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1. Java: Using generics to implement a class that operates on different kinds of numbers

So, let's say I want to write a class that operates on different kinds of numbers, but I don't a priori know what kind of numbers (i.e. ints, doubles, etc.) I ...

2. Is there a way to pass a Number as a parameter in Java?

I'm allocating an array of T, T extends Number inside a class. I can do it this way:

myClass test = new myClass(Double.class, 20);
Then the constructor itself:
myClass(Class<T> type, size)

3. Java Generics and numbers

In an attempt to see if I can clean up some of my math code, mostly matrix stuff, I am trying to use some Java Generics. I have the following method:

private ...

4. How to handle numbers in a generic fashion?

My question is eerily similar to "Writing a generic class to handle built-in types" including being inspired by the fact of working on a class to handle operations on matrices. ...

5. Maximum number of type parameters used in a java class

What is the maximum number of type parameters you used in a java class? Example for 4:

class MyClass<A, B, C, D> {

6. Comparing the values of two generic Numbers

I want to compare to variables, both of type T extends Number. Now I want to know which of the two variables is greater than the other or equal. Unfortunately I ...

7. What is the difference between and ?

What is the difference between this method declaration:

public static <E extends Number> List<E> process(List<E> nums){
 public static List<Number> process(List<Number> nums){
Where would you use the former?

8. Create a zero value of a generic Number subclass

How can I generically create a zero of an arbitrary numeric type? Here's a toy example: a function that converts a null number into zero.

static <T extends Number> T zeroIfNull(T value) {

9. Java: Generic methods and numbers

I want to make a generic method which makes the total sum of a List of numbers. What I was trying is this:

public static <T extends Number> T sumList(List<T> data)

10. Arithmetic operations with Java Generics

I am trying to create a generic class in Java that will perform operations on numbers. In the following example, addition, as follows:

public class Example <T extends Number> {


11. Java generics and the Number class

I want to create a method that compares a number but can have an input that is any of the subclasses of Number. I have looked at doing this in the following ...

12. Java and generics. Isn't 0 a Number?

What is that I'm missing about this snippet of code?

public class Zero<N extends Number> {
  public N zero() {
    return new Integer(0);
It says:
Type ...

13. how to write a generic method for adding numbers

I want to define a method to make sums between different type numbers:

<T> void add (T one, T two)
    T res = one + two; 
the above method not ...

14. Child classes with an unknown number of dimensions and Generics

I'm trying to write a class for representing datapoints (Unimaginatively called "DataPoint"). This will be used as a super class to different types of data. Different child classes will have a different number of dimensions. The problem is this: Some classes using this datapoint class as a generic type will need to know how many dimensions the datapoint just from its ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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