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1. Sorting vector in java

I want to sort a vector contains like [a,b,1,3,5,z] both ascending and descending on Java ME, i.e. without using function like Collections.sort()

2. sorting vector in java

I cant find any sorting function in the java API for vectors. Collections.sort is only for List and not for Vector I dont want to write my own sorting algo because I think ...

3. Sort a Vector of custom objects

I'm trying to sort a Vector in java but my Vector is not a vector of int, it is a vector of objects the object is:

public MyObject() {
    numObj ...

4. Sort and optimize Java Vector with custom objects

I have to optimize Java Vector with "class Row_i" - objects (see below), which describes two series(A and B) of number ranges (startPos - endPos) are equal in every row. This ...

5. JAVAME: Sort Java Vector

What would be the best and most efficient way to sort a Java Vector in JAVAME. My object has five properties, and I would like to sort by a property called ...

6. Sorting Vector according to given sequence

For a given vector like this,

Vector<Temp> s = new Vector<Temp>();
s.add(new Temp("a",1));
s.add(new Temp("b",2));
s.add(new Temp("c",3));
s.add(new Temp("b",4));
s.add(new Temp("b",6));
s.add(new Temp("c",5));
desired sequencing(b,a,c) after sorting, it should be like
b,6  ...

7. How to sort a Vector of Vectors?

In Java I am wondering how to sort vectors of vectors on a particular column where one vector is used as a row and one vector is used to hold all ...

8. Sort a vector in J2ME

You have to write a comparable method in your Product class. Then you can just do vector.sort() or whatever collection you are using. It will sort itself using your comparable method. ...

9. How to sort different attributes in Vector?

All, I have following data in my vector... After selecting the data from database, the result show in web page....... Emp Code, Emp Name, Emp Telephone, Emp Address....etc If I want the user to select the sorting attribute.... i.e. Click the Emp Code in web page, and the sorting order become Emp Code? I have different attribute type for the vector. ...

10. sorting a vector

These days, it's recommended to not use Vector. Use a different type of list, like ArrayList, instead. If you're curious for the reasoning behind this, I'd recommend a quick search on this forum for "vector arraylist" in the subject. (Note that the search page link is at the top right of this page.) Also, you might like to read the JavaWorld ...

11. sorting a vector with diff parameters

Hi Guys, does anyone have any idea how to sort items in a vector??? suppose i have this: Class Empl ... int age; int name; boolean driverLicence; Vector v = new Vector(); and the v has 100 objects of Empl. how can I rearange the vecor where the first elelment in it will have the youngest emply and the 2nd is ...

12. Sorting Vectors

13. Sorting Vector contents

14. Vector sorting

hi i have a vector that contains the following a class oblect that contains city name and code. i need to sort this vector so that the city names are in ascending order this is how it looks ------------------------ N4,C4|N1,C1|N3,C3|N2,C2| ------------------------ where N1 = city name C1 = city code after sorting ------------------------ N1,C1|N2,C2|N3,C3|N4,C4| ------------------------ whete N1,C1 part of an object ...

15. sorting a vector

16. object sorting in a Vector

Is it possible to sort all objects of same type in a vector depending on any value in those objects. For example, in vector ten emp objects are there and each object have fields like id, sal, age etc. now is it possible to sort them by using age field value(sorted values should be in the same vector) Thanks in Advance, ...

17. Sorting vectors... a nightmare?

Hi, this is one of my first JAVA attempts, I am doing a project in which I have to make a program which allows the user to input a range of numeric values, and sorts the input numbers in an ascending order. Another thing is that I am not supposed to use the Collections hence I cant do Collections.Sort instead I ...

18. Sorting a Vector by a specific language?

I'm trying to sort a Vector with the static method sort() in Collections. The problem is that I want to sort it according to the Swedish language. It's possible to send an object of Collator with the sort-method (set to Locale swedish), but it doesn't seem to work. In my vector I have put objects of a class of persons (home-made ...

19. How to sort an vector of Object ?

I have some Objects in my Vector. I want to sort it by using comparable interface. It works fine when i sort by "username" but when i want to sort by "username" AND "lastname" AND "date" it doesn't work. When it's more then 1 criterion i have problems to do it, can you help me? thanks.

