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1. How do I use paramertized generic types in an inner class?

I am trying to implement an inner class that has generic parameterized type. Here is my code (short version):

public class AVLTree<T extends Comparable<? super T>> implements Iterable<T> {

 private class BinaryNode<T ...

2. Generic Visibility of inner classes?

I have a code piece that looks something like what I've pasted below:

import java.util.LinkedHashMap;
import java.util.Map;

public class GenericMagic {
  GenericMagic() {

  private class Container {

3. Compile error on inheritance of generic inner class extending with bounds

I have a problem when compiling a generic class with an inner class. The class extends a generic class, the inner class also. Here the interface implemented:

public interface IndexIterator<Element>

4. Casting to an inner class with generics

Consider the following code:

public class Outer<T>  {

    public class Inner{

    public static <T> Outer<T>.Inner get(){

5. Why isn't the enclosing class included in the generic parameters for inner class constructors?

Check it out.

import java.lang.reflect.*;
import java.util.Arrays;

class Test
    class Inner
        public <T> Inner(T arg) { }

6. Inner class type parameter bound by enclosing class type variable

Is there any way to use a type variable declared by an enclosing class as a bound on a type variable declared in an inner class?

class Test<E>
   class Inner<T ...

7. Java generics with inner class and inner interface

Below I have a generic OuterClass, an InnerClass that use OuterClass generics and non-generic InnerInterface.

public class OuterClass<E> {

    public class InnerClass  {


8. Java access to generic parameter of outer class from inner interface

Consider the code:

public class A<T extends X> {
  public static interface Delegate {
    void doMagic(T t); // why can't I access "T" here?


9. generics and inner classes

Dear ranchers, I've been a diehard Java 1.4 programmer for a fair while, but I'm trying to catch up now - and I've got a problem with using generics and inner classes together. Consider the following simplified example: public class A { private B b1; public A( E d1, E d2 ) { b1 = new B(d1); } private B getB1() ...

11. Generics and inner classes?

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