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1. convert ArrayList.toString() back to ArrayList in one call

I have a toString() representation of an ArrayList. Copying the toString() value to clipboard, I want to copy it back into my IDE editor, and create the ArrayList instance in one line. ...

2. Converting ArrayList of objects to ArrayList of this objects String names in Java

I have an ArrayList of User objects. Now I need the ArrayList of these user's names only. Is there a way to use toString() on entire ArrayList and convert it to ...

3. using the toString method to display information in an arraylist without brackets and commas

I am using a toString method to display data in an arraylist. How do I write the code so that it displays the information without the [ , , ] ...

4. ArrayList .toString()

String curBen = getMultiOccValues(entityData,JOB_CURRBENEFITS).toString(); out.print(curBen); //prints [john,dave] I want out.print(curBen); to return john,dave everything is working perfectly except the brackets. Hey Im a beginner If im missing something stupid slap me around. I dont thing replaceAll(" [","") replaceAll(" ]","") is the most efficient way to take care of something so simple. It would seem to me that two replace calls is ...

5. ArrayList .toString() Sorry for multiple posts

Sorry for multiple posts.... Please consider getMultiOccValues returns an array list and I would like to convert it to a string. getMultiOccValues(entityData,JOB_CURRBENEFITS) Returns an ArrayList. String curBen = getMultiOccValues(entityData,JOB_CURRBENEFITS).toString(); //If the ArrayList contained John and Dave the output would look like this [John,Dave] with the brackets. curBen= curBen.replaceAll(" [",""); curBen= curBen.replaceAll(" ]",""); //now we have John, Dave Is there a simpler ...

6. ArrayList .toString()

8. Formatting toString ArrayList

Thanks for your response. I ended up using an Array instead of an ArrayList. I didn't wanna mess to much with removing the delimeters because the input was from a text file that I used StringTokenizer and FileReader and BufferedReader to split it up and the lines to create objects. Once again Thanks!

9. Arraylist.toString (need to count amount of a specific character in a list)

corlettk: I dont fully understand your post. The reason why I was concatenating the strings was that they are stored in an arraylist and I figured I'd have to get them all into one big string to be able to count the amount of "+" in the strings. I dont understand how your occurences method helps as it accepts a string? ...

10. Using a toString from an object in an arraylist

Say I have a class called Fruit that has a field called String name, and a toString that prints out that field. I have a list of Fruit objects and I want to call the toString for every Fruit object. public Collection fruitList; fruitList = new ArrayList(); the following loop does not work: Iterator i1 = fruitList.Iterator(); while (i1.hasNext()) System.out.println(; Edited ...

11. Help with ArrayList, and toString method in the ArrayList class.

Sinensis wrote: I need to add an item to the cart and print the contents in the Item object in the following order: item, unit price, quantity, and total with tab as a separator. Sounds simple enough. I know in order to get the total price, I need to use getPrice and getQuantity methods in my Item class I've created. Yeah, ...

12. ArrayList and toString

yes...toString must return a String, i mistake...and i also know that the type for the strings is *S*tring and not *s*tring...........anyway... I would know if it's a good thing write a STATIC method (String toString(ArrayList mc), that uses toString of the MyClass class) in the class MyClass (to have a "tool"....), or if there is an other way to resolve ...

13. Arraylist toString

I have created a sort of members data base where by the members add themselves along with some details. The data is saved in an arraylist and the details saved correspond to a details class. To show all the details for the members a toString is called. My problem is i cant get the program to display the details for one ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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