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1. Problem in arranging contents of Class in JAVA

I have some classes and I'm trying to fill the objects of this class. Here is what i've tried. (Question is at the below)

public class Team
    private String ...

2. Problem displaying contents of a class in Java

My problem is i have a class and in it there is a list of elements of another class.

public class Branch
    private ArrayList<Player> players = new ArrayList<Player>();

3. How do you remove the overlapping contents of one List from another List?

List<String> listA = new ArrayList<String>();

List<String> listB = new ArrayList<String>();
ListB contains two elements that are also present in ListA ("c" and "d"). Is there a clean way to make sure that listB does ...

4. editing the contents of an array list

how can you edit the contents of an array list using a value generated by the user using the scanner class. many thanks

5. How do I get Java to write the contents of an ArrayList to a file once every minute?

Just a quick question about the above subject. Basically, I'm writing a piece of software which captures data from the network and writes it to an external file for further processing. What ...

6. Problem: Contents in an ArrayList get modified

Hey there. I have a problem on a program I'm making that I honestly can'd find a solution for. It seems the objects contained on a Java ArrayList collection are being ...

7. Java ArrayList contents not propagating

My code runs an algorithm on an array, and stores the results in an ArrayList. The problem is that I am not able to access the contents of the ArrayList ...

8. Concatenating string content VALUES of multiple arraylists . Strange problem

I have many Arraylists having String objects , and I have a requirement to concatenate there values.

ArrayList finalList = new ArrayList();
ArrayList catMe = new ArrayList();
ArrayList x = new ArrayList();
ArrayList y = ...

9. How to get the contents of an arraylist into an object?

I have a arraylist(eg.CustInfo) which contains a collection of objects(Cust_details,Cust_Auth) for java classes, which in turn has collection of values for the variables(eg.Cust_name,Cust_addr) defined. Now my problem is that I have a ...

10. ArrayList() contents to FileOutputStream >

Hi All, While taking one of the parctice test I stuck in the following code. Can anybody help me to figure the correct amswer: FileOutputStream f=new FileOutputStream("TestSerial"); List alist=new ArrayList(); /* .. ....... */ // Serialize list 'alist' and all its contents to stream f. // Blank Which one of the following lines of code will serialize list 'alist' and all ...

11. printing an ArrayList contents to printer

i have just learned how to print a text ( not a text file ) in Java, and i also have just learned how to make a program with GUI using AWT and SWING ( i understand only a little bit of those two techniques, just adequate for me to make my program works ). now what i'm trying to do ...

12. Dynamically determine Arraylist content type using reflection

Is it possible to dynamically determine the contents of an arraylist in java 5 using reflection. Since in Java 5, we declare an arraylist as ArrayList, i am expecting some way to determine the type of E. Its possible to dynamically determine the type of the contents of an arrays like this: Class arrayComponentType = expected_Param.getComponentType(); Thanks, Sandeep.

13. Sort contents of elements of ArrayList

14. how to append the contents of an ArrayList

Thanks for the code snippet, I have tried it and it worked. However, when I debugged the program, I only get one character at a time I want to store this characters in an Array then convert it to a string. And when I added this: result = writer.toString(); [B]System.out.println("Result: " + result);[/B] so that I can see its contents, the ...

15. how we sort arraylist contents

16. Not all content of ArrayList is written to the TextFile

Avoid using "\n" to write new lines in a file as this won't work for all OS's. Regardless, you may be having problems from not flushing or closing the FileWriter, but with the small bit of code posted, I don't know for sure. Myself, I'd wrap that FileWriter in a PrintWriter object, one that I've turned auto-line flushing on (check out ...

17. Printing contents of Arraylist -- strange issue

First of all, let me say yes this is for a class at school. Sorry if that is an issue for you, I am only trying to learn what I have done wrong. I do not expect you to do any work for me, and really appreciate any time you can give. This is the first time I have used an ...

19. how to read a file and save the contents into array list

Okay, that will be a little extra work, but it won't be too hard. Read what you can here about BufferedReader. That little line of code near the top shows you how to declare it and set the file name. Then you can call readLine() on the BufferedReader object to read a line of the file. You could do this ...

20. ArrayList- Display Contents

21. Copying the contents of an Arraylist into another Arraylist

In my web application, I have been asked to retrieve data from the database in the JSP page. The data are stored in the ArrayList. I have a query screen where I select begin year, end year, and quarter. Each year has 4 quarters. I am able to retrieve data for 1 year, but I am not able to retrieve data ...

23. JPDA/JDI retrieve the content of an ArrayList

24. For Loop to check the content of a Arraylist BUG?!

Yes, you can't modify a List directly while iterating through it. It would confuse the iterator. If you are going to delete entries in passing, use an Iterator explicitly and call the remove method of the Iterator, instead of that of the list. Too late! Work interrupts again. Edited by: malcolmmc on May 6, 2009 4:51 PM

27. Passing arraylist contents in java to a vb program

can anyopne help me on this..ppl like cotton.m who cant help or unable to answer to queries can mind their own job than commenting..... Could I just point something out here. You are mad at me (and started this thread) because I pointed out in your last thread that your situation seemed hopeless since you were talking only in buzzwords demonstrating ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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