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1. Convert ArrayList to byte []

I have an ArrayList that i want to send through UDP but the send method requires byte[]. Can anyone tell me how to convert my ArrayList to byte[]? Thank you!

2. create an ArrayList of bytes

I want to read bytes from a wave file into an array. Since the number of bytes read depends upon the size of the wave file, I'm creating a byte array ...

3. Convert ArrayList into a byte[]

Possible Duplicate:
How to convert an ArrayList containing Integers to primitive int array?
How to convert an ArrayList<Byte> into a byte[]? ArrayList.toArray() gives me back a Byte[]. ...

4. ArrayList to Byte Array

If the objects in the list are Serializable, you can user an ObjectOutputStream plus a ByteArrayOutputStream to create the array, and an ObjectInputStream plus a ByteArrayInputStream to recreate the list (creating copies of all the contents, most likely, unless the class of the objects is written to prevent that). Is that what you're trying to do?

5. Byte Size of an arraylist?

6. number of bytes allocated for each entry in arraylist

For an ArrayList, how does java compute the memory location of the object at a particular position in arraylist. For example: ArrayList arr = new ArrayList(); arr.put(new Object()); arr.put("XYZ"); arr.get(1); In above case, we can put any type of object in the ArrayList which might have different memory allocated based on the type of object. When I am trying to get ...

7. ArrayList -> byte[]

8. convert byte[] array to ArrayList

9. keep a unique byte array from a list of byte[] with less memory usage

hi, How can I keep a unique byte array from a list of byte[] with less memory usage possible? I've a list of byte[] and I want to get a single byte array like results of the concatenation of the byte[] of the list (for instance I have 100 bytes arrays of 50 bytes and I would like to obtain just ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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