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1. Does importing of packages change visibility of classes?

I jsut learned that

A class may be declared with the modifier public, in which case that class is visible to all classes everywhere. If a class ...

2. Java newbie problem: package with private access imports pack.TestPack; but it cannot access it. I cannot understand why it cannot access the class despite the import. Error TestPack() is not public in pack.TestPack; cannot be accessed from outside ...

3. Publicly declare a package private type in a method signature

This is possible in Java:

package x;

public class X {

    // How can this method be public??
    public Y getY() {

4. How to inject package private classes using Guice

Firstly i like what Guice does however i have also like to make as few classes in my system public. All services in my system are package private w/ only the ...

5. Java : "Package Private" terminology

I am a little confused over the term "package private" that some of the documentation uses, along with the usage of "default access." Aren't package private and default access both synonymous ...

6. How to Access package private Class from a Class in some other package?

I have following classses

package speak.hello;

import java.util.Map;

import speak.hi.CustomMap;
import speak.hi.Hi;

public class Hello {

    private Hi hi;

    Hello(Hi hi) {
        this.hi ...

7. public, private, protected, or package - I don't know... do you?

Say I have some code like: Node Root = (the root of tree); public Node search(Object obj){ return getNode(Root, obj); } and it accesses code like this: private static Node getNode(Node Root, Object obj){ //... returns the Node containing the object you were searching for } Do I make the second bit of code public, private, protected, or package? I don't ...

8. private class and different packages

9. Check parameter values of package private methods?

Hi! Let's say I have a package private method which is used by several classes within a package. Do I then have to check parameter values? I mean, technically, they are similar to private methods, except that they are shared among classes. Or should I check them by using asserts? Greets, Oliver

10. private, or rather non-public, package?

For better code organization I would like to split a certain package into two packages. One of them, say 'package abcimpl' would contain implementation code that should not have any 'public' accessor declarations. The other, say 'package abc' provides the interface to the outside world. But as soon as I separate the classes into 'abcimpl' and 'abc', the classes in 'abc' ...

11. java.lang.IllegalAccessError when class is package private

Hi all, I'm not sure how to describe the problem I have. Basically I have a class ReferenceTypeArray that I prefer to be package private. If I define it like that my code compiles, and my large collection of junit tests runs witjout any problems. That's when I execute them from within eclipse (Run as junit test...). If I instead run ...

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