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1. How do I create a static local variable in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I've read Java does not support static local variables unlike C/C++. Now if I want to code a function with a local variable, whose value should persist between function calls, how ...

2. In which memory static variables,local variables are presents?    stackoverflow.com

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In which memory static variables,local variables ...

3. static method, local variables    coderanch.com

Hello, I was asked this question, and I did not know how to answer. I am sure someone at JavaRanch knows the answer. I have class A with static method statMeth(). If Objects B and C both call A.statMeth(), do they both have different copies of the local variables in A.statMeth()? Could C corrupt B if they both called A.statMeth() at ...

4. can we use a local variable inside the static method    coderanch.com

class Test{ static void method() { int value=10; } } when 2 objects are been created for this class. There will only one copy of the method in the memory since the method is static. but here there is a local variable inside the static method so when there are 2 objects created Will there be 2 copies or 1 copy ...

5. Static Local Variable    coderanch.com

6. Access to static vs. local variables named the same    coderanch.com

Consider the following code: public class ThisVariable2 { // class/member variable declaration of j static int j=0; public ThisVariable2() { } public static void main(String[] args) { ThisVariable2 tv2 = new ThisVariable2(); // local variable declaration of j int j=1; System.out.println("Calling inside Main with local variable j:" + j); System.out.println("Calling inside Main with static variable j:" + tv2.j); } } This ...

7. local variable can't be declared static    coderanch.com

It sounds to me like your friend is confusing one of the meanings of "static" in C (i.e. using internal linkage to "hide" an otherwise global variable from outside that source file) with the very specific meaning of "static" in Java (a "static" class or method is not associated with any one class instance, but rather with the class as a ...

10. Static method local variables    coderanch.com

Since foo is static in Delegate, each thread that executes the static cookFood method would use the same foo object. When multiple threads are using the same objects, they share instance variables, but they do NOT share local variables. Instance variables are stored per object instantiating a class. Local variables are stored per invocation of a method.

11. Can someone please explain local variables inside a static method?    coderanch.com

Hi, I'm a bit confused here. Basically, I have two static methods, reverse() and reverseWords(). I have declared a String answer inside reverse() and a String answer inside reverseWords(). Why does the second answer variable inside reverseWords() not get recognized? Is this second answer variable a static variable implicitly b/c it's inside a static method? Or is it a local variable ...

13. static local variable?    forums.oracle.com

In C, a static local variable is used to maintain state between function calls. In Java, the way to maintain state is with a member variable. We have no need of static local variables. The meaning of the static keyword is "associated with the class as a whole, rather than with any one instance."

14. Local variables in Static methods    forums.oracle.com

15. Why there is no "local static variable" in JAVA is any alternate available?    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, I learned that "local static variable" with in a function is not allowed in JAVA as in C++. I guess it violates the rule of "static" as it's should not depend on objects but is there any alternative way avaiable to accomplish that ? (i.e scope is restricted to fuction but lilfetime untill the program ends) Is any other ...

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