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1. Help matching fields between two classes

I'm not too experienced with Java yet, and I'm hoping someone can steer me in the right direction because right now I feel like I'm just beating my head against a ...

2. Compare data in two arraylist and do update in java

I am new to java and I would like to know if it is possible to do the following: I have two different list of array List A

1111,E,E,F  ...

3. Java ArrayList Comparison- TicTacToe

I am trying to make a really simple Tic-Tac-Toe game. I have stored values of "X" and "O" in a 0-8 ArrayList (3x3 square, essentially). I can do the following for ...

4. Get csv and compare lines. ArrayList? Java

i dont't use java very often and now i got some Problem. I want to read a CSV file like this one:

Java ...

5. How to compare names in an arraylist using java

My brain in kind of sore and I can't put a finger on why this wouldn't work. I have two arraylist

private ArrayList<String> name = new ArrayList<String>();
private ArrayList<String> name2 = new ArrayList<String>();
I need ...

6. Compare two arraylist

I have two Arraylists:

ArrayList a1 = new ArrayList();

ArrayList a2 = new ArrayList();
How can I compare this two arraylists and add into new arraylist(a3) with 1 if a2 exist in a1 and ...

7. Comparing arrayList

Read the API docs for the List interface; it has a boolean contains() method; call that method for every element in the other list; or, if you want to go fancy, ...

8. Compare two arraylist

No sir , I am showing u my code ArrayList myList ; Set set; ArrayList uniqueList; myList = new ArrayList(); myList.add((String)childHash.get("ADMD_TO_SRVR_IP_ADRS")); //in this list i have duplicate 'ADMD_TO_SRVR_IP_ADRS' set = new HashSet(); set.addAll(myList); set.iterator(); uniqueList = new ArrayList(set); System.out.println("uniqueList "+uniqueList); System.out.println("uniqueList "+uniqueList.size()); Now again it is showing me duplicate 'ADMD_TO_SRVR_IP_ADRS' Please help me... Thanks in advance vivek S.

9. Compare two ArrayList

The code produces what you want and a little more, what it should do is take any two arraylists check which one has more elements in it. Go through both for the amount of elements in the smallest, comparing element for element between the arrays and displaying the ones which don't match. Then goes through the remainder of the larger array ...

10. compare data from ArrayList

11. ArrayList Compare

what you could do is something like the following. for(int i = 0;i

12. Comparing two ArrayList

I would do it using , contains method. Some steps would be 1) using iterator traverse through second list which has less elements 2) get next element from second list 3) use contains method to check if that element exists in first list which is big one. If no then add it into temp list 4) Once loop got executed your ...

13. comparing two ArrayLists

Hi all, i'm not sure if this has already been covered, my search didn't really answer my question so figured i'll post it anway..apologies if its already been covered - if you can direct me, that'd be great! i'm basically trying to compare two ArrayLists. example: the program i'm trying to create works well, "should work" in the following way.. step ...

14. How to compare the new student with ArrayList.

Hello there, I want to know how to compare the new student that user add, with the one in the arrayList. If the user add the same studentID , with the one in the ArrayList. It will appear Duplicate Students. But If the studentId is not exist, then it will add the student into the ArrayList. Below is my code. hope ...

15. How do I can compare two arraylists?

I have two arraylists like arraylist1 and arraylist2. I need to compare them and if they are not equal I need to take another action, than if they are equal. How I can compare all ints in these arrays and how I can compare them? I think one equal method is not enough.

17. Comparing linked-objects in ArrayList

*****************This is my main question****************** After i have added the first object to the ArrayList, i would like to compare the subsequent objects in order to prevent duplicates. As you can see "Person" and "Address" has the same parent "net" so i would like both to be under the same parent so that there will be a single "net". You can ...

18. comparing two ArrayLists

19. compare two arraylist

20. how to compare arraylist of dataobjects?

21. comparison of 2 arraylist

Hello all, i would like to have some help on comparing 2 arraylist for my program. So i have an arrayList which i call listeA for exemple that is fill with some process object. I would like to compare this arrayList with another arrayList, listeB for the exemple that is provided at some regular interval. I would like first to add ...

22. Two ArrayLists --> Comparing if they are different

You don't have to loop, but containsAll() may not be what you want. If you want to see if both lists have the same values, without regard to order, you need to check a.containsAll(b) AND b.containsAll(a). Or, if you know you're never inserting duplicates, one containsAll() call combined with checking that size() is the same for both will suffice.  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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