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1. Problem with ArrayLists and reading a file

I am having difficulty with the following method. I can't figure out if my problem is, but I have narrowed it down to not populating the array list from the ...

2. How to read from set of arrays line by line in Java?

My code is as follows:

private static ArrayList<String[]> file;


void method()
  file = new ArrayList<String[]>();
  String[] s = str.split(";");
In the above, str is a long String that ...

3. read ArrayList elements

Why it print the wrong output?

ArrayList<String> loc = new ArrayList<String>();
This arraylist stored the value of:
[topLeft, topLeft, topLeft, bottomLeft, topLeft, bottomLeft, topLeft, topLeft, Left, topLeft]
the firs index 0 is ...

4. how to read data from file into array? java

I need some help reading data from a txt file into my ArrayList. I know the code is pretty messy, but just try to take a look at it. The ...

5. how to read an arraylist from a txt file in java?

How to read an arraylist from a txt file in java? My arraylist is of the form:

public class Account {
    String username;
    String password;
I managed to ...

6. Downloading a file and reading it into an ArrayList?

public void getWebContent() throws Exception {
    Scanner in = new Scanner(;
    System.out.println("Input URL:");
    fileURL = in.nextLine();
    if (!fileURL.startsWith("http://")) {

7. reading csv file in java start from line3

how do i make my csv file reader to read my csv file in java to an arraylist, start from line no.3 but line1 and line2, each of them is read ...

8. Read a file in specific format into ArrayList

I have file with this specific format:

2 4   
0 1 A  
0 5 B  
1 1 A  
1 3 B  
2 6 A ...

9. jvm crash on reading arraylist from java class with jni

I have troubles reading an arraylist from a java class with jni. In the java class the arraylist is defined like this

public static List XTN_STC_search_result = new ArrayList();
The arraylist then gets ...

10. Reading a Object from a file to a ArrayList

When IM trying to read a object and store in arraylist but im getting an exception this is the part of code where im facing an problem.

public class Customer ...

11. Java reading a file into an arraylist?

How do you read the contents of a file into an arraylist in Java? A real simple list like:

Just read each word into the arraylist. Thanks for the help!

12. How to read empty cell in excel file using poi and how to add this empty cell to array list?

    public void readExcel(String fileName)
          FileInputStream myInput = new FileInputStream(fileName);

13. Java read object input stream into arraylist?

The method below is supposed to read a binary file into an arrayList. But getting a

at .... Read( 
at .... main(
Line 23 at main just calls the ...

14. I would like to read an example of ArrayList with Objects.(Java)

I have created two classes and I am trying to invoke a constructor(with argument) and a method. I find it easy if I just use an object. My Goal :

  1. To invoke the ...

15. Reading all CDATA in an XML String into a Java ArrayList?

I'd like to read all CDATA associated to a child node and store them into a java ArrayList! If you could suggest a simple and quick way I'd grately appreciate ...

16. How do I get both of my arrays to be read in?

I have two arrays the store the values of two lines that are read in from a file. After some processing in my GUI class it should show to rectangles side ...

17. Is it possible to read an ArrayList and write to an XLS file using POIFSFileSystem

Is it possible to read from a arraylist and write to a excel. I reading some records from the DB and trying to write to and excel file I get ----- Unable to read entire header; 88 bytes read; expected 512 bytes at ( at org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.POIFSFileSystem. ( My code ---- ResultSet rs2 = stmt2.executeQuery(repSQLStatement); String filePath = "C:\\test1.xls"; ArrayList ...

18. Read the records from the ArrayList

Hi Java masters, I'm facing some difficulties with a java quizz. Please give me some ideas. -------------------------------------------------- Quiz01 : The text file has three records like : John NO.123, HirLet Road,LL 234 025-5-5455 1 5 0 2 7000 Paul NO.23, Hello Road,LL 235 025-5-5454 1 5 0 2 6000 Mary NO.23, Mine Road,LL 235 23-5-5454 1 5 0 2 9000 According ...

19. Reading a txt file into an ArrayList help??

Hi all im new here and pretty new to java to. I am just working through examples and trying things out for my self. What i wanted to do was read a text file that has records in them seperated by a newline and pass them into an ArrayList. So far i have created an Accounts class that looks like this ...

20. Writeing / Reading ArrayList

Ok, the next assignment we received was to take our prior program and convert it from an Array to an ArrayList. For the most part this worked well, but when I tried adding file code (read/write the ArrayList) I ran into problems. The write worked well, by well I mean that it didn't throw an error and it seemed to write ...

21. read a excel file into java array list

Is it possible iwth jxl? I don't see any examples? I am reading a excel file like bleow. Workbook book = Workbook.getWorkbook(file.getInputStream()); Sheet sheet = book.getsheet(0); Bean b = new Bean(); ArrayList list = new ArrayList(); for(in t i=1; i< sheet.getRow(); i++) { String name = sheet.getCell(0, i).getContents(); and so on..... //add to a bean. b.setName(name); and so on... } I ...

22. read a comma seperated file into an arraylist

Hi everybody I have wrriten a code to save data from a text file into any array list. I am using array list for the first time. I have used only array before. In the text file I have data that is seperated by comma , I need each element to be stored in a seperate array position that is ..... ...

