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1. Why no static methods in Interfaces, but static fields and inner classes OK?

There have been a few questions asked here about why you can't define static methods within interfaces, but none of them address a basic inconsistency: why can you define static fields ...

2. Accessing an outer anonymous class's field from an inner anonymous class

To access the field x of an outer class A from an inner class B, I realize that you can use "A.this.x". But what if the outer class is also anonymous? ...

3. Why does Java prohibit static fields in inner classes?

class OuterClass {
 class InnerClass {
  static int i = 100; // compile error
  static void f() { } // compile error
Although it's not possible to access ...

4. Anonymous inner class and fields outside of that block of code

With anonymous inner classes, how does Java treat fields that are declared outside of the anonymous inner class block. In the case policyOwnerModelObject, how is that field defined in the generated anonymous ...

5. Static methods and fields in inner classes

Hi! Here something I just noticed. When you make an inner class inherit from another class that has static fields and methods, the inner class also has these static members, even though it cannot declare static members by itself. Look at this piece of code: class Outer { // The static part static class InnerPartOne { private InnerPartOne() {} // private ...

6. field access in local inner classes

Hi, I have a problem with accessing fields in the local inner class. Theory: While we can access the private variables of the enclosing class from a non static local class of a non static method, we cannot access the local members of the non static method, unless that member is declared final. Why is it? Following is the code that ...

7. Inner class - private field access

Hi, I have a small query regarding inner classes and access to private fields. Eg: class C { private int varC; } public class A { private int varA; private class B { private int varB; public void accessA { // Access private variable of A Sysout(varA); } } public void accessB { // Access private variable of B - why ...

8. inner anonymous class fields initialization

Hi, folks. I have 2 inner anonymous classes (Class1, Class2): public class Class0{ protected Class1 boo() { new Class1() { protected Class2 foo() { // foo () from Class1 return new Class2() { private final Object field1 = new Object(); private final Object field2 = new Object(); protected void moo() { System.out.println(field1.toString()); // NPE raises. Field seems to be not initialized! ...

9. Iterate through fields in an Inner Class

K. Tsang wrote:Hi there, I'm not sure if this works or not. You know how to iterator through a map right? Ultimately once you get the Team object, you need an iterator inside the Team object to iterate throught the Game object. Now the problem is what type of object is Team? If it is some kind of collection then it's ...

10. why we cant have static fields in an inner class??

someone may say that, as inner objects cannot exist without outer objects, so an inner object cannot exist independently. they are contained in some objects(outer objects). and as static variables cannot be there in an object, hence an inner class cannot have static variables?? if you agree with the logic made above then i have few points to discuss and if ...

11. Static fields in an inner class

12. How do you access inner class fields in refleciton?

I hope I'm answered your 'Eh?' correctly. When I traverse the class Outer using reflection I detect that Outer.inner is a reference to a class by it's type. The type return type is Class but using getFields() to return the member fields of the inner class is not successful. When I use something of type Field I am also stymied. When ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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