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1. Need Help With Arrays,Functions and Binary Search (Java)

So basically what I want to do is a program that asks the user how big he wants his array to be and for the user to introduce the values inside ...

2. Writing 3D array into a binary file and reading file back into another 3D array Java

I have an assignment that I have to create a randomly sized 3D array, write it into a a binary file, then read the binary file back into the program and ...

3. Usage examples of binary search

I just realized that in my 4+ years of Java programming (mostly desktop apps) I never used the binary search methods in the Arrays class for anything practical. Not even once. ...

4. Java- How would I load a black and white image into binary?

I am using Java with swing in FSE mode. I want to load a completely black-and-white image into binary format (a 2d array preferably) and use it for mask-based per-pixel collision ...

5. JSON Binary Array to Image in Java

I'm consuming a .NET json service that outputs a byte array. The byte arrary gets converted into the integer representation of each byte. When viewed in Fiddler, it looks like this: {"imageBackground":[137,80,78,71,13,10,26,10,0,0,0,13,73,72,68,...]} In ...

6. Getting StackOverflowError when trying to find a number recursively using binary search method in a T array

Hey there I'm using a binary search method to find a number in an array, and I'm getting a StackOverflow error when looking for a number other than the one in ...

7. Formatting binary output from an array in Java

Here's my code: I need to format the output into proper binary format. For example, if you enter a decimal "64" I need it to output "0100 0000", NOT ...

8. decoding binary arrays/boolean arrays

I'm trying to come up with a way of decoding a long binary string into the appropriate characters. Each value, 0-9 along with the operators + - * / and the numbers 25 and 50 are represented using 4 bits going from 0000 to 1111. Here is the encoding: Small Numbers: 0000 = 0 0001 = 1 0010 = 2 0011 ...

9. Having trouble insert/sorting array values w/ binary searching.

The client will be making an array and adding numbers to it. Its my job/objective to make sure that when the client passes it into the array - it is sorted in non-decreasing order. Note - i just finally learned about binary search and still trying to toy around with it. Have to utilize it - can't use sequential search as ...

10. binary _ array

That did not help much. However, I see that you are using the toBinaryString method from Integer. Since you have a string of all the binary digits, you simply have to split them up and put them in the array. This also brings about the question of whether you want an array of integers, (0 or 1) or characters ('0' or ...

11. binary search on array

12. Having trouble insert/sorting array values w/ binary searching.

Ah yes - sorry my writeup in original post was bad. I need to do Binary Insert Sorting. Which - I fully realized I've done wrong and going to rewrite my add method. Basically the array starts out empty (thus sorted?) i've been misunderstanding the concept - so going to redo it and see if i can get it off the ...

13. Binary search on two-dimensional array.

14. base 64 binary to double array!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I know how to do double to byte array, I just need to do a byte array to a double array, I have seriously spent hours looking online and found nothing. What I need is base 64 binary to double array or byte array to double array. What I want returned is an array or list of doubles. If you know ...

15. binary array - compare

16. How can I use a stream for binary array as RandomAccess?

Hi. I'd like to use a seek() method in a input stream of the binary array (not file stream, Stream for binary array). I've found the fact in my program like below. A common streams in delete its element when I use a kind of read() method. It means I can't use that data anymore, so that the sream can't ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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