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1. Variable-sized Array Initialization in Java

I have an array of integers in Java that is initialized as follows:

public int MyNumbers[] = {0,0,0,0};
I would like to, however, initialize the array to a variable-length number of zeroes.
private ...

2. 3D array initialization

I need to represent some spatial points: x,y,z when I try to initialize the array like this:

int[][][] points
      {100, 120, 10},

3. What is the default initialization of an array in Java?

So I'm declaring and initializing an int array:

static final int UN = 0;
int[] arr = new int[size];
for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
    arr[i] = ...

4. Array initialization differences java

What is the difference between the two following methods of array initialization:

  1. Object[] oArr = new Object[] {new Object(), new Object()};
  2. Object[] oArr = {new Object(), new Object()};
Is it related to heap/stack allocation? Thanks! ...

5. Java: array initialization syntax

Simple question that has been bugging me since I learned how to play with arrays in Java I can write:

AClass[] array = {object1, object2}
I can also write:
AClass[] array = new AClass[2];
array[0] ...

6. Initializing a java array

Recently, I found that an array can be initialize as follows:

private static int[] _array = new int[4];

// An arbitrary amount of code

    _array[0] = 10;

7. Array Initialization

Having two main ways to initialize the elements of an Array in Java. Which would work best Initializer List or For Loop Initialization since when an array is created each element ...

8. Reg array initialization

9. array initialization

10. Array Initialization

Hi, here i Have written a class "vObject"which has two public fields Name and Salary. In another class i m creating an Array object of this class,, and trying to set values but at runtime its giving Null pointer Exception can anyone tell me why its like that or whats the solution. //Class Starts public class vObject{ public String name=""; public ...

11. array initialization problem

Hi everyone, What was the problem with code given below class A { } class B extends A { } class C extends B { } class l { public static void main ( String args [ ] ) { A [ ] x = new B [ 3 ] ; x [ 0 ] = new A ( ) ; ...

12. Java Array Initialization

I am getting lot compilation errors while compiling the program below. public class LoadData { public static void main(String args[]) { float invt[][]; float []prct, grts[]; float [][] sms , hms[]; // invt = hms; //hms=prct; // invt = grts; // grts = new float[1]; //hms = new float[2][5]; } } The errors are occuring on all the lines commented in ...

13. array initialization within class

Hello, I just started with Head First Java. I have finished a couple of chapters and it seems to be a fun book. I have a question relating to arrays. I will paste four code snippets. The first two do not work. I will also give the corresponding errors. 1) class Temp { String [] strArray = new String[3]; strArray[0] = ...

14. Array initialization

"values" is an array of length 2 with elements of type "array of int". It is initialized to the value {null, null}, because the length of the arrays that are the elements of "values" is unknown. Compare what happens if you declare "values" like this: int[][] values = new int[2][3]; Now the JVM will initialize the two elements of "values" to ...

15. Array initialization

16. Array initialization

Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but here goes. I am trying to scan a binary string into an array, and then display that number back, but my problem is if I start with a 0 or multiple 0s it wont display the 0/s. import java.util.Scanner; public class Assignment1 { public static void main(String[] ...

17. Initialization of array of arrays

18. Array initialization Problem.

19. Why the need for two-step array initialization?

I'm surprised it compiles at all even with the separation into two lines - an Object[] is not an E[], unless E is Object. Why do you need to cast to E[] anyway? Your S is an Object[], and that's what you need to assign eventually. Why not just write "S = new Object[capacity]"?

20. Array initialization

For a large local array that is initialized to contain strings, what is the overhead versus perhaps having the same declaration as a final class variable? Example: public class stringstuff { method_a() { String[] names = {"name1","name2","name3",...., "namelargenumber"}; ... } } I assume that at execution the local variable is allocated onto the stack but that each String is placed on ...

21. array initialization

>>>Before initialization arrays are always set to contain default values wherever they are created. >>>Learning this part of the objective requires understanding a simple rule. The value of the elements of an array of any base type will always be initialised to a default value, wherever the array is defined. It does not matter if the array is defined at class ...

23. A question about Array Initialization

24. non zero initialization of array

25. array initialization

26. Java Array initialization

27. Array Initialization problem

protected static Card[] Deck; The card class is a simple class that on initalization ask for the Suit and Number. And then stores it and allows you to call the data I will attach just incase it is accually the problematic part, but I highly doubt it is since none of my testing shows it could be.  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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