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1. Java: matching two different type of array

I am doing a password login that requires me to match two array: User and Pass. If user key in "mark" and "pass", it should show successfully. However I have trouble ...

2. Arrays not matching correctly

userAnswer[] holds the string of the answer the user types in and is comparing it to answers[] to see if they match up and then spits out correct or wrong. j ...

3. Java preg_match array

Have string strng = "<title>text1</title><title>text2</title>"; How to get array like

arr[0] = "text1";
arr[1] = "text2";
I try to use this, but in result have, and not array text1</title><title>text2
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("<title>(.*)</title>");
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(strng);

4. Java: Check if exists three or more matches in array

I wish to make a function that checks whether theres any number in the array that exist three or more times. So example this array:

4 - 6 - 14 - ...

5. Create array of regex matches

In Java I am trying to return all regex matches to an array but it seems that you can only check whether the pattern matches something or not (boolean). Can someone ...

6. Create array of regex match(multiline)

I want to create array of regex match string from the text bellow.

this is a content of title1.
this is also a content of title1.
this is a content of title2
this is also ...

7. Efficient code to do array matching in Java

So I have the two array of size 256 like this:

int arrayOne[] = {1, 5, 8, 100, 100, 5, 66, ..., 255} //random order

int arrayTwo[] = {101, 8, 9, 22, 90 ...

8. Array function similar to Excel Match?

awesome man thanks that almost worked lol. i using strings of time and the set doesn't know the difference between AM and PM when comparing strings NavigableSet test = new TreeSet(); test.add("11:30 PM"); test.add("5:00 PM"); test.add("2:30 PM"); test.add("12:30 PM"); test.add("11:00 AM"); System.out.print(test.floor("11:40 AM")); always returns 11:30 PM. so ill have to do some data manipulation i guess and convert to military ...

9. pattern matching with two arrays

hi, i have an issue with comparing two array lists. array a1 has the content of a set of 500 articles. array a2 has a set of noun phrases. i need to check each element of a2 with each element of a1. because i want to check in how many articles does the elements of a2(noun phrases) occur. pls help... regards ...

10. matching user input to data in array

Ok here is the dilema. I have a text file that is loaded into java and stored in a 2-d array. There is an english version of a word, and then the translated english word. I want to have the user enter a sentence that is stored as a string. If there is a word that matches a word in the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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