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1. Initialising with a String Array

2. Printing String Array

3. Help with Creating a method that takes a string of arrays?

sserrano49 wrote: ok so ive made a little progress i just keep getting stuck can someone let me know what im doing wrong Read through [this |] (click each topic on the left of that page, in order, or just keep hitting "next" at the bottom). I don't want to be mean, but you're missing out on some pretty basic fundamentals. ...

4. Compare array of strings

5. Help me to find the mistake about string array!

Dear yawmark! The array look like this: Each item of that array is a string ( float string, character string (mean function as pow, sin, cos), operator, parentheses, commas). So i want to tokenize the first string : ?10.5-5.0*pow(3.0,5.0)-cos(12.0)? into some kinds of string like that and put them into an string array. I have to traverse each item of ...

6. string array

7. Extending String[] Array to add methods

If you were going to do this (which I wouldn't recommend...just use a utility class, an existing one if possible) then I'd call it a StringList and make it implement the List interface. Then you could use the new type in the new foreach loop, etc. Actually you could go further, and create a sub-interface of List called, say, FunctionalList, and ...

8. Convert HastSet to String Array

9. String array

10. String Array greater 999

11. how to add elements into java string array?

/** * Method for increasing the size of a String Array with the given string. * Given string will be added at the end of the String array. * * @param sArray String array to be increased. If null, an array will be returned with one element: String s * @param s String to be added to the end of the ...

12. Question: Can I pass a string variable to a method as a name for an array?

Hey there, I'm sorry I got pulled away from this although my mind never left. OK. So, thanks for all the help. Keith that's 2x today. Much appreciated. As for newbie stuff and reinventing the wheel, I'll get there. Eventually! I like java over VB now, even this early... I'll keep your suggestions in mind but after looking at this I ...

13. Searching array for a string value

14. Efficiently Search an Array of Strings?

One little point: that method doesn't check every two letters of s. Eg strings={"xo"} s="xoxo" gives true, but of the three letter pairs - "xo", "ox", "xo" - only the first and last are in the array. Perhaps this is what you mean? You could store the letter pairs as "true" entries in a 2D array and then just work down ...

15. String Array

It looks to me like you are putting three identical copies of the address's country into the HTML drop-down. I can't imagine why you would want to do that, but apparently you're now extending your requirements so you can put even more identical copies into the drop-down? Okay, let's suppose I don't understand what that's all about. But if you wanted ...

16. for loop through string array

Checked the tutorials, but there's only examples with the for loop with int arrays, not with string arrays. Can't get this to work. I just want to loop through the array, but the following code says "The local variable i may not have been initialized" for some reason. {code}String [] words = in.split(" "); for(int i; i

18. Attempting to give a string array a value?

19. Breaking down a string into an array of chars

Ok so i am about to start this hangman program and i wanted to know if i have a char array called letters .... and than can take a string and do this letters[index] = substring(0,1); and therefore when all the letters of the word are in my char array ... i can just loop through my char array to check ...

20. a string into a fixed sized array.

Hello; I am tryig to implement a method that consumes a string that is made up of possible integers (for example String s = "1 2 3 4 5"; ) and returns it as an array such that the returned array will be {1,2,3,4,5} with size 5. This means it has to paste each number character that is not empty as ...

21. How to assign element to String[] array?

22. string equals item out of array

23. Let's the anaylze the String array

24. String Array

Need your help. I know this is an easy one but I am burnt and just can't think anymore. To begin I am using a string array that is assigned items by a string that is split by a delimiter It looks something like this: String[] items = "item1,item1,item1,item2,item3,item1".split(","); Here's where I am stumped and need your expertise please. I need ...

25. Outputting a String Array

26. filling character array with String

27. Simple String array not working

30. Problems declaring string array.

31. A program to read string arrays

32. using an array of strings to name an object

33. Identifying a string with an array

I want to identify a string, for example "10-10", "10,10" or something like that, with Array[10][10]. I know I could just make an if sentence for each Array, but that would be 10's or 100's of if sentences. Is there an easy way to transfer/identify the string "10-10" with the Array[10][10], and "0-12" or "0-12" with Array[0][12] etc? A way to ...

34. Extracting only common elements in string array , How?

For Example, String [] str1 = {"2","5","7","11","13"}; String [] str2 = {"3","4","5","6","7","8","9"}; I have two string arrays, like this, I want to extract only those that are common, in this case, {"5","7"} only and store those in another string, Currently I am using, two for loops with str1.length and str2.length iterating through them with equals() and concatenating common elements with a ...