23. Reading Elements from an ArrayList, 3 at a time

You do realise your for loop counts 4 elements, not 3? Do you simply want to print 3 elements in a line? It is probably easiest to write three calls to and forget the inner loop. Remember you need to check with the hasNext method before trying to get a next element, otherwise you will suffer an Exception.

24. Reading Objects from ArrayList

Thanks I have done that but getting an error "score1 is not public in PackageName.ScoreEnd; Cannot be accessed outside package" I have imported the package the ScoreEnd class is in Looking in the ScoreEnd Class and all the elements are public. Well the class is public I left the elements to be default.

25. read and write arraylists to a file

read and write arraylists to a file Hi, Im working on a stock system for a project and im fairly new to java. I need help with my saveFile, readFile and displayReadFile methods, I cant display the file in cmd when i choose the displayReadFile method, i get null values instead. So im not sure if ive done soemthing ...

26. Read txt file to arrayList

Hallo, Im a newbie in Java and my boss want me to make a program to read the txt file through Java, since he want to use it later. The example of txt file is like this: ************************************************** ******* * SIDAK * ************************************************** ******* * MISS RATIO: 4.15 * * SHOOT RANGE: 36.2 [mm] * ************************************************** ******* * No.: Z [mm] ...

27. how to read the ArrayList inside HashMap

Hallo, Ive a problem by reading the ArrayList inside the HashMap. I have a class, to fill this HashMap: Map flanks = new HashMap(); This HashMap is going to fill the Map on MSFlank-class. On that MSFlank-class, I have another ArrayList: private List mstooths = new ArrayList (); and on that MSTooth-class, I have another ArrayList: private List msprofiles ...

28. Read txt file into arraylist

29. How to read a string in a ArrayList?

public void checkOut (String vertrekNummer, int vertrektUur, int vertrekMinuten) { for (int positie = 0; positie < bezoekerArray.size(); positie++) { if ( vertrekNummer.equals( kaartNummer ) ) // error of couse, but how to say 'if it equals to the 'kaartNummer' in the array? { System.out.println( "gelijk" + bezoekerArray.get(positie)); } else System.out.println( "ongelijk "); } }

30. read file and send them to different arraylist

Why would you need five different ArrayLists for that? For example- what should be in your "start state" or "final state" ArrayLists? Why do you have a State class if you aren't going to use it? I think you should probably reread your instructions, because I think you're misunderstanding something pretty basic. I suppose I could be wrong, but your requirements ...

31. read a csv file in an array list

Hi, I am using this piece of code (below) to read an excel file into an array list. How can I change it to make it read a csv file? Note: it should, when done, return the same array list. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks public static ArrayList readSimParamToBeAnalyzed(String simParamToAnalyzeFileLocation) { File mySimParamToAnalyze = new File(simParamToAnalyzeFileLocation); ArrayList records = ...

32. Help reading .csv file into an arraylist

i think i might have it figured out. since i'm only printing would there be any problem with me setting each field as a string? and so essentially i would have 3 files, one that reads the file (later printing), one that defines my objects, and the the text file itself. i guess i was just hoping i could define my ...

33. help: how te read multidimensional arraylist??

Your overall design appears faulty to my eye in that it is easy to make a mistake doing it this way. Surely there is a better way to organize your data. That being said, let's look at your second group of code. I believe that listGroupResult is an arraylist of arraylists, correct? If so, then: server.listGroupResult.get(i) is an arraylist. If so, ...

34. arraylist only reading first line of file

35. reading ArrayList from file

36. Problem with ArrayLists and writing and reading from a .dat file (I think)

inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(1, "Couch", 3, 1250.00, "Blue")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(2, "Recliner", 10, 525.00, "Green")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(3, "Chair", 6, 125.00, "Mahogany")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(4, "Pedestal Table", 2, 4598.00, "Oak")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(5, "Sleeper Sofa", 4, 850.00, "Yellow")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(6, "Rocking Chair", 2, 459.00, "Tweed")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(7, "Couch", 4, 990.00, "Red")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(8, "Chair", 12, 54.00, "Pine")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(9, "Ottoman", 3, 110.00, "Black")); inList.add(new InventoryPlusColor(10, "Chest of ...

37. Efficiency of Reading a File into ArrayList

A binary search is pretty efficient. Searches will be O(logN) where N is the number of elements in the list. Maybe something else (e.g., a hashtable) would be faster, but maybe not. If I were you I wouldn't worry about it until you get some evidence that it's really a problem. Your logic is off, however. If you want search() to ...

39. Reading & writing to file using ArrayList incorrectly

static public void getContents(File existingFile) { StringBuffer contents = new StringBuffer(); BufferedReader input = null; int line_number = 0; int number_of_records = 0; String snomedCodes = null; try { input = new BufferedReader( new FileReader(existingFile) ); String current_line = null; while (( current_line = input.readLine()) != null) { // Create a pattern to match for the "\" Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\\\"); ...

40. Read data from file into ArrayList

Hi there, I have a class called Product that describes the charactristics of products such as name, id, price etc. I have all the set and get methods in my Product class. I store the information about my products into an ArrayList. I then write the information about my products in a file. so far so good but... I now want ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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