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1. strings into arrays

Hi, im trying to create a class that takes entered input ie student name and adds it to an array the prompts "name added" Below is what i have What is arraylist how does it work?:eek: public class AddStudent { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String args[]) { Scanner newStudent = new Scanner (; ...

2. Checking for two strings in array at the same time

Here is my problem. I have a String array: String[] array = {"Entry engineer name is Alex", "Junior engineer name is Bob", "Senior engineer name is Jacob", "Principal engineer name is Steve"} I have a method that checks if two strings are present together in one of the array elements. Basically check that "Junior" and "Bob" is present in one element ...

3. String array and for loop graphic

what the program is suppose to do is give me a bulls eye like the one i tried to drawn as an out put using the * as the symbol to make it. the code i posted with with for loops are my values for the bulls eye because when i do shapes i try to imagine it as a grid ...

4. how to print the String Array?

6. To store a String in an Array[HELP]

7. string replaceall occurences with strings inside arrays

Let our string be a sentence that contains several unique terms, such as "person1: hello, person2! person3, are you the same person as person4?" I would like to replace person1, person2, person 3, and person4 with strings I have in a text file. In the text file, this would be an example of what it looks like: person1=example1 person2=example2 person3=example3 person4=example3 ...

8. String array.

Is there any method or function which I can use to store separate lines of a string in an array of strings? Maybe a string separator or something. For example, if I have a file which has 5 lines in it, it should save the five lines separately in separate strings. These are the lines that I want to store separately ...

9. Searching a string in object array? For loop problem?

I have the user enter a string e.g. subject of book using a scanner then a for loop, to print out all the books with the same subject to what the user entered. But I'm having a problem in that it will only print out the first occurrence. For example if the user enters IT1 if will only print out Java ...

10. Problem with strings and arrays

11. Trying to convert a string to a char array.

Okay I'm a complete idiot. I want to do the exact opposite of this: char data[] = {'a', 'b', 'c'}; String str = new String(data); I want to make a string then break it down into a character array. I can't find a example or anything. I know this is simple becuase I've done it before but I can't find my ...

12. byte array to string is going nut

13. Returning String Array

16. String Array Search

17. Array values to a String.

too much going on here. html, building up pairs of values, etc. break up the problem. you really have three things happening: get twin arrays of plan name & id Strings from an HTTP request. loop over the arrays and create a List render the List as part of an HTML page. %

18. String to Array of doubles java

Hello everyone: I'm stuck with this I got to read a file with doubles, I read the file fine in a string. The string is something like this: "0.1457 \n 1.45789 \n 0.5342 \n" And I want to convert this to an array of doubles, and I want to have this foo[0] = 0.1457; foo[1] = 1.45789.... How can I do ...

19. getting unwanted nulls in string array

20. Unsure of how to make method return an array of Strings

That's the thing even if I do put return score; When I output the returned score it is not sorted. edit: This is what the text file looks like: 100 pts - o12 16 pts - bob 26 pts - asdf etc. Its supposed to be a record of a high score board. Edited by: myol on May 31, 2008 8:04 ...

21. String array

I'm trying to create a program that stores Strings in an array that's size is specified by the user. Here's what I have so far. When I run it, for some reason it is not going through the for loop correctly. It will print "Enter name: Enter name: " on the first line, then each other "Enter name: " will be ...

22. Array of strings

23. how to compare string value within one array

24. Attempting to return a String[] array - no such luck

//This method retrieves the first day of the current pay period, the last day of the current pay period // and the pay period number and returns it to the calling script String sqlStatement = "SELECT * FROM PS_GPI_ACTL_PAYPER PAY WHERE PAY.COMPANY = 'PAA' AND PAY.GPI_PAY_CYCLE_CD = '7' AND PAY.GPI_CUR_ARREARS_CD = 'C' AND PAY.PAY_END_DT = ( SELECT MIN(PAY2.PAY_END_DT) FROM PS_GPI_ACTL_PAYPER PAY2 ...

25. Inputting Strings Into an Array

You need to provide more details. Copy and paste the exact error message and post it here. Also, indicate on which line it occurs. A few points about your program: You might want to use in.nextLine() instead of just next. You have mixed a for loop and a while loop. The !done is something you would use for a while loop. ...

