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1. Why aren't Java generic type parameters reified at runtime?

My understanding is that C# and java differ with respect to generics in some ways, one of which is that generic type parameters are available at runtime in C#/.NET but not ...

2. Casting to a Class which is determined at run-time

I have a method fetchObjects(String) that is expected to return an array of Contract business objects. The className parameter tells me what kind of business objects I should return (of course ...

3. Java: Retrieve the generic parameter value at runtime

What is the best way to retrieve the runtime value of a generic parameter for a generic class? For example:

public class MyClass<T> {

  public void printT() {

4. Why are not all type information erased in Java at runtime?

My obviously wrong understanding of Java Generics was up to now, that Type Erasure removes all type information such that there is nothing left at all at runtime. Recently I stumbled ...

5. How can the generic method called know the type of the generic return?

I couldn't find a duplicate for this question for Java, although there are a lot of them for C#. I have this method:

public <T> T getSomething() {
According to the type of ...

6. Determine generic type parameters at run-time in Java

class Json<T>
  @SerializedName( "T's type here" ) 
  private final ArrayList<T> _bucket = new ArrayList<T>( 5 );
I'd like to know how (if possible) the generic parameters of ...

7. Get generic type of class at runtime

How can i achieve this?

public class GenericClass<T>
    public Type getMyType()
        //How do I return the type of ...

8. Java generic methods cast to parameter type at runtime, is it possible?

I have a method that looks like this

 public static <T extends MyClass, X extends AnotherClass> List<T> (Class<T> aParameter, X anotherParameter)
Now if AnotherClass is an abstract class that does NOT Have ...

9. Determining the Type for a generic method parameter at runtime

Given the a class with the following structure. I am trying to determine the type of the parameter T assigned by the caller of the generic method.

public class MyClass{


10. How to get the generic type at runtime?

This is my code: The ExecutorImp extends AbstractExecutor which extract the same execute logics of its implementers(ExecutorImp is one case),when calling the execute() method of ExecutorImp, it will call the method in ...

11. Are there any plans for the JVM to support generics at runtime?

You know, like the CLR does. Is anyone even admitting the lack of runtime generic information is a problem, and working to solve it?

12. Inferring java generics parameters at runtime using reflection

I have a method with the following signature:

// Converts a json string to a list of objects
// Assumption: json is an array, and all items in the list are of the ...

13. Avoiding unsafe cast for generic situation involving runtime passing of class

public class AutoKeyMap<K,V> {

    public interface KeyGenerator<K> {
        public K generate();

14. Java Generics - any run time benefits

I wanted to know if there are any run time advantages to Generics provided from Java5. I mean, I know that we can achieve type safety for classes/collections and allow a ...

15. Java Generics - Start to End !

I have read much about the generic concept in java. I already had some doubt, which were cleared with precise answers on StackOverflow. I don't think this question has been asked before ...

16. Java : How I can get the type of the generic type at runtime

Possible Duplicates:
Get generic type of class at runtime
How to get the generic type at runtime?
Hi there, How I can get the type ...

17. accessing parameterized type information at runtime

Possible Duplicate:
Why are not all type information erased in Java at runtime?
Java's generics are implemented via type erasure, so I thought it was no ...

18. Casting on run-time in C#

When I wanted a generic object extended from a class, in Java I used to write:

Class<AuthenticationProvider> c1;
What am I supposed to write in C# to do the same? How can I ...

19. Runtime Casting of the Type Object

I'd like to instantiate an object of a generic class during run-time; I call a method which gives me back a Type Object; I'd like to convert this generic class into ...

20. Generics runtime check of 'instanceof'

I have an object called Node<Value>. Objects NodeInternal<Value> and NodeLeaf<Value> inherit from Node<Value>. I am trying to test what is the type of the object using instanceof as follows: if (node instanceof NodeInternal). ...

21. Is this a best practice example of determining the runtime type of Java wildcard referee

My tests show that Java reflection cannot determine object types assigned at runtime to a generic object reference that uses a wildcard declaration. To overcome that problem, I wrote the ...

22. How to determine the declared type of a generic object at runtime?

HashMap<String, Boolean> myMap = new HashMap<String, Boolean>(); 
System.out.println(func1(myMap)); //should print "HashMap<String, Boolean>"
I want to know is there such a function. This function should take an object and return the exact type ...

23. Generic class type at runtime

Hello, I am currently writing a generic class (an implementation of Iterator, actually), and have a question about it. When I get the data I want to iterate through, I need the class type; that is, the "T" in Iterator. Is there a way to get it? I am afraid there is none (apart from providing a class in the constructor, ...

24. Creating a generics class at runtime?

Originally posted by Ilja Preuss: Why wouldn't that just be class SubClass extends SuperClass ? What are you trying to do? It's not exactly the same - I think Neha tries to use the actual type, so the value returned by getClass(). This doesn't have to be Foo - it can be a subclass (or implementing class if Foo ...

26. Trouble with generic array at runtime

27. generic array creation with runtime type available

Hello, I want to write a method that creates an array whose element type is a type variable. The run-time type of the array is known by using a "template" array of the same compile-time type. Something like this: ... (T is a type variable) ... T[] createArray (T[] template, int size) { ... ? ... } I want to do ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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