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1. Iterating over a data structure with 51 million primes quickly

What's the best data structure (in java) for the task of loading 51 million primes and then iterating over them? I need to know, for example, the primes that are between ...

2. How to recursively iterate through a recursive data structure

I have a datastructure as follows:

 public class A{
    String number;
    Map <String ,B> BMap;

 public class B{
    String number;

3. Iterate and exclude vector objects based on location with iText?

I'm looking to extract vector information from iText to see if it passes through a specified rectangle on screen. If it does then I wish to keep it, otherwise discard it. ...

4. Iterating over an unknown number of vectors

I'm trying to solve the following problem. We have an unknown number of vectors, each of unknown length. We would like to iterate over all possible tuples. Given the large data sizes we're dealing with, how do we do this without using recursion? (I don't see a way to simply apply tail recursion.) --Mark Example: Given the following 4 vectors: {1, ...

5. iterating through vector - ListIterator

Hello Roger Thanks again Roger for your willingness to help.So also to the other members. The applet code is a bit large. If u can give a mail id ,i can send you the file.You can post what went wrong in the code, in this forum,so that it may help others also. If not i will post it here. rgds

6. I want to iterate all elements in vector and store it in another vector..?

In my vector elements contains are objects(element objects are own class created objects).. like i created a class (ProductDTO,ProductDAO,ProductVO) so in my vector contains any of these type of objects elements.... So, i want to iterate this vector and again i need to add it into another vector... hope am clear with my que...

7. Fastest Iterating data structure

That question is meaningless. The only way to get an answer is to test it for yourself. And then your answer will only apply to the particular version, JVM implementer, and OS an which you run your test. And the difference between the best and the worst will be completely negligible in all but the most bizarre corner cases. So if ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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