26. weird string to array results

some reason when I output the guess array, it outputs 49 where a 1 (if thats what guessStr contains) should be, a 50 where a 2 should be...and so forth. I have no clue where it is getting these numbers from. Any ideas? Thanks Edited by: ollie88r on Apr 26, 2008 1:23 AM Edited by: ollie88r on Apr 26, 2008 1:24 ...

27. getting objects from an array of strings

28. String Array?

29. Having trouble arranging strings in an array.

30. Strings & Arrays

@david_david: that exception handling is probably a breach of the Geneva convention. :P 1) Don't catch RuntimeExceptions unless you have a good reason 2) Don't catch them without in the very least printing their message or better, the stack trace 3) Don't catch them if the problem could easily be averted by doing a simple validity check

31. how to insert a string into a 2D array

32. Printing string array

That helps alot. I have attached my code for one month It is the same for all the months. I have to continue to fill out the rest of the year So at the end I can print"The hottest day of the year was on Thursday July 31" I still have to figure out how to get past the first 7 ...

33. Trying to extract characters from a string (No Arrays to be used)

I'm trying to use a switch statement to count each type of character in an expression that users put in. So, the user's input is a string, but how do I count each character in their expression. It must be a mathematical expression like 2x*4y/(3v+4.4m) I want to count the digits (0-9), each operator (+-/*) on its own, parentheses '(' and ...

34. Split an array of Strings

Hi, can you please tell me how to split an array of strings. Example: String[] s ={ "0", "1 0", "2 1 0"}; String[] a; int [] b; String[] a should have just the first values, i.e String [] a ={"0", "1", "2"} then int[] b should have the count of each value in s int[] b={" 1", "2", "3"}; The ...

35. string won't copy to array

37. How to save a string value in an array?

Ok, firstly you are declaring an int array. What you want to do is declare a String array instead. Secondly, look at your code you have said that there is an int array called firstName, and then you have gone on to say there is a String called firstName. You can not do this. They need different names.

39. Accessing Values from String Array

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, " " +statesArray[1] , "Robert T. Deems", JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE); System.exit(0); } } public static void main(String[] args) { new myArray(); } private String statesArray[][] = { {"Alabama","Montgomery"}, {"Alaska","Juneau"}, {"Arizona","Phoenix"}, {"Arkansas","Little Rock"}, {"California","Sacramento"}, {"Colorado","Denver"}, {"Connecticut","Hartford"}, {"Delaware","Dover"}, {"Florida","Tallahassee"}, {"Georgia","Atlanta"}, {"Hawaii","Honolulu"}, {"Idaho","Boise"}, {"Illinois","Springfield"}, {"Indiana","Indianapolis"}, {"Iowa","Des Moines"}, {"Kansas","Topeka"}, {"Kentucky","Frankfort"}, {"Louisiana","Baton Rouge"}, {"Maine","Augusta"}, {"Maryland","Annapolis"}, {"Massachusetts","Boston"}, {"Michigan","Lansing"}, {"Minnesota","St. Paul"}, {"Mississippi","Jackson"}, {"Missouri","Jefferson City"}, {"Montana","Helena"}, {"Nebraska","Lincoln"}, {"Nevada","Carson City"}, {"New ...

40. how to break a string into an array

I am redoing a calculator I wrote a few days ago. I can't figure out how to break a string into an array. This is what i have been trying to do: I enter this: 50 + 10 And I get this: array[0]={"50"}; array[1]={"+"}; array[2]={"10"}; Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

42. Comparing String with String array question

As for your question: You don't want to return the index as soon as you locate it. That makes your method return the first location, not the last. Just set resultat whenever you find a match, and don't return until the end of the loop. Change "return resultat=i;" to "resultat = i".

43. compare two strings in an array

A couple notes here. The name compareNames() is misleading if it is going to do what you described. A comparison will generally not have side-effects like outputting error messages to the console or adding new items to an array. It would be better if you called the method addIfNew(), and returned a boolean indicating whether the name was new or not. ...