35. STRING in Array problem..

When you post code use code tags so it will be readable. Put [ code ] and [ /code ] around your code (without the spaces inside the brackets. The error message is telling you exactly what's wrong. On line 72 of, you're trying to access the 3rd element (at index 2) of an array that has at most 2 ...

36. Beginner : Array , String Problems continue.

NewInJava wrote: hmmm... well I try it before and not really works...or I do not know what is missing in code. Mostly I get that with loop is printed same and only last string as many times as is array big. I try to print it the string.indexOf(check) as well , so I got position number -index from only the last ...

37. Comparing strings in array

39. odd string read from char array

40. Convert byte array to string and back not the same???

String is not a suitable container for binary data and ciphertext is binary data. For any given character encoding not all bytes and byte sequences represents characters and when an un-representable byte or sequence is found it is converted to some error character. Obviously this error character cannot be converted back to a unique byte or byte sequence (it is a ...

41. Create Ragged Array with String.Split

42. Questions about String to byte array

Internally, Java uses UNICODE code points stored as UTF-16 - ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS . When one reads characters from files Java converts the file content to UNICODE code points using a character encoding (iso8859-1 or UTF8 or ASCII etc etc etc). If one does not supply an explicit character encoding then Java uses the default character encoding for your system. This ...

43. String array problem

I don't have control on this part. Because I get this data from a session variable . What does that have to do with anything? Why would that prevent you writing a new class? because the list is used elsewhere in other part of the program. I understand your point ..but I can't modify those data population part. Its already built ...

44. Problem in spliting String array elements

A multidimensional array is the wrong way to do something like this. You should parse the strings in the initial array to produce objects of a class that represents whatever information is expressed by those strings, and then have a one-dimensional array (or java.util.Collection of some sort) of those objects. Why do you need the final thing to be a String ...

45. Array error Ljava.lang.string;@3e25a5

NNox, welcome to the forum. Please don't post in threads that are long dead and don't hijack another poster's thread. When you have a question, start your own topic. Feel free to provide a link to an old post that may be relevant to your problem. I'm locking this thread now. db

46. Memory consumption: String vs char array

I have a java application which in Jprofiler shows tens of thousands of strings created. We are using strings in our application and frequently re-initialize them, but not to the extent that the count moves up to ten of thousands. Strings are immutable structures. Is it that the strings shown in JProfiler are the ones that are being created but not ...

47. String array replacing previous data entered

Thank you very much sharkura. I took out the for loop but I kept it as "myItems[r][0] =" and so on. I declared r as an integer equalling 0 before the do, than incremented r (r++;) after filling the array. I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier. I've been racking me brain over this for 2 days. I now ...

48. String array problem

49. Divide string and add to array

Hello, I'm a newbie in java and I want to do that, but I don't know how. I have one string like this. String str = "name, name2, name3, name4" And I want to add to one array like this. ArrayList array = new ArrayList(); array.add(name); array.add(name2); ..... I know that exist one method (split), but I on't know how can ...

50. converting an object into an String array

My intention is to use this UserRegistration's object as an array so that I can iterate through its fields using a loop not by using its fields name and a dot operator manually. Why? Or, to put it another way, why provide the getXXX() methods if you don't intend to use them? (*) Associated with this is the observation that these ...

51. String array error, not understandable

I'll admit, I don't see the problem that's causing an index out of bounds exception, up front, here, but I do see several other errors: - In your for loop update statement, you have i+ instead of i++. Presumably, this is a typo? - As far as I can tell, tempArray will always contain single-character strings, so it should never equal ...

52. string to array convertion problem

53. java - array string index

Hi melanie, Tks for the reply. =) typically, we initialise the array string with a size and we probably do this: foo[0]="hello"; foo[1]="world"; foo[2]="hello"; foo[3]="foobar"; ....etc notice that the array index is in integer... 0,1,2,3,etc but can we set the array index as string..for example, foo["name'"]="myname"; foo["age"]="myage"; foo["gender"]="mygender"; foo["weight"]="myweight"; I tried but it produce an error. so is that a way ...

54. Best way to search for string in byte array?

Is that going to be fast over all compared to having my strings in byte array format and comparing them to the bytes in the data I receive (and then using System.arraycopy to create a new array if replacing occurrs)? Neither one's a great option but I'd prefer to have the smallest impact possible.

55. Converting String array to String

Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply. The reason I don't want to loop is because data variable can have about 200K Strings in it. So if I loop through each then it results in serious performance issues. Moreover, we don't need to process the data strings at all. So, if there is any way of bypassing the whole looping thing that ...

56. Loading into String array?

I don't see what the problem is yet, but I don't have all the information I would want, either. I don't know what's in the text file. I don't know how you go about printing what's in the array. Incidentally, you might consider moving the instantiation of the FileInputStream and Properties objects outside the loop, along with the loading of the ...

