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1. Java: Swap elements in LinkedList class    stackoverflow.com

I want to maintain order of the elements being added in a list. So, I used a linkedlist in Java. Now I want to be able to swap two elements in ...

2. Switching two elements in a Linked List    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to switch two elements in a linked list without removing and reinserting them? The code I am currently using is:

void exchange(int i, int j) {

3. Creation of linkedList in java directly if we know the elements    stackoverflow.com

  List<String> ll = new LinkedList<String>("String1","String2",...);
I want something like above. Is the above line possible in java...?

4. Java LinkedList obtaining first element    stackoverflow.com

I have an Java LinkedList which stores two values (code below). I was wondering how i can obtain the first value only? I have:

LinkedList list = new LinkedList();
list.add(number+" "+string);
I want to be able ...

5. get fifth element from last linked list    coderanch.com

Hi, Could anyone help me with a method for a Singly Linked List which gets fifth element from last linked list I have the logic here: 1) have two ptrs. F_Ptr & S_Ptr. 2) Let the ptrs point to the START. 3) Take n as the offset. 4) Start traversing the S_Ptr after the F_Ptr after n. suppose you want to ...

6. Compare elements of one linked list to another    forums.oracle.com

If you don't care about a distinction between how {a, a, b, c} matches {a, c} vs. how {a, b, c} matches {a, c} (that is, if you don't need to distinctly count multiple matches of the same string), then the simplest and fastest thing to do would be to put both Lists into HashSets and then call set1.retainAll(set2). This will ...

8. Summing the elements of a Linked List    forums.oracle.com

9. getting an element in a linkedlist which is in a linkedlist    forums.oracle.com

hi, I need to make up a data structure such that it has 2 data elements, first one is a unique ID seconds data element is a set structure. What I need to do is first look up @ the ID to see if any matching entries are found, if so then the data is added to the 2nd set of ...

10. Shuffling elements in a linked list.    forums.oracle.com

I'm trying to shuffle elements in a linked list without using another linked list or array. I'm supposed to manipulate the linked list directly. I'm completely stumped as to how I'd go about doing this. In my node class I only have 4 methods ( setItem(), setNext(), getNext(), and getItem() ) Some guidance would be appreciated =)

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