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1. Can I discover a Java class' declared inner classes using reflection?

In Java, is there any way to use the JDK libraries to discover the private classes implemented within another class? Or do I need so use something like asm?

2. Java reflection: How can I retrieve anonymous inner classes?

I have an anonymous inner class inside another class (SomeClass). Both SomeClass.class.getClasses() and SomeClass.class.getDeclaredClasses() return empty arrays. I couldn't find some hints on this in Class' Javadocs. Can anonymous inner classes be retrieved using ...

3. Java: How to load a class (and its inner classes) that is already on the class path?

How can I load a class that is already on the class path, instantiate it, and also instantiate any inner classes defined within it? EG:

public class TestClass {

    public ...

4. Getting all inner classes by reflection

I have the following problem. I have this pretty class and now I want to get all the classes that extend that class (inner classes ) and fill 'classList' with it. ...

5. Exception when access inner class reflectively

Here is a sample java program. I wonder why the two approaches reslut different stories. Is it a bug or kind of bitter java feature? And I run the sample upon java 1.5

package ...

6. Get the outer class object from an inner class object

In a nutshell, I'm trying to do the inverse of "classObject.getDeclaredClasses()". I have a method that receives an object of type Class<? extends Object>. I want to figure out whether it is ...

7. Wrong field type for "this" in an inner class in JDK6?

I'm running into a strange result here and am not sure if it is a bug in Java or it is expected behaviour. I have an inner class on which ...

8. reflection of static inner classes

You mentioned the method in an erroneous example. I mentioned the method as the answer. You seem to be confusing "nested classes" with "inner classes". There is no such thing as a "static inner class". In fact, the only difference between a nested class and an inner class is that an inner class must be non-static (Java Language Specification 8.1.2). Try ...

9. How to access private method of an inner class using reflection.

Thanks, but i guess this will be used once we get the method or field object and I want to know how can i get the "Method object" for the inner class private method, like the way i get it from getDeclaredMethod() of Class. I am elaborating my problem: class A { private outerMethod() { BThread bt=new BThread(); bt.start(); } class ...

10. Creating a private inner class using reflection

Either use dynamic proxies (google is your friend) which will allow you to generate a class at runtime which implements any interface(s) you need, or, if it's for actual testing (rather than just trying stuff out) you might be interested in a mock objects framework, such as EasyMock. On the subject of dynamic proxies, libraries like CGLIB and ASM will allow ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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