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1. Space-Efficient Data Structure for Storing a Word List?

Is there anything better than a Trie for this situation?

  • Storing a list of ~100k English words
  • Needs to use minimal memory
  • Lookups need to be reasonable, but don't have to be ...

2. What is the best datastructure to use in Java for a "multidimensional" list?

I need a dictionary-like data structure that stores information as follows:

key [value 1] [value 2] ...
I need to be able to look up a given value by supplying the key and ...

3. Can anybody give me a complete list of data structure supported in Java(not in util package)?

I want to know what kinds of data structure in Java and not in the util package? For example: Hashmap, Collection, Set. Please give me a list of them as many as ...

4. How can I add to List data structures?

I have a List which is declared like this :

 List<? extends Number> foo3 = new ArrayList<Integer>();
I tried to add 3 to foo3. However I get an error message like ...

5. Best datastructure for frequently queried list of objects

I have a list of objects say, List. The Entity class has an equals method,on few attributes ( business rule ) to differentiate one Entity object from the other. The task that ...

6. Data Structure: Uniqueness in lists

i have 2 lists,one list l1 contains n1 elements and another list l2 contains n2 elements.Both lists are not the same length and contain duplicate elements.I want to create another list ...

7. Is there a comprehensive Big-O listing of Java data structures?

Question pretty much says it all. Specifically, I would like the Big-O of all the methods within a structure, aside from the usual. The docs say very little about this. Addennum For ...

8. Create a Parent/child Data Structure from a Simple List

I have a flat list like following. nodeA
nodeD endnodeD endnodeB endnodeA Is there any way to create parent child data structure in java like ...

9. how to show the list data in ascending order?

Hi i am having the data on table in one field "ByYear" it contain the data years like 2005-2006, and the field type is varchar(10), the table data contains the following ...

11. need of List datastructure

12. Data Structures: Copying a Stack into a List

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