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1. Java Delegates?

Does the Java language have delegate features, similar to how C# has support for delegates?

2. Using subclassing to replace a Java class that doesn't implement an interface

For example, is just a concrete class. My replacement for it supports resolving Windows shortcuts. I need to preprocess constructor parameters to resolve possible .lnk files because the FileSystem object ...

3. Function pointers/delegates in Java?

for my Java game server I send the Action ID of the packet which basically tells the server what the packet is for. I want to map each Action ID (an ...

4. Automatic generation of wrappers to prevent "malicious downcast"?

If you implement an interface in Java, there is nothing to prevent the caller from looking at what concrete implementation you have supplied, casting to that class and calling methods that ...

5. Function Pointers in Java

This may be something common and trivial, but I seem to be having trouble finding a concrete answer. In C# there is a concept of delegates, which relates strongly to the ...

6. Real advantages of .Net delegates over Java's anon classes?

I know a lot of the uses of .Net delegates can be emulated in Java by using a combination of interfaces and anonymous classes, but are there any situations where delegates ...

7. Business delegate handling an exception

I'm confused in one of the line about Business delegate that says:

Business delegate handle & abstract any remote exception
What do they mean with the word "abstract" here? Is ...

8. Should I cache the return value of a getter if it is just a simple delegate?

For example: I'm creating a CSV file and I have a CsvOptions object which holds several parameters for the CSV file creation.

if (cells.hasNext()) {
The csvOptions is just a ...

9. Is there an equivilent of C# Anonymous Delegates in Java?

In C#, you can define small pieces of code called delegates anonymously (even though they are nothing more than syntactic sugar). So, or example, I can do this:

public string DoSomething(Func<string, string> ...

10. Why doesn't Java have method delegates?

The Java gurunaths (natha ??? = sanskrit for deity-master-protector) at Sun should condescend to accept the necessity of delegates and draft it into Java spec. In C#, I can pass a method ...

11. abstracting code from two methods in Java, maybe use delegates?

I have two methods that do essentially the same thing, just with different types. I want to abstract out this functionality to some generic method and I think I could ...

12. Java Design Pattern - Business Delegate

I've got some questions regarding Java design patterns. I want to know what the lookup service and the business service in the business delegate pattern are exactly used for. I appreciate ...

13. Why not .NET-style delegates rather than closures in Java?

OK, this is going to be my beating a dying horse for the 3rd time. However, this question is different from my earlier two about closures/delegates, which asks about plans for delegates ...

14. C# delegate to Java conversion

I am in the process of converting some code from C# to Java. I have never used C# before, but it has been pretty easy up to this point. I have a ...

15. Qt: delegate to a single editor

What im trying to do is have a table which does not appear editable directly but can be edited in some widget outside the table. That is, the selected node can ...

16. Substance 6.1 upgrade gives Substance delegate used when Substance is not the current LAF exception

I'm trying to upgrade my app to use the latest drop of substance L&F but the problem is that I got the Following exception

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Substance delegate used ...

17. Delegates in Java like in .NET

I need some advise regarding approach in Java, as the delegates are bit different than .NET one. I wold like to create some interfaces that has the same name and same ...

18. Implementing multiple interfaces with Java - is there a way to delegate?

I need to create a base class that implements several interfaces with lots of methods, example below. Is there an easier way to delegate these method calls without having to create a ...

19. Delegates implementation in java

I understand that a delegate is used to decouple client and business layer. A client invokes a business service through delegate object. My question is that is it good to have ...

20. How to pass self as Delegate

I'm creating a new object 'baby' from within class 'mother' which implements an interface containing one method 'feed' (the names are just for illustration). How can I pass a pointer to the ...

21. copy paste detector - how to avoid delegate pattern

We use CPD and works very well. Some interfaces are implemented in multiple classes. These classes share the implementation code using 'delegate' pattern [ ]. The resulting ...

22. C# version of Java Runnable? (delegate?)

I could not find a direct answer to this question yet in SO. Is there a predefined delegate with void (void) signature?

23. What design pattern is this - Adapter, Provider, Delegate, Template Methods, or ...?

Here's a simple design patterns question: As part of my current project, I have written an interface that performs a database search (using webservices and relevant client stubs) and returns the results ...

24. Business Delegate & Value Object patterns

Thanks Dave, That's kind of what I was thinking. Do you know of any book or site that really talks about how to use all those patterns together to build an enterprise app. The design pattern books that I looked at describe individually what each pattern does. At first, I liked Java Design Patterns : A Tutorial 0201485397 because of the ...

25. Where should Business Delegate be ?

Hi, I'm new to java and currently going through the various design patterns after conquering J2EE basics. I'm currently refering to J2EE Design Pattern by Crawford & Kaplan - O'Reilly. According to them, when using Business Delegate Pattern, the business delegate should reside on the business tier only. Now does that imply that it should be in the same package as ...

27. Delegates in java

28. Error loading WebappClassLoader delegate: false

Let me explain now..... I'm trying to upload a file from flash to servlet. I had written the flash code using Flex & Actionscript.For server side,i written one servlet to accept the upload file. I had mentioned the above servlet in web.xml.If i click the upload button in flash,i'm getting 500 response from http. Then i look in to log file, ...

30. Delegates explain

Delegation means handing over a piece of work to another class. Check these two examples public class Car { public void goOnVacation() { this.inspectCar(); this.loadBaggage(); this.checkFuel(); } } delegating would look like this public class Car { private BodyShop bodyShop = new BodyShop(); public void goOnVacation() { bodyShop.inspectCar(); this.loadBaggage(); this.checkFuel(); } } public class BodyShop { public void inspectCar() { } ...

31. What are delegates

When an object receives a request, the object can either handle the request itself or pass the request on to a second object to do the work. If the object decides to pass the request on, you say that the object has forwarded responsibility for handling the request to the second object. The following Stack class provides a simple example of ...

33. Business Delegate Methods

The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way. - ...

34. Delegates

Why don't you just put the code that would run in the block itself? Why create a delegate at all? If you don't want to use an if or switch statement, how are you going to set the event variable? I seriously doubt a switch statement will be much slower than a method call. It could even be faster. Assuming the ...

35. Delegate in Java?

Strictly speaking, no. Anonymous classes are often used to achieve a similar construct: you provide one single implementation at the spot where you need to register it. As soon as the implementation needs to be used at more than one place in the same outer class, you can refactor the anonymous class into an inner class. IF it needs to be ...

36. java delegate

Hello. Let's say I have class A and a class B that has an instance o class A. Class A has a method, and when this method finishes executing, I want class B to do something. So B should register an event handler for class A. It's like using delegates in C#, except i don't know how to do this in ...

37. Delegates in Java

38. what is the use of delegate

39. do's & don'ts Business Delegate

Should a business delegate be able to use another business delegate? A BD should not access multiple facades. correct? the facades roughly match the DAO's but what if you need to use multiple DAO's / Facades to get your final results? ie) View requires a User Profile (UserFacade/DAO) and Customer Info (customerFacade/DAO) I have read just about every reference on google ...

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