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1. How can I get the unique id of an Object after overwriting its toString() method?    stackoverflow.com

I can get the unique id like className@2345 of my object by calling its toString() method, but after I overwrite the toString() method, how can I get that unique id?

2. Converting back from toString to Object    stackoverflow.com

Is there any way to convert from toString back to the object in Java? For example:

Map<String, String> myMap = new HashMap<String, String>();
myMap.put("value1", "test1");
myMap.put("value2", "test2");
String str = myMap.toString();
Is there any way to convert ...

3. Java toString Method (objects)    stackoverflow.com

class Position {

    private double x,y;
    private int id;

    public String toString(Position a){

        String words ...

4. Java Object default toString    stackoverflow.com

you probably see the output like
My question : Is there any specific reason why hashCode number is displayed there?

5. Is it better to do toString() or cast the Object to String    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
(String) or .toString()?
I have an Object. Is it better to do like this
 final String params = myObject.toString();
 final String params =(String)myObject;

6. Design pattern to "toString" a third party object    stackoverflow.com

I have a third party object which uses the toString method inherited from java.lang.Object. This method is pretty useless. However I can't think of a clean design to override ...

7. error question: toString() in java.lang.Object is not defined in a public class    coderanch.com

Hello, Someone knows why the java compiler throws the following error: "toString() in java.lang.Object is not defined in a public class or interface; cannot be accessed from outside package" I mean toString() is a public method from object so is there by default. I am running JSDK 1.4.2 on windows xp import com.company.*; => this is the import clause at the ...

9. Anyone know of a utility to do a "deep toString" of an object?    coderanch.com

thanks for responding. No, i dont use public fields. i guess i should have said i want to write a deepToString for a java bean, in which all accessible properties are in turn deepToString'ed. I've heard of reflection, and thiink i understand the concept, but am not sure where to start with that.

10. Coverting Date.toString() back to a new Date object    forums.oracle.com

Yeah, you're wrong. The whole point of SimpleDateFormat is to allow you to convert between Dates and Strings. Although maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean by "linked". Of course, the real solution is to keep a reference to the original Date object, rather than turning it to a String and back again (if possible).

11. always override: toString(), clone(), equals(Object obj)?    forums.oracle.com

As with most things, there are at least two schools of thought on that. In general, I don't make methods final unless I specifically don't want them overridden. Some people feel you should declare them final by default, and only remove the final in cases where there are specific reasons to override them. Neither is right or wrong. It's mostly a ...

12. Converting Date.toString() back to a Date object for compare    forums.oracle.com

Most probably that is because at the present time I am in a situation where most of my time is spent waiting for a call from the customer, and the app I am supporting works so well that those calls are few and far between. Lucky for me, they pay me for sitting around and answering questions on a forum.

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