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1. How to get rid of type mismatch errors when creating objects into arrays of different type?    stackoverflow.com

This is my class:

public class Test {

     new Webshop
      (new Warenkorb[]{"Max", new Artikel[]{new Artikel("AAA",3.0)}, 

2. Java: Casting Object to Array type    stackoverflow.com

I am using a web service that returns a plain object of the type "Object". Debug shows clearly that there is some sort of Array in this object (see the image ...

3. Checking if a Java object is of an array type in JNI    stackoverflow.com

Say I have a MyClass class in Java, is there a way to check in JNI that a jobject is a MyClass[][]? My initial idea was to use env->IsInstanceOf(myobj, myArrayClass), but calling ...

4. Java: How can I dynamically create an array of a specified type based on the type of an object?    stackoverflow.com

I would like to take a passed List that I know is homogeneous and from it create an array of the same type as the elements within it. Something like...

List<Object> lst = ...

5. Java: how to determine type of object in an array of objects?    stackoverflow.com


Object[] x = new Object[2];
x[0] = 3; // integer
x[1] = "4"; // String
System.out.println(x[0].getClass().getSimpleName()); // prints "Integer"
System.out.println(x[1].getClass().getSimpleName()); // prints "String"
This makes me wonder: the first object element is an instance of class ...

6. What class parameter type should should be passed for variable arg Object array    stackoverflow.com

If I have to pass an Object... var arguments parameter as input to the Method.invoke call, what should I specify as the parameter type for the Class.getMethod ...

7. Cast primitive type array into object array in java    stackoverflow.com

Why I cannot do this in java?

Object[] o = (Object[])(new int[]{0,1,2,3.14,4});
I have a method that receives an object and then represents it as a string, but depending on his type (primitive, ...

8. couldn't cast an object array to another type array    stackoverflow.com

been pulling my hair for nights when I get an ClassCastException as I try to cast an object type to another object type.... I'm that sure that this code will work ...

9. The type of an expression must be an array type, but it is resolved to Object    stackoverflow.com

I expected this to compile, but I kept getting the error "The type of an expression must be an array type, but it is resolved to Object". Is there a simple ...

10. Data Types Converison :Array to Object    coderanch.com

As in Java ,WE can aasign an array object to object of Object class. ie Object o; int arr[]={1,2,3}; o=arr; //legal Since arr refers to some list of values in memory ,After o=arr ,o also points to same memory location , Can'nt we access to the values beging refernced (list of values) through object o. Thnx

11. Object types in an array    coderanch.com

Mike, there are several ways to "interrogate" objects in a collection to find out their types, as follows: if (x.getClass().getName().equals("Dog")) { Dog d = (Dog) x; d.bark(); } or if (x instanceof Dog) { ... } Hope this helps! Originally posted by Mike Bursill: The short version of my question (Using "How my Dog learned Polymorphism article" as the example): If ...

12. arrays of objects and enumurated types    coderanch.com

Hi programming experts, I am a very beginner in Java!! I have problems working on my first project of java that consits of travel agency. At that level I need to work on cars reservation in which the client has to choose a class of cars(economic, luxury, etc) and in my program I need to return an array of cars(objects) that ...

14. Can't typecast Object array to other type    forums.oracle.com

17. Inserting values in their own types in an Object array    forums.oracle.com

I need to insert values in their own types (which are known only at run-time) in an Object array created by (java.lang.reflect.Array). I am currently using multiple if statements. Is there an easier way ? Come again? Why are you creating an Array using Reflection, and what does "insert values in their own types" mean, and why would an Object[] care ...

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