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1. Java Array Sort descending?

Is there any EASY way to sort an array in descending order like how they have a sort in ascending order in the Arrays class ? Or do I have ...

2. Java: Integer obj can't cast to Comparable

I'm having problems trying to pass an Integer object from a driver class as an argument for function of a SortedArray Generic class I created. From my driver class, I convert ...

3. To have an Integer pointing to 3 ordered lists in Java

Which datastructure would you use in the place of X to have efficient merges, sorts and additions as described below?

#1 Possible solution: one HashMap to X -datastructure

Having a HashMap pointing from ...

4. How can I create a sorted list of integer and string pairs?

How can I create a list (or some other type of container) of integer and strings pairs that allows duplicates in both pairs and can be sorted by the integer value? I ...

5. Comparing two sorted int arrays

I have millions of fixed-size (100) int arrays. Each array is sorted and has unique elements. For each array, I want to find all arrays which have 70% common elements. Right ...

6. Comparable type Sorting in a Vector int or String

In this I am trying to sort out the intV and stringV using this getSmallestValue method. Tried different ideas but does not seems to be working. Anyone have any bright ideas ...

7. Need help sorting an integer array through code

I've been working on code to sort integer in an array list, but my code is only returning only 2 numbers can anybody help me understand what I'm doing wrong here. ...

8. quick sorting an array of integer arrays

I need to sort an array of integer arrays for a homework problem in one of my classes. I seem to get a StackOverFlowError almost every time. My array is list2[10][10]. ...

9. How to add a string and int and sort by the int

I am trying to program a simple console program that accepts a string and integer as input, enters them into an array, sorts them by the integer, and returns the contents ...

10. how to sort a collection which has strings, integers and alphanumerics in java

there are some values like AB, A012B, CD,1,10,01,9 I HAVE TO SORT THE THEM the output shud be 01,1,9,10,A012B,AB,CD can use any collection im trying to use collection.sort function but its considering everything as string and printing like ...

11. does this sort an array of integers?

im using selectionSort to sort an array of integers that i will create later. For example int a[MAX]; <---this will be my array. I know this sorts an array of objects, but what about integers? public static void selectionSort(Comparable[] list) { int min; Comparable temp; for(int index=0; index

12. sorting an array of integers - a problem.

Mike, Just to beat a dead horse... here's a quick bubble sorting code I made up for absolutely no reason. Well, actually, there is a reason: I'm new to Java and programming in general so I didn't know there were sorting methods in the Java API... duuuh... it's my second week of Java & programming, so give me a break! My ...

13. sorting multidimensional arrays (int)

hi there. i am trying to create a simulator for RoundRobin Process Scheduling Method. i have this piece of code.. int Quantum = 20; int[] Q = new int [5]; Q[0]=5; Q[1]=7; Q[2]=2; Q[3]=4; Q[4]=3; int totalQ=0; int counter=0; for(int i=0;i

14. Problem with sorting an integer array

import*; class numbersort { public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception { int n; int[] a=new int[10]; int temp=0; BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; System.out.println("Enter no of elements:"); n=Integer.parseInt(br.readLine()); System.out.println("Enter the elements"); for(int i=0;ia[i+1]) { temp=a[i]; a[i]=a[i+1]; a[i+1]=temp; } } System.out.println("Sorted Order"); for(int i=0;i

15. sort even/odd integers of an array into their own arrays

Hello, So I was able to store 50 random integers in the range of 1-10 in an array (thanks to a previous post). Now, I'm trying to call class methods that will sort the odd and even numbers of the array into arrays of their own. The problem is that I don't know the size of each array because I don't ...

16. Trying to sort Array

I'm new to the forum and am trying to sort a custom Class Object array in descending order. First, lexicographically based on the String. Second, numerically based on the integer. I am having trouble getting it to sort lexicographically and haven't gotten around to sorting it numerically yet because I am having problems getting the program to output properly. I believe ...

18. I have a sort method and i nee to convert a String Date Array to an integer

What's your problem with UML and DateFormat? DateFormat is a standard JDK class so I can't see why you couldn't insert this class as part of your UML diagram. If your problem is that you don't want to design a Class diagram for DateFormat, try and check if your UML tool can reverse engineer the JDK, extract the JDK source files ...

19. Sorting an array integer by integer.

Hey guys! Well I'm doing a program in my class where I have a set of integers where I have to sort them integer by integer. For example, my input is (123, 124, 56,90,9), I have to sort them in such a way where the output will be 99056124123. I had been looking in the sort class but I didn't find ...

20. A Collection of Integer(s) and Must Sort By intValue()

My code is to go through a loop. In each loop, several primitive int values will be found. And I have save all those primitive int values. After the looping process, I have to sort this collection of int values. My question is what kind of List should I use? Or I should simply use the Collection? And if I add ...

21. Sorting a list of Objects after Objects integer.

Collections.sort(List) can only sort collections that contain objects that implement Comparable. Point doesn't implement Comparable because Points don't have a natural order (which Point is bigger: (0,1) or (1,0)?) You need to define your own Comparator that defines how you'd like to compare your points and pass that to Collections.sort() (the version that takes a List and a Comparator, obviously).

22. How to sort a object vector by its integer item ?

hi camickr, however, i appreciate your instructons and details. if it can work for one vector which is same as mine in another class...then it must work for mine too. so i will debug it., because i must debug it. Thanks a lot. You have been helping and instructing me for quite sometime. (",) Thank you. Regards, ArchiEnger.711

23. how to sort a vector which stores int arrays!!!!

Well, it depends on what sorting algorithm you want to implement. You could use a Collection to sort it for you (you'd have to implement the function to tell it if one Object is greater than another), or make your own algorithm (bubblesort, quicksort, insertionsort, etc.). So, it depends on what you want to use to sort it. If this is ...

24. generation of a randomed sorted list of integers

i have thought about an idea like starting from 1 for example and and then let the difference between each two numbers is random within 1 to 10 then adding this random integer to the last number generated and soo on .. but i don't feel it is efficient as maybe the random difference would be 1 each time . so ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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