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1. Representing a number in a byte array (java programming)    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to represent the port number 9876 (or 0x2694 in hex) in a two byte array:

class foo {
     public static void main (String args[]) {

2. Literal Syntax For byte[] arrays using Hex notation..?    stackoverflow.com

The compiler seems to be ok with this (single digit hex values only):

byte[] rawbytes={0xa,0x2,0xf};
But not this:
byte[] rawbytes={0xa,0x2,0xff};
I get a "Possible Loss of Precision found : int required : byte" error? What am ...

3. Hex encoded form of byte array different to same byte array “object” converted to byte array. Why?    stackoverflow.com

This question is asked out of curiousity rather than any urgent need. I found some code to convert an object to a byte array (I thought I needed it at ...

4. Hex Dump to byte array    coderanch.com

I would need to read a text file and convert a each hex dump line to byte array. Are there any build-in routines in java which will do this. e.g the file looks like --------------example.txt--------- # this is first message 00 35 01 01 00 1f # This is the 2nd message 00 87 71 aa 1a a1 ----------------------------------- 00 35 ...

5. Java Hex To Byte Array    forums.oracle.com

Regarding BigInteger, leading zeroes will be a problem, and so will strings that would encode negative numbers. For example "0000" will come out as the array {0}, and "ABCD" will come out as {0, -85, -51}. It's easier to solve this one by hand, or use some 3rd party API ... IIRC apache commons had something for this.

6. Converting byte array to hex    forums.oracle.com

7. Convert array of bytes in hex to array of bytes in bcd(Binary code decimal)    forums.oracle.com

I need to convert an array of bytes in hexadecimal to an array of bytes in bcd format, but i can use any function of api java because i use an api for sim cards without the normal functions of java. I can't use any function, only the normal operations of java. Thank you.

8. Convert array of bytes in hex to array of bytes in bcd    forums.oracle.com

If I'm not mistaken, BCD is how numbers are represented on many computers, especially when COBOL programs are involved. You convert each decimal digit into 4 bits in the usual way, then you put pairs of converted digits into each byte. Often there's a special 4-bit code at the right-hand end of the result that indicates the positive or negative sign. ...

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