44. AAaaarh! Please help with this empty string array?

I thought that musicParameters.length would be 0 if the array is empty? if .length is 1 then musicParameters[0] would contain something. I am sure this is just a syntax thing, but I've never come up against it before (new to Java!) a single String can be tested with isEmpty() - but not an array I know I am being thick!!

45. Access array string variable class

I been writing a program that I just recieved an error " code to large", so I decided to move some string arrays with set data which is used for filling drop down combo boxs. I put them into there own class to call them when the boxs are selected. this should have been simple, but I get errors and can ...

46. how do i convert this into array string..

Do you know what 48 and 49 are in relation to 0 and 1? If not, and I bet you don't, then perform an internet search for an ASCII character table. Once you find out the signifigance of the relationship, try to do your program again (although I am reserving any expectations for others).

47. getting index of a string array based on user selection in a comboBox

I'm not really sure how to phrase my questions, but here goes. I have created a string array that holds the values of a ComboBox. Based on which selection the user makes in the comboBox, I need the program to then perform particular calcualtions (based on their selection). I have tried using an ItemListener, but that doesn't seem to work. I've ...

48. Arrays with a string index

Hi, I am looking for the best way to map a value to a string in an array. In PHP this is easy because it supports arrays with string Indexes. For example: $array['Canada'] = 5; $array['USA'] = 3; In Java I can't do this because I can only use an integer to index an array. My current solution is to create ...

49. Comparison operator_arrays & Strings

Yeah, it's traditional. It goes back to mathematics. i,j,k are traditional loop indexes, and are also used to mathematical proofs a lot. a,b,c traditionally imply constants, and x,y,z imply variables. Generally speaking it's considered OK style to use i,j,k as loop variables, if they're ints, and if the scope is small (if they are used in a few short lines and ...

50. print string array

Hi for printing numbers, I would do this: for (int x=0; x<=myArray; x++) System.out.prin(x); But How would I do for printing String values I have read in to a string array? I have read in som names to a string array and can print them by: System.out.print(myarray[0] + myArray[2]); This would print index 0 and 2 in the array. But this ...

51. Using StringTokenizer, extract a String, put in an array

Hello, I have an assignment(don't worry I'm not asking you to do it for me) basically it has two classes, one is called MessagesBox, and the other is a Driver class with public static void main(), which runs the program. In the driver class it it reads the text file and then has to check the first line which holds two ...

52. Help with string arrays

When I read in I read in into a string called data. I then using another string, named split, to split the data string into an array containing the first number then the data. I then want to set that string = to another string where that is a 2-d array. The rows of the array will be correspondent to the ...

53. Put total String arrays into String

54. add string to array

Hi, what i want to do is use a buffered reader to get input from the keyboard, store this input as a string, and then add this string to an array. no problem with getting the input and storing it as a string but not sure how to add it to an array. can anyone help? thanks.

58. Retrieving a string from an array

Ok, basically what I am trying to do is after retrieving data from the database and creating new JTextFields with the results using an array (this part works fine), I then want to pass certain values from these newly added fields into another panel's text field. Using my example above, after the array of textfields has been created, I then want ...

59. Convert Delimited String to a String Array

60. min max string array

61. acquiring an element from a String array

How can I get the value a String in the String array that I created and compare it with the String I input to my keyboard? I tried to store the String element from my array to another variable using valueOf() but, I'm not sure if the string is really stored there... Can anyone give me an advice? thanks.....

62. how to store an array of

Yes, you are right. By explicitly stating that string1 is not unique I assumed that string2 was. I just wanted to make sure that the OP understood that he can store the same values in his Map as long as the key is unique. If both are not unique, then a Map is out of the question (just explaining it for ...

64. An array of strings from a file?

too many useless thing, such as variables name and surname try lastName[x] =; But this is not the error. Maybe in.hasNextLine() returns false... try to put a System.out.println in while outputting the names... Are you sure SURNAMES.txt exists ? and please, read the code convention document. "String[] LastName " >> "String[] lastName "

65. Strings and array

66. Strings to String Array

It is working. What isn't working is your expectation of how to print out an array of Strings. You can't just throw any old object at println and hope for the best. If it's not a simple primitive type or a string, the toString of the object in question is invoked. In this case, it's the default java.lang.Object implementation, which prints ...

