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1. Reading file data into LinkedList error

I am working on a code that reads data about customers from an input file and stores them into a linkedlist of objects of customer. the linked list implementation is not ...

2. Putting a file onto a linked list in java

I need help with putting strings from a file into a list (in Java). Here is my code:

import java.util.Scanner;

public class MyProgram7{
public static void main(String[] args){

    //Declare ...

3. LinkedList from .txt file (how to read everything but the first value of each line)

My ultimate goal is to create a linked list that compares the number of friends a person has (i.e. in the list below Joe has 4 friends while Kay has 3 ...

4. How to save linkedlist to file using object serialization

// ---------------------save object file--------------------- public void save() { try { ObjectOutputStream out = new ObjectOutputStream( new FileOutputStream("add.dat")); for (Iterator it=linkedlist.iterator();it.hasNext() :wink: { out.writeObject(; } out.close(); } catch (Exception e1) { e1.printStackTrace(); } } linkedlist contain a series of Node containing object which implements Seriazable and its reference. But I am not sure if I can directly save to add.dat using out.writeObject(, ...

5. How to create an array of linked list reading data from a file

Hello, I need to create a graph such that i read the number of vertices from a file and the edges too. Example "a b 5"--> means theres an edge from source 'a', destination 'b' and the edge weight is '5'. If i have some random number of vertices say 5, i need to create an adjacency list of the graph, ...

6. New to Java: Read data file, create linked list from file.

Hello. I just started programming in Java. I've read tutorials on creating a linked list and for reading a simple file with output. Though I'm confused on how to read the file and create a singly-linked string list from it. I've gone through some examples but they have always been manually inserting into the list rather than from a file. Any ...

7. writing a linkedlist to an output file

Hello, I would like to ask you about a question related to writing object to an output file. I was writing an object containing a linkedlist. after tesrting, i found that all the attributes are well written and read exept the linkedlist. The question here is how can I write the linked list objects inside the file. the same question about ...

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