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1. The fundamentals of Hash tables?    stackoverflow.com

I'm quite confused about the basic concepts of a Hash table. If I were to code a hash how would I even begin? What is the difference between a Hash table ...

2. Chosing a suitable table size for a Hash    stackoverflow.com

If I have a key set of 1000, what is a suitable size for my Hash table, and how is that determined?

3. Anagram Hash Function    stackoverflow.com

I know something like this has been asked before, but the answer was sort of side tracked. I want to develop a hash function which will take a word and spit out ...

4. Hash Tables - Java    stackoverflow.com

Am about to do a homework, and i need to store quite a lot of information (Dictionary) in a data structure of my choice. I heard people in my classroom saying ...

5. Help with hash tables and quadratic probing in Java    stackoverflow.com

I really need help with inserting into a hash table. I'm just not totally getting it right now. Could someone explain quadratic and linear probing in layman's terms?

public void ...

6. Help using Horner's rule and hash functions in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to use Horner's rule to convert words to integers. I understand how it works and how if the word is long, it may cause an overflow. ...

7. Hashing used by Hashtable?    stackoverflow.com

What kind of hashing methodoly is used in Hashtable implementation in Java?

8. Simple hash function techniques    stackoverflow.com

I'm pretty new to hashing in Java and I've been getting stuck on a few parts. I have a list of 400 items (and stored in a list of 1.5x = ...

9. Load factor and capacity of Hash Table    stackoverflow.com

When the number of entries in the hashtable exceeds the product of the load factor and the current capacity, how the the capacity is increased?

10. How to compine two hash tables?    coderanch.com

11. Hash Tables    coderanch.com

I need to create my own HashTable class. I also need to read in about 40,000 words from a text file and store them inside the hashtable. For efficiency, should my hashtable size be about double the amount of words I need to store in it? So that way it's only about half full. Also if it should be of double ...

12. Hash tables...huh?    coderanch.com

A hash table is a collection, in which each element has a key used to get to it. You use to key to locate an entry in the hashtable. The elements in the hastable itself are stored in a manner that allows for rapid retrieval. Typically this consists of a prime number of locations in memory, informally called buckets. The idea ...

13. Hash tables    coderanch.com

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any common uses of hash tables that are not too complex. Are hash tables mainly useful when dealing with large amounts of data where you do lookup often, but don't want the overhead of either searching sequentially or keeping array sorted for binary search? Also, what are the most common ways of dealing with conflicts ...

14. Hash Tables, Hash Sets    coderanch.com

Hey everyone, I've coded in Java for a few semesters now, but not in any of my classes has a hash table or hash set/maps come up. I see people using them in their source code they post on this forum, but i'm not really sure what they do that's better than ways i code. So i was wondering if someone ...

15. Using lookup in Hash tables    coderanch.com

16. Java Hash Tables    java-forums.org

Work on one method at a time, and write yourself a dump() method - to print the contents of the _tab array - that will allow you to test your methods as you write them. "tons of errors", "I have no idea" won't elicit the best help. Most folk here are very sympathetic but we require something precise and specific to ...

17. hash tables vs binary tree    java-forums.org

Hi, I sorta get how a binary tree works with the root node and how its ordered. However im confused of a hash table. Whats it do, and is it more efficient to use then a binary tree? Could someone help explain please if possible which is better and how hash sets work Thanks

18. Displaying graphical representation of data in hash tables as bar chart?    forums.oracle.com

I want to be able to display results in my hash table as a bar chart i don't know how to do it could someone help me I've looked through tutorials couldn't find any information that actually helped. In my program it doesnt allow matching the capital and small letters so for instance if I already have Mike it allows for ...

19. Hash tables..    forums.oracle.com

20. Using hash tables    forums.oracle.com

Hello, I am debating whether or not to use hash tables for something I need to do.. Here is the scenario I was given a list of data, this data contains a string of indexes. Throughout my program, I took that list of data and had to sort it. Now after I have done the calculations I needed, I need to ...

21. Help with Hash Tables    forums.oracle.com

22. hash tables    forums.oracle.com

I'm trying to make a hash table to use along side of a doubly linked list. I'm having trouble understanding how exactly a hash table speeds up searching and getting by index. I am storing an integer value as the data. What I don't understand is if I am going to search for a data member, how do I know the ...

23. Help me to investigate hash tables    forums.oracle.com

For example, I have mutable objects which method hashCode() returns me 192929. Then, I store it in hash bucket, for example, 23. Then I change state of this object and hashCode of this object returns me, for example, 129302, but object still in bucket 23. So, I have variance with hashCode and bucket where object is placed. So, is it legal ...

24. What is Buckets counter in Hash tables?    forums.oracle.com

25. Search time in hash tables    forums.oracle.com

Hi. A quick question about search times on hash tables. How tho get the best search times when checking if a word exists in the register? My situation: A binary tree full of words A hash table full of words (1) use hash table and not care about collisions -look up in hash table based on the words hash value O(1) ...

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