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1. Garbage Collecting objects which keep track of their own instances in an internal Map    stackoverflow.com

In the constructor of my class, I map the current object (this), along with its key (a string entered as a parameter in the constructor) into a static LinkedHashMap so I ...

2. Any disadvantage to using arbitrary objects as Map keys in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I have two kinds of objects in my application where every object of one kind has exactly one corresponding object of the other kind. The obvious choice to keep track of this ...

3. any tool for java object to object mapping?    stackoverflow.com

Friends, I am trying to convert DO to DTO using java and looking for automated tool before start writing my own. I just wanted to know if there any free tool ...

4. library for XML mapping to Java Object without having to generate source code from xsd at compiletime?    stackoverflow.com

I have always been using jaxb for parsing XML files into java object. This requires generating the java source code from the xsd schema at compiletime. Now, what if the application needs ...

5. How can I exclude objects from being mapped by Apache Commons Betwixt?    stackoverflow.com

ORMapper that I use extends some of its own attributse all objects that mapped, now I need to generate XML from objects, but I don't want to generate information about my ...

6. DTO and mapper generation from Domain Objects    stackoverflow.com

I have plenty of java domain objects that I need to transform to DTOs. Please, don't start with the anti-pattern thing, the Domain Objects are what they are because of a long ...

7. Mapping Object from file in java    stackoverflow.com

I want map my object from text file, the text file contents are like this :

...continued same 
So for each 5 attributes I want to create new object and map those ...

8. How to upcast an Object to a java.util.Map?    stackoverflow.com

I have an object in my code of the type Object: Object o The class of the instance is Object: o.getClass() gives Object. Now, it should be a Map! How can I ...

9. Using a javascript object like a java Map?    stackoverflow.com

I need something of a HashMap in javascript. Can we do this:

var map = {};
map['foo'] = true;
map['zoo'] = true;

if (map['foo']) {
    // yes, foo exists.
else {

10. Is there a best practice for writing maps literal style in Java?    stackoverflow.com

In short, if you want to write a map of e.g. constants in Java, which in e.g. Python and Javascript you would write as a literal,

T<String,String> CONSTANTS =

11. Storing group of objects with Dates in a Map    stackoverflow.com

I have a group of Events that occurred at some Dates. Each event has a Date field. Now I'd like to create a Map where for each Date (taken from all ...

12. Caching objects built with multiple parameters    stackoverflow.com

I have a factory that creates objects of class MyClass, returning already generated ones when they exist. As I have the creation method (getOrCreateMyClass) taking multiple parameters, which is the best ...

13. Modifying member of object in Map    stackoverflow.com

If i create a class that has a member variable called "testName", and then create a few objects from this and place them all as values in a "Map". How can ...

14. Java: parameterizing Map object    stackoverflow.com

I have the following global variable:

private Map<String,List<String>> network;
I instantiate it in my constructor like this:
network = new Hashtable<String,ArrayList<String>>();
The above instantiation does not compile. Apparently when I parametrize the Map, I must ...

15. Deserializing Map with GSon    stackoverflow.com

I have a Map containing a mixture of types like in this simple example

final Map<String, Object> map = new LinkedHashMap<String, Object>();
map.put("a", 1);
map.put("b", "a");
map.put("c", 2);
final Gson gson = new Gson();
final String string ...

16. Java map based on object reference?    stackoverflow.com

So, I'd like to use a java map where the keys are an object...but rather than keying on the object's value, they key on the object ID. So, something like the ...

17. gdata to java object mapping    stackoverflow.com

hi I started learning google data api. I have one question What will be the best way of parsing xml google data xml ? 1 > Should I go with manually parsing ...

18. Java introspection: object to map    stackoverflow.com

I have a Java object obj that has attributes obj.attr1, obj.attr2 etc. The attributes are possibly accessed through an extra level of indirection: obj.getAttr1(), obj.getAttr2(), if not public. The challenge: I want ...

20. How to use a map in java when dealing with objects    stackoverflow.com

So, I'm creating a program that allows users to specify the insurance cover they want as part of an insurance policy. As part of it, I need to use a map ...

21. can't really manage a map of (EDITED)    stackoverflow.com

I have a

I need it store valuse like 0.01 ->ObjA
0.02 ->ObjB and sometimes 0.001 ->ObjA
0.002 ->ObjB (three digits after the dot) I thought it would be easy.
But ...

22. How to map persistent objects to DTO?    stackoverflow.com

How to map persistent object to DTO? So that no additional behavior is taken. I know it is quite common and easy, but many people - many opinions, what are the ...

23. Use Java object as Clojure map    stackoverflow.com

I have a Java class that I'd like to use in Clojure. But, I want to use it as a Clojure map. What are the steps required to do ...

24. Can't access the method of an object inside a map    stackoverflow.com

public void showTablet () {
    for (Map.Entry<String, Tablet> entry : tableMap.entrySet()) {     

25. After Extracting from XML, need to map tag values into same java Object    stackoverflow.com

This is my XML Format , for which i am using STAX for parsing and putting them inside my java Object called as FormBean

<Brd units="5" sold="15">
<Brd units="5" sold="15">
<Brd units="5" sold="15">

class FormBean ...

26. How to map an API call object correctly to a Java object?    stackoverflow.com

I am working to retrieve data from an API call. For the login part, a simple text response is sent by the site to which I am connecting. Sample response is given ...

