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1. How to read a bin file to a byte array?

I have a bin file that I need to convert to a byte array. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Here is what I have so far:

File f ...

2. Unexpected long process time when reading a byte array

I have a program that need to handle byte array source. Originally the program work fine when the byte array size is 3000 byte. Now data size increase and ...

3. Java reading file to a byte array - most efficient implementation

Im reading image files off an sdcard of an android device. This results in an out of memory fatal error due to a memory leak. I have narrowed it down to ...

4. How to store bytes and read them back to an array

I am trying to store a list of numbers(bytes) into a file so that I can retrieve them into a byte[].

59 20 60 21 61 22 62 23 63 24 64 ...

5. Reading a binary file into a single byte array in JAVA

From the documentation, it is said that one should not use available() method to determine the size of an InputStream's size. Then how do I achieve the following, i.e. ...

6. How to read file bytes in Java?

How do I read a byte from a file, and put it into a byte array without converting the byte to an integer?

7. Reading file into byte array

Hi, How do I read file into byte array? Is there any method other than reading each character and write into byte array. Right now I am using the following code .. Is there any efficient way to read file into byte array ? BufferedInputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(args[0])); ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); int c; while ((c = ...

8. how to read a file data into byte array

Hi Right now I am using the following code to read the data from file into a StringBuffer. This is working fine but the problems is with new line character. protected String read(String fileName) { StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer(); String newline = System.getProperty("line.separator"); if(fileName == null) return null; File file = new File(fileName); try{ BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(fileName)); ...

9. Reading byte array.

I think I like this one better ... public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { char[] chars = { (char)0x7f, (char)0xff, (char)0xff, (char)0xff }; int answer = 0; int factor = 1; for( int i = chars.length -1; i >= 0; i-- ) { answer = answer + ( (int)chars[i] * factor ); factor = factor * (256); ...

10. how to read and show a byte array?

public class Message { private String frmTime; private String typeMsg; private byte[] data; public Message(String _frmTime, String _typeMsg, byte[] _data) { // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub this.frmTime = _frmTime; this.typeMsg = _typeMsg; // = new byte[1024];// } public Message() { frmTime = "hh:mm:ss"; typeMsg = ""; data = new byte[1024]; } public String getFrmTime() { return frmTime; } public void ...

11. reading byte array

sorry for the duplicate posting .after posting here i observed the other forum may be appropriate so i placed it there ..i dont know how to forward the posting from here to there. when i tried to execute the code u have adviced its returning count is returning -1 but the len is returning 21631291471471931511511621091311501491341371357516316716337227196150 13116275240248752402427524024275240240109240240242109242240240245240 24724224575133129153372271531291492011521091982272402442402417513312 91533722715312914920115210919822724024424024110922719722622775133129 15337132133147150168148133149163109162131153137151163162109240248240 24124024510924024124224737132133151147150168751671481473713213315114 71501681481331491631091621311531371511631623713213316537136133147147 ...

12. Reading from Byte Array

Hi All, As per my requirement, I'm retrieving the data from database and storing it into Input stream. Then reading the data length from byte array. I need to remove the junk data from byte array before storing it. But if you look into the below mentioned code, it is throwing an ArrayIndex out of bound exception. The output file contains ...

13. Read Byte Array alternatively

Hi All, I have a file containing byte array in which the data is stored in this format: "HEADER + MESSAGE + HEADER + MESSAGE". Now I want to read only "MESSAGES" from this file (as I have given format as above) by ignoring "HEADERs". Again the size of "HEADERS" is not fixed, it can be of any size. But that ...

14. Fastest way of reading a binary file into a byte array

Hi I have seen there are alot of methods for reading files in Java, and in this jungle I have gotten a bit confused on which way is better to solve a specific problem. MY problem in this case is to read an entire file as binary into a byte array. Which method should I use for this? All this inputstreams ...

16. Read a byte array from file?

Hi, I have a file which is created by a C program. where that c program will write a two interger values and one integer array. so not the file conatins two integer values and one array. My problem is when I try to read that file in Java, I can able to read the two intege values successfully. But, when ...

17. Reading byte arrays from a file.

Oh, it's not so efficient to get hold of a file in a byte array. It would consume as much memory as the file big is. If you elaborate about the bigger picture what you're trying to achieve with this, we may suggest you better solutions. Do you want to persist the selected file in a database or so? Or to ...

18. how to read netascii/octet to byte[] array

Hi, I am in the process of making a TFTP server/client. There is this thing where packets are transfered, which can have data in netascii or octet. This is new to me. What is the difference? Are there different InputStreams to read files in netascii or octet? Right now I am using BuffedInputStream to read data from files. Is there a ...

19. issue with reading byte array

I have a binary file to be read.I want to read the whole file into a byte array. But while doing so the values which are greater than 128 are read as negative values as we have Signedbyte in java(-127 to 128). So I tried reading the bytes into the int array as shown in the below code. int i = ...

20. Reading byte Arrays

Friends, I am stuck here , I am downloading some files from a url uing GZIPInputStream.I need to store this files.So i declared a bytearray with specified length.As i am downloading files with different size, i think i need to declare a dynamic byte array. Please help me to solve these issue. Thank You Edited by: SarathKRamath on Jan 9, 2008 ...

21. Question relating to reading a file into a byte array

also, the read() method does not guarantee to read the number of bytes you asked for and returns the number of bytes actually read. You would do better to wrap your FileInputStream in a DataInputStream and use the readFully() method which does guarantee to read all the bytes asked for (it throws an EOFException if there are not enough bytes).

22. how to read and show a byte array??? Plz

There are several problems here starting with I don't understand what you are doing in your code nor do I understand what your question is. That data looks like it is something that has been encoded as text to me. At any rate what is your actual question? Please be very specific.

23. how to read and show a byte array??? Plz

24. how to read and show a byte array??? Plz

25. How to read byte array from dll using JNIWrapper

} } *********************************ERROR *************************************** D:>java ImageWrapper # # An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine: # # EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x6d316eb0, pid=1416, tid=2440 # # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.5.0_12-b04 mixed mode, sharing) # Problematic frame: # C [java.dll+0x6eb0] # # An error report file with more information is saved as hs_err_pid1416.log # # If you ...

26. Reading file into byte[] array... I'm being dumb :(

OMG I'm such a dork. Attachment extends Mime. Mime has the setEncoding() method. I forgot that I'd written into setEncoding() that it should perform the encoding itself in addition to setting the relevnt mime headers. The result was that the Base64 encoded data was being, hmm, Base64 encoded again. Doh! I love these little programming nightmares you waste a whole day ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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