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1. What is the best way to check if an object is from another(say fixed) list of objects?

Currently, I create a HashMap with Object Id as key and 1 as value. And the method asks for Object/Id and checks if there is a matching key. Is that ok? Or, ...

2. Java + List to HashMap

Hi Have a List of array, like [[{x509Cert=x509cert.pem, accountNumber=652827, serviceProviderName=Sun, privateKey=pk, userName=0BS0Y72NBN, passWord=VuXYG4hZPS}], [{x509Cert=x509cert.pem, accountNumber=698000, serviceProviderName=Sun, privateKey=my.key, userName=0BS0Y72NAWWSS, passWord= VuXYG4hZPS}]] This was stored in an object, i got it converted to List and ...

3. how to sort list of hashmaps

I have a List of HashMap such as below

ArrayList l = new ArrayList ();
HashMap m = new HashMap ();
m = new HashMap();
m = new HashMap();
I'd like to sort the list based ...

4. Sort List of HashMaps based on hashMap values [not keys]

Here is what I have- How I can include multiple keys and their values in comparison? Right now I am only using employeeId but I wanted to include departmentId and other ...

5. Sorting and Re-arranging List of HashMaps

I have a List> which is straight forward representation of a database table. I am trying to sort and apply some magic after the data is loaded into List of HashMaps. ...

6. Shortcut for adding to List in a HashMap

I often have a need to take a list of objects and group them into a Map based on a value contained in the object. Eg. take a list of Users ...

7. Dozer Mapping HashMap to List

I have a source object which has:

public class Source {
    public Map<String,DTO>getDTOs();
and a destination object:
public class Destination {
    public List<DTO> getDTOs();
    public ...

8. Change list to hashmap in Java

I have a List and each object is a <String, Integer>. I have no control over the List since it is returned by an API method. I'd like to cast the ...

9. Java HashMap adds value to the head of the list

I was working on java HashMaps and found that it adds values to the head of the list. For example , hm.put(mike,2); hm.put(andrew,3); Now,if i print the hasmap using iterator,i get andrew 3 mike 2 I ...

10. Is it possible to define as a List the key of a Map at Java?

I want to use HashMap or any Map for my purpose. I want to define the key of an element of my Map variable as:

<Integer, Integer>
Is it possible at Java?

11. Merging HashMaps from n lists

I'll try and describe my problem as best as I can, but please ask if there are things that make no sense.

  • I have a finite number of lists
  • Each list contains a ...

12. Returning an iterable list in Java

I have Map <A, List<A>> map = new HashMap<A, List<A>>(); Say I want to print out each element in List<A> via an enhanced for loop doing map.get(KeyOftypeA) does not return an iterable list...seems ...

13. Fastest way to flush a hashmap to disk into an sorted set

I have a Map<byte[], Element> and I want to sort it and write it to disk, so that I have a file with all the elements sorted by key through Guava's ...

14. remove duplicates from List of hashmap and add it to another list of hashmap

I have two list of hashmaps goodList and badList of the type List<Map<Object, Object>>.

goodList = List (map (roll no =1, name =a, address = xxx,.....,...)(rollno =2, name =b, address =yyy,...,...))

badList = ...

15. On selection in dropdown list, populate other dropdown from HashMap

Actually I have a drop down list and when i select a value from that, I want another dropdown to be populated from a HashMap object. Code snippet:

int a;

HashMap contentTypeList = (HashMap) ...

16. Returning a list of wildcard matches from a HashMap in java

I have a Hashmap which may contain wildcards (*) in the String. For instance,

HashMap<String, Student> students_;
can have John* as one key. I want to know if JohnSmith matches ...

17. java hashmap with List as value to property

I have a HashMap in the following format.

HashMap<String, List<String>> map
I'm trying without any luck to find the best way to write this out to a property file, is this possible? I ...

18. List to HashMap?

19. List in HashMap

20. affichage de HashMap>

22. problem in returning the object + reflection + hashMap + list

i have xlsReader file,which will read the data from the xls file. after reading it,i am adding the contents of the xls sheet in to a Arraylist. then i've put the list contents in to an object array, then i'm invoking the getter and setter method of the javabean class. and i'm returning object,but object contains only the last data of ...

23. HashMap to List

Hi All, i have a requirement where in i have a HashMap and i need to return the list out of the values of the HashMap. I can use the values method of the HashMap object and can get the Collection but the Collection implmeneted Object doesnt cast back to List. So that is taken out. I can use the toArray() ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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