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1. Why cant we have static method in an inner class?

Why can't we have static method in an inner class ? If I make the inner class static it works. Why ?

2. Anonymous Inner Classes Inside Methods

Please have a look at following code :

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

class Main{
     public static <T> List<T> modifiedList(final List<T> list){
         return ...

3. Can a method call with an anonymous inner class as an argument be verified with mockito?

I suspect this isn't possible as the anonymous inner class is private. Can I verify that the method was called without worrying about the argument? I'm tying to test this: With something ...

4. Static method returning inner class

I really don't understand why the getMyClass2 method below cannot be static, why isn't it valid Java code?

public class MyClass
    private class MyClass2

5. Inner use of methods in the class- Java

I wrote a class that implements some kind of method providing specific service to the specific values that will be from this kind of class that I wrote. Now I want ...

6. Can a method in an inner class access a parent class method?

I'm not sure if my question title describes my situation aptly, so my apologies if it doesn't! Anyway, let's say I have the following code snippet (visibility is as stated):

public class ...

7. inner class within a method

Hi, Not sure if this i beginner or intermediate question. I am currently studying and learing how to work with inner classes. I was surprised when the follwoing code returned a string representationof the finalLocalVar when I did not call the toString() method directly. If anyone can elaborate on why this happens will appreciate it greatly. Thanks... CODE: public class Outer4 ...

8. Calling anonymous inner class methods

If you have an anonymous inner class that defines new methods not available in the superclass, can you call those methods? For example: class Canis { public void eats() { System.out.println ("Canis eats."); } } class Pets { Canis favoritePet() { return new Canis () { public void bitesHand() { System.out.println ("bites hand."); } }; } } class TestMe { public ...

9. Inner Classes in Methods

Shane If you have an inner class that is local to a method. Any objects of that class can access all of the local variales. Also, any instances of that class could potentially live beyond the life of the method. When the method is done executing all of its local variables go out of scope but what if the object you ...

10. Inner Class Methods

Simply because they are not in a static context. To instantiate an inner class, there must be an instance of the enclosing class. This fact implies a context that is not static. The inner class object actually has a hidden reference (this) to the enclosing class object. You can declare the inner class as static and get around that problem. But ...

11. Inner Class method acess

I have this test program for inner classes. The IDE I'm using says that the sayHello call in the foo method is a compile error because it can access both implementations. I think this is a bug in the IDE and that the only way to access the sayHello method in InnerClassTest is to use InnerClassTest.this.sayHello(). Question: Is the IDE right ...

12. How do I override a method of an Inner Class?

When a base class is extended and its nested classes are re-defined in the subclass (even with the same name as the nested class in the superclass), these nested classes do not automatically inherit from the nested class within the superclass. Instead, the re-declared inner class must specifically extend the Base.Nested class. For example... class Base{ class Inner{} } class Derived1 ...

13. Inner Class inside a method

Hi, I am trying to access the variable inside the method by the Inner Class object inside the same method.Is't possible?? I am getting error for the below program. It's my own coding, so how to do it correctly. class Outer1 { public void amethod() { int i = 12; class Inner1 { public void bmethod() { System.out.println(i); } } } ...

14. Method_Inner_class

Hi everybody. I want to know that why the inner class object cannot use the local variables of the method the inner class is in?? I know that local variables of the method live on the stack and exisist only for the lifetime of the method. But in this following code the life time of the main method() exisist through out ...

15. Anonymous inner classes : How to run their methods ?

The code below compiles. But how do i execute the methods of my anonymous inner classes ? The method name is public void main(){.....} This code is only for learning, doesnt do anything useful. class Dream { Dream() { System.out.println("Dream()"); } Dream(String s) { System.out.println("Dream(String)" + s); } public void main(){System.out.println("The real dream");} } public class Anon extends Dream { public ...

16. How to call inner class method from static main() method - No static class

Hi, I have an inner class(It is not a static class, just plain inner class) inside an outer class given below: public class outerClass { class innerClass { public void display(){ System.out.println("In Inner class..."); } } public static void main(String[] args) { // Do something here so that it calls display() method... } } I would want to call display() method ...

17. Inner class method call

interface I { void ishow(); } public class An { I getI() { return new I() { public void ishow() { } void print() { } //(*) // how can we access this method? }; } public static void main(String[] args) { (new An()).getI().ishow(); // ! (new An()).getI()).print(); - obviously won't work (compilation error) } }

19. advantage of inner class than a method

The advantage of using an inner class is better security. There is little reason to make an inner class which is public. An inner class uses FIFO (First in First Out) and this is means that the earliest value placed into an inner class is the last to run (say, if you were looping through it)

20. inner class like bean and accessor methods

for any class like a bean I use private fields and public getter and setters methods. suppose I create a bean as inner class , here do I have to provide public accessor and setter methods ? even If I donot provide them I can access the variables in parent class with the class name. please tell me best patterns for ...

21. Accessing method in an inner class

You are of course both correct, the class is private, should have spotted that! Doh. Also correct in that this is 'not the most elegant design', but you know the way it is you have to work with what you are given. So, I changed the class to public.... What I had hoped is that the following would work ((toc.getModel().getClass())(toc.getModel())).myTableMethod() get ...

22. Is thee any way to access extra Anonymous Inner Class method ?

I would say, though, that if you find yourself doing that, you probably ought to rethink your design. Why did you make this an anonymous inner class of that type if you know you're going to want to call sizzle? You should have either made it a named class of a type that defines sizzle, or defined an interface or class ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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