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1. Java Subclassing, Possibly want to much?    stackoverflow.com

I want something similar to protected, where only a class which implements the "protected" field and anything that subclasses it can access it. So, I want to be able to declare ...

2. Creating an instance of a subclass extending an abstract class (Java)    stackoverflow.com

In Java, is there any way to create an instance of any class that extends abstract class A, inside a member method of class A? Classes that extends abstract class A ...

3. Casting subclasses extending the same original class    stackoverflow.com

How can I cast two extends class like that in java?

    class B extends Object{


    class C extends Object{


4. How do I enforce that a class implementing an interface or a subclass extending an abstract class must provide a default constructor?    stackoverflow.com

I have specified an interface (though I can change it to an abstract class if that helps), say T. The users of my API will pass me a Class<? extends T> ...

5. How a subclass which extends a superclass calls the builder of parent class    stackoverflow.com

I have a parent class like

 class A{

    //Constructors only called by builder.

 public static class builder{
   //builder code.

 Class B ...

6. How do (can?) I write a class that extends a class and a subclass    stackoverflow.com

I have a question that I am not sure has an answer, but its worth a shot because I would like to not have to maintain two copies of code. I have ...

7. Call subclass method from a superclass method?    stackoverflow.com

My app has a structure similar to this:

class Father{
a(){ ... }


class Son extends Father{
a(){ ..... }} //override
b() is not overrided. When I create an instance of Son and I call b(), Father's ...

8. what it means to extend a superclass and make a subclass    stackoverflow.com

Does that mean

  1. I am making the existing methods of the super class more powerful, or
  2. I am adding additional methods to the superclass? in other words, increase the number of methods? ...

9. How can I subclass (extend) a Java class using Rhino when I need to use a constructor that takes an argument?    stackoverflow.com

I have a class like the following - this is part of a library and I'm unable to change it at all (if I could, I would just re-write it or ...

10. Java extends alternatives    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to make a model of our universities Course management system (for the course). I stumbled upon a small limitation of extends, that is, it's impossible for a certain ...

11. Question about subclasses, superclasses, and extends command    forums.oracle.com

I'm sure I will be corrected if I am wrong, but one of the main reasons you would want to 'extend' another class is so that you can cause an object to inherit behaviour and characteristics from that parent class. This aids the OOP approach and thankfully prevents you from having to re-write code over and over again

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