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1. Getting the name of a subclass?

I'm writing this program for my computer science class and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I have a superclass called Person, with two subclasses, Student and FacutlyStaff. In my driver class, I have an array of Person objects. I need to print out each class types toString() method separately. For example, if the user chooses 1, I ...

2. Subclassing java.util.logging.LogManager

i am trying to subclass the LogManager class and have tried adding the following System property as mentioned in the Java API :- java.util.logging.manager = CustomLogger where, CustomLogger is the name of my subclass of LogManager. Still, when I ran the program, the instance of the global log manager (java.util.logging.LogManager) is only created. It's not creating the instance of "CustomLogger". I ...

3. is a class is subclass of itself?

The words subclass and superclass were inspired from subset and superset in mathematics. In mathematics, a set is both a subset and a superset (but neither a strict subset or a strict superset) of itself. Seen in this context, it makes sense to decide to consider a class a subclass of itself. But it's a battle about words, of course.

4. How do get the subclasses of Class

You can't You could examine the classpath for any classes that extend a particular class, but that's a major pain in the backside to do, and isn't really guaranteed to work anyway. But a class is not aware of it's subclasses, there's no simple "getSubclasses" method or anything to be had Why d'you think you need this, anyway?

5. Changing return value to a subclass a downward compatibility hazard?

We are writing some 'framework' code that is deployed as jar-files and used by several client applications. I have a factory class with a static method createSomething() that returns an instance of class Something. I want to change that method to return a SometingMoreSpecial. SomethingMoreSpecial is a subclass of Something. May this cause downward compatibility problems for the client applications? Will ...

6. How to call dispose() on subclass

Thanks for the responses. My understanding (which is very slight!) is that it needs to be an inner class so that it can implement ActionListener, which allows it to be added as a listener to a button. I've tried to follow the pattern of having an inner class (implementing ActionListener) for each button in my GUI - thus avoiding the scenario ...

8. Problems wiht Images class and its subclasses

ow whats the matter with that one, maybe the other ones will be solved with myself. So, the getScaledIntance is returning Image, but how its possible becouse Image itself is abstract. It returns a reference of type Image to an object of type "whatever", with whatever extending Image. variable "k" is an instance from BufferedImage Variable k is nothing but a ...

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