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1. Should I extend an ArrayList (is-a) or should I include it as a member (has-a)?

I'm making a simple program that maintains a list of numbers, and I want this list to also have a name. Which is the best approach: have my list class ...

2. Why we can't do List mylist = ArrayList();

Why we can't do

List<Parent> mylist = ArrayList<child>();

3. Java Arraylist and inheritance calling right method. help

I created 4 classes: Cd, Dvd, Item and Database. Cd and Dvd extend from Item. The Database class stores an ArrayList of Items. I'm stuck on creating a method in the Database ...

4. Java ArrayList inheritance problem (looks like a namespace collision)

I'm new to Java (three days spend actually), but I have to write a custom cross-platform editor app as an interface to my database. Everything is running smooth actually, but I've ...

5. Naive Inheritance Problem - Java

G'day people, I am feeling embarrass by asking such a naive question. But I can't understand one thing, I have Inheritance structure like this, enter image description here B extends A, code I ...

6. ArrayList must contain unique objects (Inheritance)

I am new to Java, I am woring on learning inheritance. I am creating an abstract class called Thing. I have to put this requirement in, Please could somebody help me with Syntax Thing will have the following private class field: Things, an ArrayList defined with a Thing generic. This ArrayList must be maintained as Thing objects are constructed. This ...

7. Inheritance and ArrayList

I am working on a natural-language processing system in Java. The first step of my approach is to "parse" a sentence and create a representation of it in Java(i.e. "large" would correspond to an object of class large). The issue is that I basically want to create an ArrayList that contains Java's representation of the sentence, which, for the example sentence ...

8. class inheritance ArrayList problem

what'd you expect to happen? You never call the toString() methods on your tracks from the toString() method of your CD class. And in the constructor of that CD class you ignore (among others) the "artist" argument, overriding the argument in the argument list with "Unknown" which gets thrown away on leaving the constructor and leaving the "artist" field of the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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