57. Passing array of strings to fn

58. Reading in from a file and adding to a String array?

Well, if you just tried to compile nothing but the method I posted, you wouldn't have any of the variables I mentioned even declared, not to mention you wouldn't have the textfile that its supposed to be reading from. This is just one method in one class and the code that it is a part of has quite a few other ...

59. convert String array to character

60. Need help with string multidimensional array!

Hy i want to declare and initialize a string multidimensional array(and to fill it) and i don't know why all the string characters between" " are underlined with red( are not accepted)! To short it didn't works! I wrote this: String[][][]ThreeLetters={{"scr","bl","b"},{"sch","cl","c"},{"sph","fl","d"}}; the message from the compiler is: "Type mismatch: cannot convert from String to String[]" PS: I read some Java tutorials ...

61. How do you transfer the elements from a string into an array?

A palindrome is a string that is spelled the same way forward and backward. Some examples of palindromes are "radar," "able was i ere i saw elba" and (if blanks are ignored) "a man a plan a canal panama." Write a method testPalindrome that returns true if the string stored in the array is a palindrome, and false otherwise. The function ...

62. Array of Strings - Can someone help me understand?

Lavazza wrote: I read that if you wish people to answer your questions it is better to assign duke stars so I did. Must I do something else at this point? Well, I would think it rude to offer them up and then just go away without actually awarding them. They aren't worth anything tangible, and a "thank you" goes farther ...

63. Couninting sympoles in array of string

hiii , How can i count sympole in array of string . i mean :- i have String[]str={"a","b","a","e","x","c","e",} i want to display that sympole a repet 2 time e repet 2 time how i do this on array of string i do this on array of int but array if string ican't please any one tell me thanks

64. Byte array + string

If you want to transform an arbitrary byte[] into a String (i.e. one that doesn't contain some text in a known encoding but "real" binary data), then you need to use some kind of encoding such as BASE64. Why do you want to do that anyway? A String is not meant for storing binary data. It's for text!

65. String to Array

67. creating internalized String directly from byte[] array?

Reusing objects is what the perfomance tuning gurus always tell. Today this is only partly true since with recent improvements of the jvm the Object creation has been much improved over earlier versions. For creating Strings alone (0.3usec) the benefit would probably only be marginal and only if the Strings are long.

68. Identifying a pattern from a String Array quickly

If you need to examine every object in the array then a loop is the simplest way to do that. If there's something special about the array and the way it's organized, then maybe not. For example if the array is sorted, and you are looking for a particular element, then a binary search would be better. But your original example ...

69. Search given string array and replace with another string array using Regex

so the string "you" needs to be converted to "me" i.e you --> me. Similarly you --> me search --> don't search for --> never any --> trip I want a SINGLE Regular Expression with search and replaces and returns a SINGLE String after replacing all. I don't like to iterate one by one and applying regex for each from and ...

70. set String [] array from file.dat

----jGRASP exec: java FileIO array runtime program pointer variable size indirection dereference argument allocation function style dynamic address element null null null null null element is present element is present element is present element is present element is present element is present element is present element is present element is present element is present element is present element is present element ...

72. Does Java support String as array index?

75. Casing Strings to string[] array

76. Convet array bytes in String

77. When convert char array to String get weird characters

yunta_gohan wrote: Before convert the char array to string: What does that mean? How do you print the char array without converting it to String? One guess: Your character-array is zero-terminated (i.e. the first value after the "real" content is zero). This is often used in C (and other languages) to indicate the end of a String. In Java 0 is ...

78. Finding the no of occurences of a string in a string array

hi I have a string array which contains different strings say for eg date [21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 21/08/2008, 22/08/2008, 22/08/2008, 22/08/2008, 22/08/2008, 22/08/2008] etc. for eg names [coverage, search, search, combined-search, documentService, expand-term, id-mapping, citation, class, corporate-tree, document-update, coverage, coverage, search, search, combined-search, documentService, expand-term, id-mapping, citation, class, corporate-tree, document-update, coverage] i need ...

79. Inserting values into String Array

80. help! finding duplicates in strings arrays

82. cast/interpret a string like "{{1,3},{2,5}}" as array

"Depends on how much you want from it. Is String.split(",") and Double.parseDouble in a loop really that bad a thing?" no it sounds good. i think you convinced me. is there any difference between Double.valueOf and Double.parseDouble? for an n-dim array it means n times a split? and after every split a loop over all valuess? or is there a way ...

