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1. Insert One Bit into Byte Array

I'm trying to insert a single bit into an array of bytes, which would shift all the bits in the byte array to the left. Say I have a Java byte array ...

2. Java Iterate Bits in Byte Array

How can i iterate bits in a byte array?

3. How to parse bit fields from a byte array in Java?

I've been given the arduous task of parsing some incoming UDP packets from a source into an appropriate Java representation. The kicker is the data held within the packets are ...

4. Convert a byte into a boolean array of length 4 in Java

I need to convert a byte into an array of 4 booleans in Java. How might I go about this?

5. Extract bit sequences of arbitrary length from byte[] array efficiently

I'm looking for the most efficient way of extracting (unsigned) bit sequences of arbitrary length (0 <= length <= 16) at arbitrary position. The skeleton class show how my current implementation ...

6. Creating 16 or 32 bit image from byte array

Given the width, height, depth and byte array of an image, I need to create an SWT Image object. Currently, I have no trouble when given the data for 8 ...

7. Allocating byte array to get 4 billion bits

I was reading this book entitled, Cracking the Coding Interview by Laakman. There is this part where she (the author p.g. 202) did:

byte[] bitfield = new byte [0xFFFFFFF/8];//there are 7 F's
She ...

8. how do i circular left shift a byte array by 25 bits

i ave a byte array..ave 2 left shift it by 25 bits.. to be able 2 reuse de elements of de array.. ave to do this for encryption algo.. ne help ...

9. byte array to bits

10. How to convert a byte array into 16-bit image

Hi.. everybody can excuse me for my poor english, i'm italian :P I hope i'm writing in the right section of the forum. I need some helps to solve the conversion suggested by the title of the thread. I state that I am working with NetBeans IDE 7.0.1 and the last jdk version, i suppose. Problem: i'm working with an array ...

12. break byte array down to send file in bits

for your output.write you can't start at 0 everytime... you would need to start at the end of your last chunk. You can also clear a buffered reader by closing it if i recall and to break it into chunks just read so many bytes send them out reset your counter and keep going

13. Managing bit flags in an array of bytes

Those ">>" and "<<" operators are confusing to me. I know they are shifting the bits, but I don't really understand what happens. But the main problem with your approach is that your methods take an array of bytes as input. My method must take a subset of the byte array as input. I am just defining that subset as the ...

14. Bit array to byte question..

// Defined earlier in line code 20 bit0 = new JLabel("B0 = ", JLabel.CENTER); bit1 = new JLabel("B1 = ", JLabel.CENTER); bit2 = new JLabel("B2 = ", JLabel.CENTER); bit3 = new JLabel("B3 = ", JLabel.CENTER); bit4 = new JLabel("B4 = ", JLabel.CENTER); bit5 = new JLabel("B5 = ", JLabel.CENTER); bit6 = new JLabel("B6 = ", JLabel.CENTER); bit7 = new JLabel("B7 = ...

15. Convert a boolean array of size 8 to a byte with 8 bits.

I think your idea to convert a boolean[] into a String (and not a String[], because "01010101" is just a string) is very good idea to start with. Why don't you try to program that, show the code here and perhaps improve on that a bit. Alternatively, would you know how to convert the String into a single byte without using ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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