20. sorting in vectors

hi i am having a vector. i want to store the first value in the vector as "A", second as "B" and third as "c". The fourth value should again be set as "a" and so on. eg A[0] =vector.elementAt(0); B[0]=vector.elementAt(1); c[0]=vector.elementAt(3); a[1]=vector.elementAt(4); and so on... Please let me know how to do this.

21. Sorting vectors

22. Sorting of vector

23. Vector sorting, reading in data from .xml file

Vector sorting, reading in data from .xml file (Java in General forum at JavaRanch) A friendly place for programming greenhorns! Register / Login Java Forums Java Java in General Vector sorting, reading in data from .xml file Post by: Donny House, Greenhorn on Feb 12, 2009 00:23:42 I have spent hours looking at forums and everyone mentions adding to ...

24. Custom Vector class with 'sorting' capabilities

Calling a full sort routine on every insertion seems like overkill to me (especially quicksort, which is poor at almost sorted sets!). I can think of two approaches that will be better - which I'd prefer would depend on how I was expecting it to be used. - On each insertion, work out the correct point of insertion and just insert ...

25. sort a vector by name

hello all i need a help, i make this small code and i get a error when i try to sort a vector by name (String) i make a sort by selection , i know that there is an interface ( Comparator ) but it works with Array not vector (i guess i 'm not sur ) this is my email ...

26. Sorting 3 Vectors synchronously

public String getLeftGridDetails() { return leftGridDetails; } public void setLeftGridDetails(String leftGridDetails) { this.leftGridDetails = leftGridDetails; } public String getLeftGridTotalQty() { return leftGridTotalQty; } public void setLeftGridTotalQty(String leftGridTotalQty) { this.leftGridTotalQty = leftGridTotalQty; } public Vector getRightGridQty() { return rightGridQty; } public void setRightGridQty(Vector rightGridQty) { this.rightGridQty = rightGridQty; } public Vector getRightGridSize() { return rightGridSize; } public void setRightGridSize(Vector rightGridSize) { this.rightGridSize ...

27. Sorting a vector using the selection sort method

Thanks for the help everyone, it is very much appreciated. Don't knock the teacher, he's a good guy and I understand why he assigned it, I might not agree with it considering the amount of time we didn't spend on vectors this semester but meh, what can I do. It's a learning experience. Thanks again everyone

28. How to sort the Vector

Hello, I have a vector which contain class object , how can i sort the vector. ex.. Example e1 = new Example(); Example e2 = new Example(); e1.roolNo = 11; e2.roolNo = 2; e1.studentName= "Rob"; e2.studentName= "Sam"; Vector v = new Vector(); v.add(e1); v.add(e2); System.out.print(v); // I want sorted element of vetctor v Thanks

29. Sorting a Vector by multiple criteria

30. Sorting within a Vector

I have a bunch of objects stored in a Vector, and I am creating various Comparators to sort the Vector. I am successfully able to sort by price and car name, but then I have to sort in ascending based on price, and if two of the prices are the same, I have to sort those two in order of their ...

31. Sorting Object vector

Hi all, I have a Vector of Objects with several properties (int, string and other Objects as well). I would like to sort the vector according to properties. I know how to do this when you have only one property, but I couldn't find any example of objects inside the vector with multiple (and heterogeneous) properties. Any hint? Thanks

32. Sorting a Vector of Vectors

You could wrap the inside Vector inside of another class, implement comparable with that class, and construct the comparison in such a way that it will always compare the first value contained in the first vector against the first value contained in the second vector. However, what you should do is make a class to contain the info, and have it ...

33. Sorting vector contains vector....

HI friends, thanks for ur reply and i am so sorry for late reply due to some internet problems .. i had solved it by using java script now.. i need to display the sorted data in the jsp page i thought of solving it in using java class but it is becoming so complex . finallyi have used java script ...

34. Sorting vectors

Hi, For my university project, i have to create a Cd Database. The Cd Database must hold the Cd name, artist name, genre, and year of release. one function which the database must provide is to print to screen a list of all the Cd's in ascending order according to year of release. does anyone know how to do this? also, ...

35. Sorting Vector

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