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1. Is `List` a subclass of `List`? Why aren't Java's generics implicitly polymorphic?

I'm a bit confused about how Java generics handle inheritance / polymorphism. Assume the following hierarchy - Animal (Parent) Dog - Cat (Children) So suppose I have a method doSomething(List<Animal> animals). By all the rules ...

2. How to cast a list of inheriting objects to a collection of objects in Java?

I've a collection type:

Collection<A> collecA
And I've a list in my object:
List<B> listB
Where B is extending A
class B extends A { ... }
But I can't do the following:
collecA = listB
I can't understand ...

3. Java: Manipulation of Lists with super classes

Suppose I have MyEdge and MyEdgeModified, such that MyEdge is the superclass and MyEdgeModified is the subclass. Now, suppose I do this:

List<List<MyEdge>> collectionOfEdgeLists = new LinkedList<List<MyEdge>>();
for(int i = 0; i < ...

4. Java: Casting from List to List when B implements A?

I have the following class & interface defined:

public interface A {

public class B implements A {
I have a List of B objects that I need to cast to a List of ...

5. Implementing Serializable

Why is it that java.util.List does not implement Serializable while subclasses like LinkedList, Arraylist do? Does not it seem to be against inheritance principles? For example if we want ...

6. Java: Can't to generic List mylist

The other Example is pretty complex and I didn't understand it at all, my problem is similar somehow but as I said it's simpler and might yield in simpler answer

public List<? ...

7. Inheritance & Lists

Class B extends class A. I have a list of B (List<B> list1), but for some operations I need only class A fields, but List<A> list2 = list1 doesn't work. How ...

8. creating one function that can convert list of different classes

i have 3 classes, class Z, calss A implements OInterface and calss B implements OInterface . I want to create a function that converts a ...

9. Casting From A List To A Collection

I have a class TreeNode:

public abstract class TreeNode<T>{

    public Collection<TreeNode<T>> children;

    public void clear(){
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