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1. How to implement a class constructor accepting an array of different types as an argument in Java

I have the following class:

private class Info{
    public String A;
    public int B;


    public OtherMethod(){};

2. Passing arrays into testclass constructors

lo. first time posting on stack. im trying too just do some past exam questions but its proving difficult so sorry if this sounds noobish. i need too pass a 1d array that isnt ...

3. Getting compiler error while using array constants in the constructor

public class Sonnet29 implements Poem {
    private String[] poem;
    public Sonnet29() {
        poem = { "foo", "bar" , ...

4. I need help with a program ia m writing in JAVA ( nullpointer exception)

i ma trying to write a program where about the payments of employees and other staaff, I have an abstract superclass called Employee, and then the following FullTimeEmployee,PartTimeEmployee ,Orders and ...

5. Beginning to use arrays in java, having hard time accessing certain info

I am a very new student to java, and we are beginning to use arrays. I have an assignment I have been working on which is troubling me (hopefully only ...

6. Java N-Dimensional Arrays

I need to be able to have an n-dimensional field where n is based on an input to the constructor. But I'm not even sure if that's possible. Is ...

7. constructor calling in array creation

int[] a=new int[4];
i think when the array is created ..there will be the constructor calling (assigning elements to default values) if i am correct..where is that constructor..

8. Java- Use two double arrays as inputs for the constructor "Polygon" to use the method "contains"

I was wondering if there is any sort of Polygon.double because I need to input two double [] arrays and test whether another point is contained in the polygon. I ...

9. Arrays in C++ and Java

I never had to approach this before, but can you pass arguments to C++ contructors when creating an array off or on the heap. I have the same question for java, ...

10. Writing a constructor for a poker game in Java

there is already a class called with 52 cards. And in the i have to write a constructor to initialize the 52 cards in a row with suite and ...

11. Copy constructor help, trying to copy a boolean array. Java

I have looked through as many previous questions as possible but never saw a question that had a boolean array as a variable. Here is my class:

public class Register {

private boolean[] register;
private ...

12. Java Need to read in an unspecified number into an array

ok so i need to fill an array with integers based on a number that i specify in another part of the program. This is what I have so far:

public abstract ...

13. Initializing array on the fly in constructor (Java)

 public class A{
      public A(int[] a){}

 public class B extends A{
      public B(double[] b){

14. passing arrays to a constructor

I have to write two files for an assignment, a client file that will receive two sets of data from the user. The first set is a list of applicant ...

15. Why can't you use shorthand array initialization of fields in Java constructors?

Take the following example:

private int[] list;

public Listing() {
    // Why can't I do this?
    list = {4, 5, 6, 7, 8};

    // ...

16. doubts on constructor, length wrt arrays in Java

Hello, I have some doubts with respect to arrays in Java. (not the java.util.Arrays class). (i) Whenever we construct an array using new operator, there has to be a constructor invoked at one point of time. But the constructor of the class (which is instantiated for the array of objects) is not called, eventhough its present. Since arrays in Java are ...

17. constructor with array type.

class Record{ private String name; private String accNo = new String[1]; public Account(String name, String accNo) { this name = name; this accNo = accNo; } public Account(String accNo) { this accNo = accNo; } } class Test{ Static ArrayList addRec = new ArrayList(); public static void main(String args[]) { //take inputs, if new customer; addRec.add(new Record(name, acccNo); //if Excustomer addRec.add(accNo); ...

18. Constructors and Arrays

Can you post your constructor? You are using the "this" command which calls one of your constructors in your class. If you define the array in your constructor, then you can call the array like you are doing. But I would just declare the entire array in the constructor or declare it in the main method. HTH

19. Array Constructor

I may not have been clear. Let me try again. I have a file that I am trying to extract into an object using a constructor and populate the object(that is related to a class- using an array list) with the data . I have created the object, but unsure what constructor to use.

20. How do I pass an array as an argument to a Constructor?

Ok here is my situation. I have this array in my demo program ---> double[] badScores = {97.5, 66.7, 88.0, 101.0, 99.0 }; I need to pass this as an argument to my parametrized constructor. I know how to do it going down the line with user input. But this for some reason is throwing me for a loop since I ...

21. Initializing array through constructor

Hi all, Now though we popularly know that we cannot initialize the array reference by passing the values in constructor,like: public class TestArray { private int arr[]; public TestArray(int a[]) { this.arr=a; } . . . public static void main(String args[]) { TestArray t=new TestArray({10,20,30,40,,50}); // <====== HERE IS THE PROBLEM } } I was thinking what was the reason behind ...

22. Creating a constructor with arrays and arguments

Dear All, I'm having some problems again! I am trying to create a constructor with the following array requirements. Firstly - I have created a private instance variable called test that is suitable for holding an array of characters. private char[] test; I am then asked to create a constructor that takes a single argument of type String. The constructor should ...

23. Creating a constructor with arrays and arguments - Part 2

/** * myString class */ public class myString { /* instance variables */ private char[] test; /** * Constructor */ public myString(String args) { test = new char[args.length()]; for (int i = 0; i < args.length(); i++) { char temp = args.charAt(i); test[i] = temp; System.out.print(test[i] + ", "); } } }

24. Problem with using an array in a constructor

Hi, I am trying to create an ArrayList of 'Boys', and when I create these Boys, I want to give each boy a list of 3 numbers. I take in a text file which contains 3X3 integers. My constructor looks something like this: public class Boy { public int[] pref; public int value; public Boy(int value, int[] list) { this.pref=list; this.value=value; ...

