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1. Mapping CSV to a Model    stackoverflow.com

I am writing a simple CSV to XML processor in Java. I am using JAXB to generate a model in java from a DTD. I need to process the CSV format into ...

2. How to map already existing java bean in JAXB    stackoverflow.com

Castor framework (xml to java bean binder framework) provides functionality to map my existing java bean to xml. Can I achieve same thing using JAXB ?

3. Mapping Java with JAXB annotations to XSD keys/keyrefs    stackoverflow.com

We are using JAXB to map Java classes into XML files. Currently we use the Java-to-XSD approach by annotating the Java classes. This works fine in general but we've hit the following ...

4. Is it possible to use JAXB to map from schema to a java.util.Map?    stackoverflow.com

I have an existing XML schema that contains a type that I would like to map to a Java Map of some sort using JAXB. My build process takes the schema ...

5. Multiple XML mappings for the same Java object using JAXB?    stackoverflow.com

Note: Editing this to rephrase it around JAXB in hopes of getting new answers. I'm using CXF, but it's using JAXB for the mappings. I've got a POJO model. Right now I ...

6. marshal Map to .xml    stackoverflow.com

If I have Map setup like:

map.put("foo", "123");
map.put("bar", "456");
map.put("baz", "789");
then I want to do something like:
  for (String key : map.keySet().toArray(new String[0])) {
    // marshall out to .xml ...

7. JAXB Java and XSD mapping    stackoverflow.com

In one of my projects I use JAXB2 marshaller, having a contract-first web service I generate the objects from a XML Schema. Everything works just fine. But, I have a "code usability" ...

8. JAXB and complex maps    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to marshal/unmarshal a Map<String, Map<String, Serializable>> via JAXB. There are two problems: 1. JAXB cannot handle complex maps. 2. JAXB cannot handle interfaces (Serializable in this context). How is one ...

9. Why does JAXB sometimes map to JAXBElement?    stackoverflow.com

There is a placeholder answer over at the unofficial guide with a link to an article which (to me) seems quite unrelated. I use XJC to generate my JAXB classes ...

10. JAXB XmlJavaTypeAdapter Map from List : pros/cons of this design pattern    stackoverflow.com

I have written a JAXB mapping that stored a sublist inside a root element in a LinkedHashMap<String, Object> instead of a Collection<Object> maintained through a specific XmlJavaTypeAdapter. Hereunder a sample:

public class ...

11. JAXB: how to marshall map into value    stackoverflow.com

The question is about JAXB Map marshalling - there is plenty of examples on how to marhsall a Map into a structure like follows:

    <key> KEY ...

12. Mapping Java collections which contains super- and sub-types with JAXB    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to produce something like this with JAXB:

      <green id="greenId">

13. Can I reuse an existing part of JAXB (or similar) for basic mapping of schema types to Java types?    stackoverflow.com

I am writing a library in which I need to take a type like xsd:string and find the relevant Java type according to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_Architecture_for_XML_Binding#Default_data_type_bindings I've tried to navigate through the JAXB/XJC ...

14. Jaxb - Namespace problems with SchemaGen and java.util.Map    stackoverflow.com

When a class contains a java.util.Map, SchemaGen generates an xsd with a namespace on the Map elements. However when the marshaller generates xml from the same class no namespace is ...

15. Is there a way to map the value of a node when the node also has inner nodes?    stackoverflow.com

I'm currently using JAXB annotations, which work great for most cases. However, I've come across something I can't figure out how to process/create annotations for. I have the following ...

16. JAXB marshaling Map of Lists    stackoverflow.com

I have a map of lists that I need to marshal. I created XML adapater but I keep getting java.util.List is an interface, and JAXB can't handle interfaces. when creating JAXB ...

17. Jaxb strategy for testing large document mappings    stackoverflow.com

We are working with Jaxb to unmarshall a large deeply nested document. Xjc wouldn't work with the schema so we are having to map it by hand. Any suggestions for testing ...

18. jaxb and inheritance in collection    stackoverflow.com

how can I map (via JAXB in java 1.6) Collection to XML and from XML, where

class mapping{
    Collection<A> list;

abstract class ...

19. Problems marshalling a map in Jaxb    stackoverflow.com

I have a class world that contains a map of humans. If I marshal the class world I get following output:


20. mapping two xmls with different rootelement name to the same java object    stackoverflow.com

I have



I have one java class. 

@XmlRootElement(name="abc") (this 
public class Foo{
   String name;
I do not want another class, but would like to accomodate xml2 with ...

21. JAXB multiple mappings for attribute    stackoverflow.com

I'm just changing design errors made in the past, but want to keep backwards compatibility of my software. For this I would need some way to map two flavors of an ...

22. How to map the enclosing content of an XML tag with JAXB?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to make JAXB to capture the tag's content into some property of Java Bean. This is an example of XML message:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<Film Id="5705" Title="Some title" TitleOrig="Original title">

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