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1. Java ArrayList not allowing me to add from outside constructor

public class Start {
    public Register theReg = new Register();
    public static Start go = new Start();

    public static void main(String[] args) ...

2. How to initialize List in empty class constructor?

The following code obviously doesn't work because List<E> is abstract:

public class MyList {
    private List<E> list;

    public MyList() {

3. Construct an ArrayList of strings in Java as simple as one can in Javascript

In JavaScript I can build an Array of string values like:

var stuff = new Array('foo','bar','baz','boz','gaz','goz');
or even easier
var stuff = 'foo,bar,baz,boz,gaz,goz'.split(',');
In Java it seems overly verbose and complex... is there an easier ...

4. Java: One constructor or method that will accept array or set or list or ...?

In Java is there anyway to have one constructor that will accept an array or a collection? I have been fiddling with this for a while but I don't think ...

5. Why there is no ArrayList(T[] t) constructor?

It is very common to initialize list by array of objects in such way:

Foo[] objs = ...;
ArrayList<Foo> list = new ArrayList<Foo>(Arrays.asList(objs));
I wonder, is there any reason why desiners of ArrayList didn't ...

6. If I have a class, and within this class there is a constructor creating an ArrayList...whats the best way to pass this arraylist to a class method?

Sorry for the silly question, but I cannot seem to find an answer on google. I have written a class, and within the class there is a constructor which creates an ...

7. Defining array of unknown type of objects and assign the correct type of objects in the constructor

I have been trying to do the following:

class foo{//something}
class foo1 extends foo{
class foo2 extends foo{

8. How do I declare an arrayList and initilise it in a constructor Method

I am trying to extend wordRecord class by Record, record will be used to write randomly to disk. I am having problems with using arrayLists. Can you please tell me what Im doing wrong. How do I declare an arrayList and initilise it in a constructor Method. My code is below Record class // Record class for the RandomAccessFile programs. import ...

9. constructor to add to an array list

Hello all I think one of my course mates has asked a couple of questions in the last week so the code objective may seem a bit familiar! I am trying to read in data from a text file (which I have done) store it as a variable and then add it to an array. I seem to be very out ...

11. Why we dont add element to arraylist out side the metod or constructor

if i write a program like bellow it gives compile time error that packege listA doesnot exist import java.util.*; public class Strtok { List listA = new ArrayList(); listA.add(new Integer(9)); } if we write like bellow then it dont give anyy error it compiles and run import java.util.*; public class Strtok { public void kcp(){ List listA = new ArrayList(); listA.add(new ...

12. how to Initialize an ArrayList in a constructor with no parameters?

private int buildingAccount; private String address; private String description; private double tetragonikaMetra; private String oikodomikoTetragono; private String orofos; private ArrayList propertyHistory = new ArrayList(); private ArrayList property = new ArrayList(); private ArrayList percentage = new ArrayList(); /** * The constructor with no parametres that initializes to the default the variables: */ public BuildingRecord() { this(0,"","",0.0,"",""); }

13. Adding to ArrayList in a Constructor

Hello Everyone! I am trying to figure out if there is a way to add a newly created object to an ArrayList in a constructor. It seems that I cannot get it to work the way I would like because really the object is not yet created when it is trying to do it. Is it ever possible and if so ...

14. adding items to arraylist through constructor

Thank you for responding =) public abstract class Item{ private String title; private int qty; private double price; //Recommend other stuffs private ArrayList recommendations; public Item(String title, double price, int qty) { this.title = title; this.price = price; this.qty = qty; this.Recommendations = new ArrayList(); } } public class Wallet extends item{ private String material; public Wallet(String title, double price, int ...

15. Adding Data from user input to ArrayList and creating constructor

How can I get data from user input to store it in Array and creating new constructor and so that the array should be dynamic? Java Code: //Tiusta seda, et kysib input scanneriga 5 inimest-> //loob constructorid-> //->tleb, kui miinimumpalk on //sorteerib nimekirja palga suuruse j2rgi //Catchib errorid //salvesta faili import java.util.*; public class Workplace { public static void main(String[] args) ...

16. Program for constructors ArrayList

17. constructor compiles, arraylists, not calling method correctly?

/** The Hotel will have an addRoom method that will create each room with the required information: room number, bed type, smoking/non-smoking, and the room rate. Create at least 5 rooms with different characteristics. Each room will also have a boolean field called occupied attribute that will be set to false when the room is created.**/

19. passing arraylist between constructors?

// Create two JScrollPane objects jScroll = new JScrollPane(); jScrollRt = new JScrollPane(); // First, create the JTextArea: // Create the JTextArea and add it to the right hand JScroll textArea = new JTextArea( 200,150 ); jScrollRt.getViewport().add( textArea ); // Next, create the XMLTree XMLTree = new XMLTree(); XMLTree.getSelectionModel().setSelectionMode( TreeSelectionModel.SINGLE_TREE_SELECTION ); XMLTree.setShowsRootHandles( true ); // A more advanced version of this ...

20. readObject for ArrayList not calling constructor of objects in array

Yes - I know my example is simplfied. In the real code, it's reading a fairly complex tree of nested ArrayLists(s). The data is displayed correctly after reading. I did some poking around in the debugger and data looks good there, too. However, if I want to change one of the nested objects, I don't see any way to check the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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