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1. How to get a column from a 2D java array?

I know that 2d arrays are arrays of arrays. To get a row you can do:

rowArray = my2Darray[row]
Since each row can be a different size, I'm assuming it's not built in ...

2. switching columns of a 2d array

so my problem is that i cannot get the elements of a 2d array to switch like i would be able to do in a single variable array. Instead of switching ...

3. Checking a column in 2-Dimensional Array

i want to check only columns in a 8x8 it require two for loop or only one for loop.

4. How to read an array from columns in Java?

I have a .csv file with 177 rows and 18,000 odd cols.Given the column label, I should pick that particular column and as a default the first two label columns. Please help ...

5. Java: 2d array columns and rows

Thank you for taking the time to read, I have a 2d matrix of booleans and im trying to change each of the border values to false. I have this working for ...

6. Problem moving columns and rows in 2D array.

So I need a method which moves the elements in a column one step up or down and the elements in a row left or right. I've made this program to test it: import java.awt.event.KeyAdapter; import java.awt.event.KeyEvent; import javax.swing.*; public class Test{ int[][] original = {{1,2,3,4,5},{6,7,8,9,10},{11,12,13,14,15},{16,17,18,19,20},{21,22,23,24,25},{26,27,28,29,30}}; int[][] temp = new int[6][5]; int activeRow = 0; int activeColumn = 0; JFrame frame; ...

7. Comparing the sums of rows and columns in a 2D array

Here's the code I have for summing the totals of my columns and my rows. public static boolean sumColumns(int[][] numbers) { int columnTotal = 0; int rowTotal = 0; boolean sumSame = true; for (int row = 0; row < numbers.length; row++) { rowTotal = 0; for (int col = 0; col < numbers[row].length; col++) rowTotal += numbers[row][col]; System.out.println("Row " + ...

8. how to add columns from Matrices(2D array)

I thought it worked out good.. but when i tried for 2x3 matrix, it created a problem created a class for addrow create a class for colrow created a drive class >>AddRow ar=new AddRow(); for(int i=0;i

9. multiplying columns by row in 2d array

Hello I've been banging my head against the wall with this. Using the input from a GUI, I'm wanting to input rate and time values into a 2D array. The number of rows is arbitrary (it does take into account a specified constraint -- the total number of minutes), but the columns hold rate and time values. After entering in these ...

10. 2D array - how do I create one with 20 rows and columns?

Hi everyone, I'm really new to java and I'm not comfortable with it AT ALL. I need to create a 2d array that has rows and columns in it. I've got a gridsize of 20 x 20. I'm just a bit confused as to how to declare the array in the first place: I've got this below at the moment: int ...

11. Summing 2D Array by Columns

12. Column sums in a jagged 2d array

ahh see now that makes me confident. that's EXACTLY what i have written down on paper as my steps, the problem comes on "skip it". how? do i do row++? this is the only thing i am unsure on how to do? i don't want the code for this program, not only will i not accomplish anything, i also won't learn ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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