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1. Instance Initializer vs private members

I have the following code :-

public class Test5 {
    private int value ;
    public static void main(String[] args) {

2. Is it ok for private instances to be shared among objects?

I am only allowed to use private members in the programming course I'm taking, and I was wondering if something like this is ok.

public class View {
    private ...

3. Make an enum INSTANCE private

I am using an enum singletom pattern like this:

public enum LicenseLoader implements ClientLicense {

     * @return an instance of ...

4. public method returns private class instance in Java?

I have a method that returns an instance of a private class and I need access to its methods from a different package for unit testing. These classes live in the ...

5. Cannot throw instance of private member class? - Java

What does this error mean, and why does it apply? I can't find much info with Google about member classes and static contexts, or what those mean, in a case that ...

6. why instance variables in java are always private

I'm newbie to Java and i'm learning about encapsulation and saw an example where instance variables are declared as Private in a class. ...

7. Are Instance variables private by default?

If you want your instance variables to be private (which is indeed appropriate) you need to declare them as private. The default access modifier (if not private, protected or public is specified) is package private, which means that it may be accessed from any other class in the same package as the declaring class.

8. Access private variable from different instance of the same class.

I have come across to a code which seems strange to me. Below is the small sample of the problem: public class Test { private final int a; Test(Test test){ a = test.a; } Test(){ a = 10; } public int getA(){ return a; } public static void main(String ... args){ System.out.println(new Test(new Test()).getA()); } } Here, 'a' is private and ...

10. private instance variable

Hi, I have this basic question, how is the following code able to access the instance variable even though its private? (the code compiles without any errors) public class MyNewClass { private String myInstanceVal1 = "testVal"; public static void main(String[] args) { MyNewClass newClassObj = new MyNewClass(); newClassObj.myInstanceVal1 = "testNewVal"; } } Please refer to line 10 of the code above, ...

11. declare a private instance variable called ran of type random

hello Could someone plese help me with this problem? how do I declare a private instance variable called ran of type random. Then add a line to the constructor to create an instance of random, using the random class's zero-argument constructor, and directly assign it to the instance variable ran. any help would be great thanks :)

14. Bug or feature? Direct access to private property in other instance.

Real situation is for another forum, anyway, i describe it. I have entity called "Type", mapped with hibernate and j2ee annotations. There is one column id (private Long), and few other mappings. In equals method, i just test equality of that id. Equals method is allmost same (just changed "id" to "property", "Type" to "SomeClass" and "type" to "someClass" for this ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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