25. Array constructors

Hello, I have a beginner Java question about array constructors. This is okay: final int[] blah = { 45, -45 }; for (int i : blah ) { ; } This is illegal but would be sweet: for (int i : { 45, -45 } ) { ; } This works but is ugly and greater space/time? for (int i : ...

26. array copy in class constructor.

class Skosamling{ private final String merke; private final String farge; private final Integer prisPerPar; private final Integer minsteStrrelse; private final Integer[] left; private final Integer[] right; public Skosamling(String merke, String farge, Integer prisPerPar, Integer minsteStrrelse, Integer[] left, Integer[] right) { this.merke = merke; this.farge = farge; this.prisPerPar = prisPerPar; this.minsteStrrelse = minsteStrrelse; this.left[] = left[]; for(int i=0; i < left.length ; ...

27. array in constructor.

Here is the code Java Code: class shoes{ private final String brand; private final String colour; private final int price; private final int minSize; private final int[] left; private final int[] right; public shoes(String brand, String colour, int price, int minSize, int[] left) { this.brand = brand; this.colour = colour; this.price = price; this.minSize = minSize; this.left = new int[left.length]; for(int ...

28. Double constructors, with and without array

class test { private final String abc; private final int x; private final int[] y; private final int[] z; public test(String abc, int x){ = abc; this.x = x; } public test(String abc, int x, int[] z, int[] y) { = abc; this.x = x; this.z = z; this.y = y; } }

29. Array constructor now holding the values

30. constructor by reading from a file and array in class problem

the zeroes were because I did not put in the extension of the file. now I am getting a mismatch array like you posted. the alphabet array was also supposed to be read in from the file but since it does not change I just put it in there when I instantiated the array so I won't have to go through ...

31. Printing array from constructor

abstractshag, Are you still stuck on this? There are few issues with your code... a "fatal" mistake is (as stated by the previous post) you forgot to call the toString method on your Questionnare's. Also... That's a fairly poor design. Permit me to suggest (sorry if I appear rude) that the program would be better split into two classes... a Questionnaire, ...

32. Passing an array method to a constructor

I'm studying Java this summer (in NZ) and having a bit of trouble with an exersize in my book, the lab isn't open for marking at the moment, so I'm trying to do it at home. I have a method readArray in the application method, which returns an array. I wish to pass it to the support class Constructor, and have ...

33. FileReader constructor and array

34. Constructor and Array problems

35. Working with OOP, constructors, arrays? help....

I need to modify the program so that it uses a class to store and retrieve the employee's name, the hourly rate, and the number of hours worked. I also need to use a constructor to initialize the employee information, and a method within that class to calculate the weekly pay. So here is what I have done, aside from building ...

37. Array Constructor

I am writing a program using arrays to represent histograms. I created my class.. public class Histogram { Now, I am looking to make a constructor so in my main method I can type... h = new Histogram(5); and this will create a new Histogram independent from all the other ones. I know I can type in int[] h = new ...

38. Constructor for array to vector

I want to take an array (array1) and eventually two ArrayLists (list1 and list2) and have them changed into a class called RealVector which should leave them as vectors. I'm trying right now with just the array but it doesnt recognize the type RealVector as a vector. When I try to do v1.size(), it says RealVector doesnt have a size() method. ...

39. I need help with a class constructor that accepts an array of test scores

Where else do you want to use this logic/check? As per your specification, you need to take the numbers as constructor argument. So it is natural to perform the check in the constructor of TestScores class. Whatever values you pass during instantiation of TestScores objects, this logic of checking for -ve and > 100 will be performed in the constructor.

40. call a constructor as an array

41. Constructors with arrays

Hey everybody! I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of problems I'm having: 1) I want to make a new object. This object has an array of objects in its constructor. The thing is I don't know how to put together getter and setter methods for such a constructor. Do you set and get the entire array ...

42. Array inside a constructor

I have been taking data structures for 2 weeks now and i am having a lot of problems. The instructor is a graduate student from India who has a very strong accent. I can barely understand him and he isn't very good at explaining thingsl. He gave us this assignment and i cant think of a way to start it. Design ...

43. Allocating arrays in constructor vs. on defining line

In your example there aren't really any differences. But if ClassA had six constructors instead of one, and you wanted the array initialized in the same way for all six constructors, the ClassB way of doing that might look a lot better than duplicating the code six times, or doing constructor chaining to make it happen.

44. arrays and parameterized constructors?

You get the exception because length is a instance variable. Just becuase you placed it after the constructor doesn't mean it will get executed after the constructor is called. Therefore when you attempt to assign a value to length you are trying to get the length of the array which has no value.

45. need help with constructor for array in a class

Hi, the actual question will be like this. I have problem even getting started as i am new to java. seriously need help here. really appreciate anyone who help. thanks alot Write a Java class for RainFall. The class RainFall has an array containing the rainfall in mm units for each day. A valid rainfall is a positive value. Use the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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