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1. How to add to SortedSet items from an Array?

I have a SortedSet defined this way:

SortedSet<RatedMessage> messageCollection = new TreeSet<RatedMessage>(new Comp());
and I have an array of RatedMessage[] I had to use the array as the set misses the serialization feature, ...

2. Serialization issue with SortedSet, Arrays, an Serializable

I have this before the process:

protected void onPostExecute(SortedSet<RatedMessage> result) {
    List<Object> list=Arrays.asList(result.toArray());
    lancon.putExtra("results", list.toArray()); // as serializable
then in the other part I have
Object o=this.getIntent().getSerializableExtra("results");
//at this ...

3. How do I hash a 2-d array efficiently (to be stored in a HashSet)?

I've written a class called PuzzleBoard that represents an nxn board. I will be keeping several PuzzleBoard objects in a HashSet, so I have to overwrite the 'int hashCode()' method. Below are ...

4. Problem with adding item to array in an Ordered Set

I am having trouble adding an item to my array set, it should be ordered in ascending order and for some reason I just get to add it and it does ...

5. BitSet and Byte Array value getting SET from opposite direction

I have:

public byte[] bytes = new byte[5];     //BitComp Class
public BitSet bits = new BitSet(40);
and the getters and setters in class named BitComp. The following class ...

6. adding char array to HashSet

I have a HashSet of Character and I am trying to do:

Collections.addAll(mySet, test.toCharArray());
why is it saying it is not applicable? How do I ...

7. Java - Array of Objects to HashSet

I've got following array:

private static Optreden[] optredens = {
            new Optreden("Editors", "Main Stage", 16, 0, 4),

8. Java: "myString[hey, there]" to HashSet?

I had a HashSet and i stored the content of it in a String using .toString(). Is there any simple way to get the String back into a HashSet? I saved some ...

9. Comparision of Java Bitset class with Byte array- Advantages of Byte array over Bitset class

The Java Bitset class is dynamic and its size changes accordinly with the bits ON in it. But Byte array can hold specific number of bits and it is easy to ...

10. Printing a HashSet that contains arrays of Strings

Originally posted by Rob Prime: 1) You are adding the exact same instance of the string array to the set. Because it is a set, there will always be only one element. 2) See Ernest's comment; this also solves issue 1. 3) You can use Arrays.toString(...) to nicely print an array. Ok, I was in a hurry yesterday so I'll try ...

11. TreeSet vs Collection.Sort / Array.sort for Strings

Gurus I am pondering weather to use TreeSet vs the Collections.sort / Array.sort for sorting Strings. Basically I have a list of Strings, i need to perform the following operations on these Strings 1) Able to list Strings starting with a Prefix 2) Able to list Strings Lexically greater than a String Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch ...

12. Hashset Custom object collection to String array

Hi there, I have a custom java object with the attribute - (String name) used in the equals/hashCode method for determining the uniqueness. Accordingly I build a Hashset of unique objects of the Custom class. This hashset is a collection of the unique custom objects. What I want to grab is String array of only the unique identifier (i.e. attribute name). ...

13. HashSet with array

Hello ALL I have got 2 method: 1st - Returns Set which contains an array 2nd - Takes returned value from 1st method as HashSet argument. Then I need to find consecutive numbers like 1,2 in order to find the numbers I need to first loop through the HashSet, but there is no length, so how do I do it ...

14. HashSet Objects in Array..

15. Compare array to hashset

16. SortedSet Array

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