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1. Java: What is the best way to find elements in a sorted List?    stackoverflow.com

I have a

sorted by the cats' birthdays. Is there an efficient Java Collections way of finding all the cats that were born on January 24th, 1983? Or, what ...

2. How can I get a first element from a sorted list?    stackoverflow.com

I used Collections.sort(playersList); to sort a List. So, I think playersList is sorted now. But how can I get the first element of the list? playersList[0] does not work.

3. Sort a list with element still in first position    stackoverflow.com

I have a String list:

List<String> listString  = new ArrayList<String>();
I do some processing on the list and I want to sort this list but I want "general" to always end up ...

4. sorting collections with string elements in java    stackoverflow.com

I have a collections...i wrote code to sort values using my own comparator my comparator code is

private static class MatchComparator implements Comparator<xmlparse> {
    public ...

5. Algorithm for sorting and pairing elements of 2 arrays    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to configure an efficient algorithm (faster than O(n^2)) for sorting and pairing elements between 2 arrays. However this needs to work under the premise that neither array's elements ...

6. Get Smallest Difference between Adjacent Array Elements in a Sorted List    stackoverflow.com

I have a sorted list of ratios, and I need to find a "bin size" that is small enough so that none of them overlap. To put it shortly, I need ...

7. Find top N elements in an Array    stackoverflow.com

What would be the best solution to find top N (say 10) elements in an unordered list (of say 100). The solution which came in my head was to 1. sort it ...

8. Implement Quick sort algorithm with partition of 3 elements,    stackoverflow.com

convert this Quick sort algorithm with partition of 3 elements, partition of 5 elements, partition of 7 elements, partition of 9 elements and partition of 11 element.
using namespace ...

9. Java Array - Ranking Elements    stackoverflow.com

I need an algorithm to rank elements of an array according to size. Lets say for example. I have an array (type int) of size 10 as follows:

[79, 5, 18, 5, ...

10. find an element in a sorted matrix    stackoverflow.com

Problem: Given a matrix in which each row and each column is sorted, write a method to find an element in it. It is a classic interview question, here is my solution

boolean ...

11. Sorting algorithm which does not allow counting of elements    stackoverflow.com

I have seen acrosss in a company interview test this question, but i am not clear about the question first. Could you people clarify my doubt ?

Question : Write ...

12. Sorting list based on its element's value    stackoverflow.com

How to sort list based on its element value? In my unit test class, I am receiving list which is in sorted form based on one of its element's value {sortOrder and ...

13. In-place partition when the array may or may not contain the pivot element    stackoverflow.com

Is there an in-place partitioning algorithm (of the kind used in a Quicksort implementation) that does not rely on the pivot element being present in the array? In ...

14. Jsoup: sort Elements    stackoverflow.com

I need to sort a Jsoup Elements container by its ownText(). What is a recommended way to accomplish that? Does convertinng it to an ArrayList first for use with a custom ...

15. Sort an Array and get the 3 largest element     stackoverflow.com

I am beginner java programmer. I have this homework: Write a static method, in the parameter of method is an Drink array. The method returns with the 3 largest alcohol drink ...

16. Sort algo for Pivoting a Matrix - How to make sure that non zero elements are on diagonal?    stackoverflow.com

I want to sort matrix so that non zero elements are on the diagonal. I want to pivot the matrix to solve linear equations. But to make sure everything is working, ...

17. The first element discarded while sorting text file using arrays in java    stackoverflow.com

I have this code to sort a text file using arrays in java, but it always discard the first line of the text while sorting. Here is my code:

import java.io.*;

public class Main ...

18. sorting vector elements    coderanch.com

19. Finding Nth Largest element of an array without sorting    coderanch.com

Hi AmarbirGSP Khokhar, Please run this demo.............U should give nth value for out side as a coomand line......... like "Java NthLargest 4" public class NthLargest { int array[] = {10,19,2,3,1,98,75,65,8500,850000}; public static void main(String args[]) throws MyException{ new NthLargest(Integer.parseInt(args[0])); } public NthLargest(int n)throws MyException{ int skip[] = new int[n]; int i,j,k,l,skipIndex=0,maxJ=0; int nthMaxValue=0; boolean skipLoop = false; if(n>array.length) throw new MyException("Out ...

20. sorting of elements in an array    coderanch.com

21. Descending order and associating Array Elements in sort method to another's elements    coderanch.com

Dear Programmers, From the program I wrote, class RaterTwo (as written below), I obtained the following console output from the input I put to its GUI:- C:\JPF Bk2>javac RaterTwo.java C:\JPF Bk2>java RaterTwo Phillipa Carruthers came 2 gets 3points Phillipa Carruthers came 4 gets 1points Norbert Postlethwaite came 5 gets 0points Norbert Postlethwaite came 1gets 5points Zacharias Smythe came 3 gets 2points ...

22. Recursive method that checks if the first n elements of an array is sorted?    java-forums.org

There is no need to copy elements over to another array. Just assume that elements 0 ... i-1 are in sorted order and assume the length of the array is n. If i < n-1 and elements i-1 and i are in sorted order call your method recursively for the next elements. Otherwise if i == n-1 the entire array is ...

23. code to sort un-common elements in arrays    forums.oracle.com

Then you will probably need to create a new array for each intersection and using nested for loops add items to your arrays depending on whether they are in one array and not in another by checking in an if-block. First work out what you would do on paper, then translate this to java. It's not hard once you see the ...

24. Sort Vector elements    forums.oracle.com

Remember, you need to return an int, but what does it mean? (I never remember, and i need to check the API) but in any case, suppose you need to return -1 if obj1 is bigger, and 1 if obj 2 is bigger. in this case all you need to do if figure out which double is greater, and return the ...

25. my PriorityQueue doesn't seem to sort it's elements correctly ....    forums.oracle.com

static void initGraph() { myGraph.addEdge(3, 4, 90); myGraph.addEdge(3, 7, 300); myGraph.addEdge(4, 7, 151); myGraph.addEdge(4, 5, 51); myGraph.addEdge(5, 6, 151); myGraph.addEdge(7, 8, 100); myGraph.addEdge(7, 9, 70); myGraph.addEdge(8, 9, 75); myGraph.addEdge(9, 10, 95); myGraph.addEdge(10, 4, 400); myGraph.addEdge(10, 11, 60); myGraph.addEdge(11, 5, 600); myGraph.addEdge(11, 12, 151); myGraph.addEdge(11, 13, 200); myGraph.addEdge(12, 13, 100); myGraph.addEdge(12, 14, 51); myGraph.addEdge(13, 16, 200); myGraph.addEdge(13, 15, 200); myGraph.addEdge(14, 15, 170); ...

26. why enum elements cant be made comparable?    forums.oracle.com

javiator wrote: Is there some special reason or I'm missing something here? Does it mean that the only way to sort a list of enum elements using Collections is by using Comparator class? Enums are comparable. You can however not override the method. From the Enum class: public final int compareTo(E o) Compares this enum with the specified object for order. ...

27. sort two dimentional array element    forums.oracle.com

29. How can I sort a vector of obj according to 1st element of this object    forums.oracle.com

Hello, Suppose I have an object called Obj1 composed of : String val1 - int it1,etc... I have a vector v of Obj1. Now, I would like to sort the vector v but according to the 1st element (val1) of my object (obj1). Is there an easy way of doing it ? THanks

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