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1. Which Java library/libraries for Genetic Algorithms?

I want to implement some simple genetic algorithms in Java. So far I found only JGAP. Did somebody has some experience with that? And do you know other Java libraries for ...

2. Roulette selection function for a genetic algorithm

So I've written a roulette selection function for my genetic algorithm which follows:

public String tournament(float fitness, Chromosome pop[], int selection)
    // roulette
    if (selection == ...

3. Need help solving a problem with Genetic Algorithm

I have this program that simulate a soccer penalty kick between 2 teams. -The goal is 24 x 8 with coordinate (0,0) at the bottom left corner. -Each team has 5 kickers and ...

4. Genetic Algorithm Tournament Selection

I'm writing a genetic algorithm and I plan to move from roulette wheel selection to tournament selection, but I suspect my understanding may be flawed. If I'm only selecting the n/2 best ...

5. How to implement the Gaussian mutation operator for a genetic algorithm in Java

I try to learn and implement a simple genetic algorithm library for my project. At this time, evolution, selection of population is ready, and I'm trying to implement a simple good ...

6. Need suggestions on how to implement genetic algorithms type application

I'm new to java and can't seem to wrap my head around a problem. I'm trying to take two arrays of stock information, and compare them against each other(only keeping ...

7. Genetic Algorithms using JAVA

10. genetic algorithm

11. Jay Genetic Algorithm Package

12. Genetic Algorithm

I'm not sure what to make of it, without knowing more about the purpose of the program, and what each method is suppose to do. It looks like the program generates random strings, which represent genetic code. It compares the strings to "to be or not to be that is the question" which represents the desired genetics. Eventually the random string ...

13. genetic Algorithm help please!!!!

Hi people, i really need help badly with a project im doing as im not very good at programming yet, The project is as follows Project Allocation This project will develop a Genetic Algorithm that will evolve project allocations, with the aim of maximising several criteria: giving every student the highest ranked project possible, spreading the project load between lecturers etc. ...

14. TPS Problem using Genetic Algorithms

Grettings. I need to write a program to solve the Travel Salesman Person using Genetic Algorithms. The main trouble here is that, my teacher doesn't explain ANYTHING about GA, nor the way of implementing them in Java. So, can anyone give a Starting Point to write my application? Thank you in Advance.

15. Genetic Algorithms

Hi Iam new to GA's My Individual genome is of the form [a1,a2,a3,, g11,g12,g13.....gij, h11, h12, hij] Search regions a -- 0-3 g- 0-3.5 h-0-1 If iam doing mutation how can i specify boundaries i.e. a1 value shouldnt not mutate with g11value and so on(Iam not clear with this) Thanks For Help

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