27. Mapping byte stream to Java object    coderanch.com

Here is the example: let me populate bytearray; byte bytebuffer[] = new byte[3]; bytebuffer[0]=0x11; bytebuffer[1]=0xA3; bytebuffer[2]=0x11; bytebuffer[3]=0xF3; This byte array is populated in such a way that first byte and first 4 bits in the 2nd byte contain "id1". lower 4 bits in 2nd byte contain "id2" and third byte contains "id3" and fourth byte contains "id4". The Java object that ...

28. Getting objects value in a map    coderanch.com

Hi, Can someone tell me a way to get a object's string value from a map? when i do a get on the key im getting a object and when i do a toString() on it i get the object's name@hashcode value. Im trying to get the string value that is inside the object. When i debug it seems like the ...

29. Java XML to Object Mapping and Back    coderanch.com

Hi, I am working on a system which accepts an XML file and converts the file into local Java Bean type objects for further processing. On completion of processing the system converts the Java Beans into a response XML file and returns the file to the client. I am using Castor to perform the mapping from XML to Object and back ...

30. Map key or key in object?    coderanch.com

31. How to tell what is the size of an object (Map) in terms of kilo bytes.    coderanch.com

That would depend on how you wrote it to the file. You could write it in Properties format or as XML or using Java serialization, or an infinite number of other ways. All of these are going to produce files of different sizes. Do you have a use case where you need to know this number in advance of actually creating ...

32. Map object with some special features.    coderanch.com

I need a collection map (user defined map) which should automatically removes the old objects which are older than 5 secs ( which should be specified dynamically). I have a MDB to read a message from the queue and put it into hashmap, there is a another client program which constantly looking for this hashmap for the particular key. sometime the ...

33. Object destroyed automatically in 20 seconds from Map    coderanch.com

It sounds like you need two things to make this work. 1. The time the object is stored in the map needs to be stored somewhere. Maybe the key or value could contain that time, or maybe you could have a second map that is key => Date. 2. You need a thread that regularly checks the times, and removes key/values ...

34. Object Relational Mapping    dbforums.com

Hi, Im working on a new project where we need to use an Object Relational Mapping product. This project will be developed in Java. Actually I founded 4 products that I think are really attractive : - Castor, - Cayenne, - Hibernate, - Jakarta. I need, if you pleased, your opinion on those 4 products. Many thanks

35. How to map 2 different objects together?    java-forums.org

Hi, I not sure posting this topic here is correct or not, sorry if I am wrong I don't know under which topic should I post. My current project got 2 modules ModuleA and ModuleB, inside ModuleA and ModuleB got a class call 'Student' (same class name same attributes, but for some purpose ModuleA must call ModuleB to do the actual ...

36. Adding to a attribute of an object in a map    java-forums.org

The problem is how to syntactically assign the score of 76 to each array of a pupil object. When the pupil object is part of a hashMap called pupil. eg forEachPupilInThePupilMap.get(grade array); forEachPupilinThePupilMap.put(grade array = 76); I know that code isn't correct but i'm just trying to show the process i'm trying to achieve. I'm just looking for the example of ...

37. what's wrong with my "Map object"?    forums.oracle.com

38. Map with an object as the value....    forums.oracle.com

39. check for values in object held in map    forums.oracle.com

It sounds like you need to iterate over all of the values in the map. In case you are unaware, maps provide three sets to allow you to iterate over them: The entry set, the key set, and the value set. It sounds to me like you just care about the value set. You can access this from the values() method. ...

40. How to map 2 different objects together?    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I not sure posting this topic here is correct or not, sorry if I am wrong I don't know under which topic should I post. My current project got 2 modules ModuleA and ModuleB, inside ModuleA and ModuleB got a class call 'Student' (same class name same attributes, but for some purpose ModuleA must call ModuleB to do the actual ...

41. Mapping objects to primitives    forums.oracle.com

Say I have a class called Registrant, and a Registrant can be registered for one or more meetings. Meetings are stored in the class Meeting. Depending on whether or not they are a student and on the time that they register, each registrant pays a different fee to register for a given Meeting. Because of the requirements of the application, it ...

42. How to delete specific objects in Map without iterating the whole Map    forums.oracle.com

Hello, I hava a map of objects that have a lastAccessTime field. Map sessionMap; (I will put the sessionId of the session as the key to the sessionMap) This is the Session class: class Session { private String sessionId; private long lastAccessTime; //getters and setters here } Now, I need to create a SessionManager class that will check the sessionMap ...

43. How to manipulate object mapping runtime using DOM parser in java?    forums.oracle.com

Scenario: We will be getting logical name of the table from which we have to fetch the details. We have few tables which have more or less same columns, the only difference is the prefix. Say we have Tables: Temp1 and Temp2 contains column as Temp1Col1 and Temp2Col1. I dont want to go with creating as many POJO classes in java ...

44. dto object mapping tool ?    forums.oracle.com

46. How to empty a Map object??    forums.oracle.com

47. reteriving objects from map    forums.oracle.com

48. Downcast an object to a Map causes warning, why?    forums.oracle.com

Well, I googled 'unchecked cast from object to hashmap' and from what I found it appears (guessing here) the implementation of generics in Java only checks one level deep for conformity. It doesnt actually check the cast to parameterized HashMap for example. I suppose the developers of Java only went one level deep so they don't have to consider checking types ...

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