" to headerData how to do it? this is getHeaderData() setter and getter Methods: public void setHeaderData(NVPair[] headerData) { this.headerData = headerData; } public NVPair[] getHeaderData() { int hdrCount = headers.size(); int dataCount = 0; ...

16. static { ... } ?

17. static electricity

Hi Everyone, I have encountered the following problem and was hoping that someone with a little more Java wisdom than I could troubleshoot it: First of all, I have one java program written entirely in static methods, and another in non-static which I am trying to interface with each other. The problem is this: I don't want to create a new ...

18. static convention

Is this just an rough example or are you really implementing this? If you are implementing this then I wouldn't have leapYear as a static variable. Static variables belong to the class however each instance of Time will need its own instance of leapYear and set to true or false depending on if it is a leap year or not.

19. Why they don't allow static here?

I suspect it's just one of those things that makes implementation a trifle easier while it wouldn't do much for you to allow it. Nested/inner classes don't have static initializers, which might make them cheaper to load. And it doesn't really make any difference if you declare all the static stuff at the outer level. The only overhead is namespace.

20. static refrence do not get garbage collected

There is no such thing as a "static reference" The only references you have to worry about are strong references. (This is the default behaviour for references) Classes are reachable while the class loader is loaded, thus any static reference they have will also be reachable. To release this reference you either have to; - unload the class loader, - make ...

21. Doubt in Static Area

Hi friends I have doubt in memory management in java. As for as I know I searched in net, book and get the following details. But still i am having some doubts. I am little confused. Local variable's memory is in the Stack which is available in RAM. All the java objects are available in heap which is also available in ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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