67. Convert String array to Char array

68. SET into string array using toArray()

69. Character arrays to Strings

import*;//140407 0124 required to deal with getting text input public class TextAnalyzer //The class that will be doing most of the work for this project { private String textToBeRead; /*100407 0411 Still have to figure how to use arguments to enable the text to be processed to be either console input or from * file.My idea here is to make ...

70. Reading strings from file to array of strings

You're acting as if the line you read is the whole file. The line you read won't have any \n's in it by definition, since it is a line! The file, however, will look like TEXT\nTEXT\nTEXT\n etc. So there's no need to split it... every time you read a line just add it to your array or collection.

71. strings and arrays

73. String array declaration problem

You have 3 choices when it comes down to arrays: - Define it without size, but use initialisation like this {"a", "b", "c" } - Define without size, but initialise using a copy of another (complete) array. - Define with size as String[] str1 = new String[4]; In your for loop, you try to index some array that doesn't exist yet! ...

74. Vector to String Array

75. how to return a string array from a java bean

Hi All, I am trying to return a string array from a java bean, but I can't work out how to do it. I have tried: String[] testresults = new String[3]; ... (give values here) ... return testresults[]; but this gives me an error: "'.class' expected" for the return line. Any ideas? Many thanks.

76. Printing String array

> Well there mustn't be anything in my map's key set then (when I use the map in the FileArray method) because now it's not printing anything. Am I missing something here, I thought my map in FileArray would have the same keys and values as it does in my main class.

78. String arrays

80. array required but java.lang.string found

81. String Array - Dynamic allocation of values

83. how do you change string to a Char array?

84. Need to store an array of files to a String

85. vector to String Array conversion

86. is there a way to make an array into a string?

. For some reason, i cant put id [ i ] so i tried making a string out of id [ i ] but they gave more problems since i can only make it inside the for loop + i wouldnt be able to use the string anywhere else. thx for responding and i hope u can help me out!

87. Loading 2D String Arrays

You're missing a lot of code. Anyway, I am not sure why you are reading from the system input when you are asking for the file name in a dialog box. An array can be made like this: String[][] phoneNumbers; That's a simple way, there is also Library, Collection, Hashtable, ArrayList, and other classes that may better suit you. You read ...

88. call a function, which name is in an Array of Strings...

i want to call the function printAdd() to the game object.. but i want the program to find out the name of the function to call.. i want to execute the function whose name is at the array in position 0 -> table[0] so i want the program to resolve the table[0] to printAdd and the use it and call it ...

91. Help with 2d arrays and strings!!

anyone knows how to write a 2dimensional 26-by-26 matrix of alphabets row consists of does column...both in lower case then the matrix consist of uppercase alphabets a b c d e f g ... a A B C D E F G b B C D E F G H c C D E F G H I d D ...

92. strings, arrays and characters

now please tell me, how to compare the response of 5 students with the exact answer key.....i dont no how to do.....please will be gerat..... NOTE: I HAVE STORED ALL AS A SINGLE STRING.....AND WHILE COMPARING WE HAVE TO COMPARE A S CHARACTERS..... thank you kevin Message was edited by: kevin_chand

93. How to add more elements in String array[]

94. String array operations

95. read back an array from the string representation by Arrays.deepToString

The output of toString() (which this will invoke, for the objects in the array) isn't necessarily the full state of an object, nor is it supposed to be. So if your plan is to serialize data with Arrays.deepToString and then load it back later, this probably isn't the best way to go.

96. number of repeated characters in string array

97. byte array to string convertion

Probably you copy/pasted "hello" from a word doc or something where it's not the ASCII double quote that's on your keyboard, but rather the "smart quote" or whatever it's called that's in some charset that's not represented in the font the receiver is using. Note that this has nothing to do with netowrking.

98. String Array as a parameter shortcut?

99. Comparing String Arrays

Thanks very much, exactly what I was trying to do! Added a break where the addition is not in measures or the additionsList so that it stops as soon as it finds something doesn't exist. Haven't been introduced to lists in Java yet but will definitely read up on them. Much simpler to compare a list to an array because it ...

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