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1. Json to Map    stackoverflow.com

What is the best way to convert a JSON code as this:

{ "data" : { "field1" : "value1", "field2" : "value2"}}
in a Java Map in which one the keys are (field1, ...

2. List> to org.json.JSONObject?    stackoverflow.com

    List<Map<String,Object>> list = new ArrayList<Map<String,Object>>();       
    Map<String, Object> map = new HashMap<String, Object>();

    map.put("abc", "123456");

3. Using JSON to return a Java Map    stackoverflow.com

What's the best way to return a Java Map using the JSON format? My specific need is a key -> value association between a date and a number. My concern is this: My ...

4. why does json ObjectMapper throw java.io.EOFException: No content to map to Object due to end of input    stackoverflow.com

I have a response from a REST web service that looks like this:-

and I am attempting to use the method outlined here in the full data binding example http://wiki.fasterxml.com/JacksonInFiveMinutes#Full_Data_Binding_.28POJO.29_Example I have ...

5. json to java pojo with a map via GSON    stackoverflow.com

My java pojo looks like this

public class myPersonTO{
  String name;
  String surname;
  Map<String, Double> categories;

I am using the gson library, however I an not sure what my json ...

6. Parsing JSON into Map with FlexJSON    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to parse a JSON structure similar to this one:

 "cars": {
  "112": {
   "make": "Cadillac",
   "model": "Eldorado",

7. Decoding a Java/JSON Map into an F# object    stackoverflow.com

I'm having trouble converting a Java/JSON map into a usable F# object. Here's the heart of my code:

member this.getMapFromRpcAsynchronously =
    Rpc.getJavaJSONMap (new Action<_>(this.fillObjectWithJSONMap))

member this.fillObjectWithJSONMap (returnedMap ...

8. How to make a fieldName to fieldValue map deserializing a json string    stackoverflow.com

I have a class having trivial string typed fields and one map only:

class MyClass {
  String nickName;
  Map randomDetails;
My requirement is to create a map of ...

9. JSON to Java Mapping Help - Nested Collection    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to figure out a way to transform this JSON String into a Java object graph but I'm unable to do so. Below, I've inserted my JSON String, and my ...

10. Map json data to java bean    stackoverflow.com

Java: Json library to map json data to java bean. As beanutil's describe and populate method is there any java library which takes input json object and respective java bean and map ...

11. Java: Deserializing JSON structure to Map    stackoverflow.com

I've got a JSON string that I want to convert to a Map structure where Object is either a Java version of a basic type (i.e. String, Int, Double), a Map. ...

12. Java Map, how to put UTF-8 string to the map correctly?    stackoverflow.com

I have a Map, LinkedHashMap to be more exact. And I want to put a string object to it. And then I read this value to see what's actually stored. The string itself has ...

13. How to construct a complex json structure using Map in java    stackoverflow.com

I'm fighting a similar 403 error found in this question The summary is that I'm doing what should be a simple http POST w/ json data as the http body. ...

14. Accessing java Maps & Lists as JavaScript Objects in Rhino    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to access Java Maps and Lists as JavaScript Objects in Rhino? I have a Map which contains only other maps and lists of primitives and Strings, I'd like ...

15. Parsing JSON maps / dictionaries with Gson?    stackoverflow.com

I need to parse a JSON Response that looks like:

{"key1": "value1", 
 "key2": "value2", 
    {"childKey1": "childValue1", 
     "childKey2": "childValue2", 

16. Can not find a (Map) Key deserializer for type [simple type, class com.comcast.ivr.core.domain.AutoHandlingSlotKey]    stackoverflow.com

I have a domain object that has a Map:

private Map<AutoHandlingSlotKey, LinkedHashSet<AutoFunction>> autoHandling;
When I serialize the object, I get this:
"autoHandling" : [ "java.util.HashMap", {
} ],
This Map's key is a custom Object:
public class ...

17. Jackson JSON to Java mapping for same attrubute with different data type    stackoverflow.com

I have a JSON object which I don't have control of and want to map it to a Java object which is pre-created. There is one attribute in the JSON object which ...

18. Jackson readValue mapping to overloaded java class problem    stackoverflow.com

I have some JSON where one of the keys has one of three values: an int, a string, or a json object. Using the snippet below I can map this field ...

19. Help defining map for deserializing JSON using GSON in Java    stackoverflow.com

The following is the first 3 results of about 500 I get from a geocoding service, I know from reading multiple posts that my map class is the issue, but I'm ...

20. Gson de-serialize to Map generic type    stackoverflow.com

Attempting to de-serialize JSON to a Map<K, V> where K is a String and V one of several types (i.e String int or boolean). Using Gson, I tried the following code:

public ...

21. Jackson Get Key's Value From Root Array    stackoverflow.com

I need to quickly parse out the root node of similar JSON like below:

  {"key":"foo", "value":123},
  {"key":"bar", "value":"Hello World!"},
  {"key":"far", "value":{"something":1}}
Simply put, I need to look at the ...

22. Is it possible to send a generic parameter to a Map?    stackoverflow.com

Perhaps the title is badly worded and someone with better knowledge could edit it. I want to create a method parseFromJSONMap which parses a JSON file using gson and returns the data ...

23. Flattening of json to a map with Jackson    stackoverflow.com

I am currently using the Jackson library to unmarshal json to pojos, using annotations. The json tree that I would like to unmarshal is as follows:


24. Parsing JSON via Java - Array with key->value format    stackoverflow.com

I've a problem using gson (JSon Java library from Google). I've to parse a result like this:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2000 16:46:01 GMT
Content-Type: text/plain
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 217


25. How to get all attributes names(nested or not) in from JSON response    stackoverflow.com

I have following json response. I am not able to iterate through each Map. Please help me

{"status":"OK","result":{"1":{"Id":"3","Conferencce":"test3","Description":"test3","Admin":"919818559890","Moderator":null,"Keywords":"test3","StartDate":"2011-11-19 12:22:33","EndDate":"2011-11-19 14:22:33","Type":"both","MaxAtendee":"0","MinAtendee":"0","RegAtendee":"0","DescVoiceVideo":null,"Rating":null,"Status":"active","ApproveBy":null,"ApprovedOn":"2011-11-15 14:22:33","ApprovedReason":null,"AdminPin":null,"UserPin":null,"PricePerMin":null,"PricePerConf":null,"ReminderStart":null,"AdminJoin":null,"CreatedOn":"2011-11-17 13:31:27","CreatedBy":"1"},"2":{"Id":"2","Conferencce":"test2","Description":"test","Admin":"919818559899","Moderator":null,"Keywords":"test2","StartDate":"2011-11-18 12:22:33","EndDate":"2011-11-18 14:22:33","Type":"both","MaxAtendee":"0","MinAtendee":"0","RegAtendee":"0","DescVoiceVideo":null,"Rating":null,"Status":"active","ApproveBy":null, 

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