83. Converting ASCII text (byte array ending in null) to a String

Why do you expect the null character to terminate the string? If you come from a C or C++ background, you need to understand that java.lang.String is not just a mere character array. It's a full-fledged Java object that knows its length without having any need for null terminator. So Ascii 0 is just another character for String object. To achieve ...

84. How to convert hex string to byte array?

85. Usage of String array

Hi All, I have a requirement of rendering an output, which takes two inputs. These inputs are as 1-1 mapping. So i have a method which takes the input and renders the output.So, what i thought of is i have two ways to do it.One is to use two string arrays,populate them and pass to this method. Another is to create ...

86. Problem converting byte array into String

Code:- FileInputStream fs = new FileInputStream(f); byte[] b = new byte[(int) f.length()]; int offset = 0; int numRead = 0; while ((offset < b.length) && (numRead, offset, b.length - offset)) >= 0) { offset += numRead; } String message = new String(b, "UTF-8"); System.out.println(message); Below is the output:- ?Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) 1.0.3 Copyright Notice English: Copyright 2006 Sun ...

87. how to remove items in an array of, say, String?

but u can never pass an array to the constructor of an arraylist. you can pass a collection object instead. Some thing like this u can try String[] array = {"value1", "value2", "a", "value4", "a"}; String[] remove = {"a"}; List list = new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(array)); list.removeAll(new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(remove))); array = (String[]) list.toArray(new String[list.size()]); Edited by: Varkey_Praveen on Mar 11, 2008 9:24 PM

88. how to convert char array to string

sirs, i have written a method in java which will return a randomly generated string of a fixed length. i am creating one one character and inserting it into char array. at last i am converting it to string like this String newpass= pass.toString();// pass is a char array but problem is that the string is having different value what i ...

91. two dimension arrays add string

Maybe I'm missing the boat here, but what I'd do would be to create a class that holds a 2 Strings, source and destination, and then create a generic ArrayList of objects of this class. It just seems the cleanest and safest way to do this. If I'm totally off base, then please help clarify your problem for me:

92. Regarding String array

Code: String sub="1 Aviation Lamp 1 Nos 3700 3,7002 Lighting Arrester 1 Nos 1600' 1,6003 Aviataion Lamp Cable 31 Rmt ' 270 8,370"; i=3; Matcher tdata = Pattern.compile(("\\d*, d{3}"), Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE).matcher(sub);//Matching is performed using regular expression here while (tdata.find()) { for (int ij = 0; ij < i; ij++) { table[ij] =; System.out.println(" Result ";//trying to load values in string array ...

93. Byte array obtained from string not as original

Since you did not explicitly specify a character encoding this all depends on your default character encoding. Not all bytes or byte sequences map to characters in your default character encoding so Java, in line with most other systems, uses the '?' for bytes it cannot create characters for. Since '?' itself IS a valid character, when converting back to bytes ...

94. how to determine if elements of string array are null

Hi I have a String can i determine if ALL elements of the array are null? Basically in the end I would like to have a boolean value representing whether all elements of the array are null or not. I tried looping and making a boolean true...but if last element of the array is null then it will return false ...

95. how to initialize a String Array

Try ArrayList. here is an example but assume that its just an example., Havent tried to compile it. [code[ class testArrayList { public static void main(String[] args) { ArrayList list1 = new ArrayList(); // Populate list by inserting into first position // pushing all existing elements down for (int i = 5; i > 0; i--) { list1.add(0, "List item " ...

96. Java String Array

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding String Arrays and jsp output to html table: Lets say I have the following output stored in a String Array: String[] arr = new String[BookName,Date,Publisher,Rating,Author,Availability]; The six elements of this array get populated with data from an Access database. JSP doesnt have a problem accessing the array. When I try to print the data ...

97. Java String Array

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding String Arrays and jsp output to html table: Lets say I have the following output stored in a String Array: String[] arr = new String[BookName,Date,Publisher,Rating,Author,Availability]; The six elements of this array get populated with data from an Access database. JSP doesnt have a problem accessing the array. When I try to print the data ...

98. Java String Array

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding String Arrays and jsp output to html table: Lets say I have the following output stored in a String Array: String[] arr = new String["BookName","Date","Publisher","Rating","Author","Availability"]; The six elements of this array get populated with data from an Access database. JSP doesnt have a problem accessing the array. When I try to print the data ...

99. Problem with adding a String Array

Hello there, I am having trouble with finding the sum of a string array. The String array is not full, and I use lastInUse to find the last element in the array, and it has a few strings like this: "Adobe, $40.00" "Corel WordPerfect, $80.00" "MS Office, $100.00" etc.. Lets's say the sum is going to be a double. I know ...

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